Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies 2:

Kids Next Door VS the Cartoon Network Zombies

By Winter Knight

Chapter 3: Return of the living Ed Part 2

Note: I do not own Ed, Edd, n Eddy nor their victims...

This story was inspired by "Marvel Zombies"

Note that the title was changed mostly because not only does the Kids Next Door and Toilenator battle the original Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies but distorted zombified versions of other Cartoon Network characters.

Try to guess the zombie references in this chapter? (hint: Some were from "Return of the Living Dead part 1 and 2")

The fanfic's theme songs are the theme to the movie "Creepshow" and "Move your Dead Bones" by Dr. Reanimator. If you listen to them while reading, you will be thrilled!

Numbuh 1 does not appear in this fanfic (excluding his counterpart in the Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies dimension but I shouldn't have mentioned it) the reason is due to the incident of the final episode of KND "Operation I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S." Watch it and find out!

WARNING!!: this takes place in a alternate universe and is NOT in the same continuity as "The Grim Ed-ventures of Ed, Edd, n Eddy"! Also this story has gruesome violence that I'm afraid it will harm the rating system! However I plan to add more humor and less gore and violence to this, just to get more readers and perhaps to get Emma Iveli to read the story because I used my best morbid humor in it.

Keep those reviews coming! Also I need more ideas on what Zombies to make fun of and what other Cartoon Network/ Adult Swim characters to add to the stories as either Zombies or Survivors.

This fanfic features nudity...mostly because Assy Mcgee from Adult Swim's "Assy Mcgee" appears in this and he literally a "hard ass detective"... that and Izzy dances naked.

IMPORTANT NEWS: turns out not only do I have my internet connection but I got my laptop back!

Also... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! YAY ME! So please read and review!

oh and the live action "Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro" movie will be on DVD in america but the Kitaro in this story is based on "Hakaba Kitaro"

there are two characters named Jillian and Pejp Benztone and they are based on real people that have done horrible things to me and Emma Iveli, so I took the liberties to give them their horrifying comuppances...enjoy!

Creative Consultant: Emma Iveli


Recap and really long prologue


Wayne Skyler: Hello, this is Wayne Skyler and this is my wife Jan, if you are just tuning in, the world is being attacked by reanimated corpses for over a year now, they are eating people and terrifying the living crap out of people. This footage was taken straight from the Mayor's office in our very town. Because of it's graphic violence we advise viwer discretion but who cares since this is the end of the world and all.

(The Mayor is watching "Total Drama Island" and then he sees "Tom Peters" and he says while using homo-sexual overtones, "Hello umm what was your name agai (sees Tom's nametag) Umm Tom... What kind of idea do you have for the town so I can screw it up and end up destroying the town and sending you to jail?"

Tom is then revealed to be a zombie and is gnawing on his wife Joy's leg and then the Mayor panics and says, "Geez I know I put you through alot and your wife is horrible but it gives you no excuse to go postal!" The Mayor tries to run but due to the crappy animation he couldn't and then he ends up eaten.

Meanwhile Zombie Ed, Zombie Raj and Zombie Rodney J. Squirrel then devour a group of people at the local "Gravy Robbers" Zombie Ed then says, "I miss Gravy... Hmmm? Where's my Chippy? Here chip chip!

The three Zombies then see what appears to be a hairy baby but has a handlebar moustache and abnormally large eyebrows. The chippy emits a high pitched screech and runs off, the three zombies run after it and Zombie Rodney then says, "Don't let him get away! He might be tastier than Andy and Salty Mike!" Zombie Raj then catches the Chippy and as it squeals, Zombie Raj then says, "Boy oh boy, the weird baby emits a weird odor, it is worse than rancid evil marshmallows. But then to their horror, they see a giant beast with a handlebar moustache and abnormally large eyebrows... Chippy's mother! The beast then slashes Zombie Raj to a tree, bites off the head of Rodney J. Squirrel and swallows it. Zombie Ed then shows, "RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!" While Zombie Raj was horribly dismembered but who cares since he's a zombie.

The other zombies are unaware that Gibbons is still stuck in a well.)

Jan throws up and says, "Such Graphic Violence, at least the FCC don't care anymore being that this is the end of the world and all." Wayne then says, "However the creatures seem to refuse to attack the following places:


The Zombies are chasing after Nezumi Otoko (Ratman), a filthy half human-half rat creature wearing a filthy cloak but then Nezumi Otoko decides to make a huge fart, blasting the zombies away into a nearby house, the Noharas! Mitzy, Hiro, Hima, and Whitey are hiding a closet but then Shinchan runs up to Zombie Marie Kanker wearing a Action Bastard costume saying, "I will use my Bastard beam to destroy... Oooooh sexy zombie! Hey baby! wanna bite of my "little elephant"? Zombie Marie gags and says, "Ewww, even I have a limit you sicko!" Then Rukia Kuchiki shows up attacks Zombie Marie with her zanpakutō. But then hundreds and hundreds of Soul Reapers arrive and pretty much scare off the zombies till Zombie Edd, Eddy, n Marie used their Grim Reaper powers to teleport out of Japan. Shinchan hits on Rukia and before he can say anything she uses her Kido spell on him to leave him immobilized and she says, "Geez kid, I speak for all women but you're a menace to both the living AND the dead."

Zombie Eddy then says, "No fair, we can't eat Soul Reapers! They are dead, how can we eat the dead? It's like eating eachother... Where's Ed?"

Meanwhile Ed sees a Hollow and he bites it in the butt, but it has no effect on the Hollow and it simply plucks Zombie Ed from his butt and tosses him into a brick wall. Zombie Ed then sees a small one eyed boy wearing a glowing yellow and black striped chanchanko vest, wooden geta sandals, and a school uniform. The boy makes a creepy laugh at him and as Zombie Ed studies him the boy said, "I don't think I'm edible for your kind for I'm the last of the ghost tribe so get out of here or a Soul Reaper gets to you!" Rukia shows up and Zombie Ed uses his scythe to teleport away. Then Rukia sees the boy and says, "I heard of you, you're Kitaro from the ghost tribe, didn't we meet before?" Kitaro then says, "Even if we did Rukia then I don't want to hear about it." So as Kitaro walks away, Medama Oyaji pops up from Kitaro's hair and says to Rukia, "I think he does remember..." Kitaro then runs into Yachiru Kusajishi, a cute pink haired Soul Reaper and she says to him, "You have one eye just like "Kenny"... wanna be friends?" Kitaro then runs away while Medama Oyaji hold on to one of his hairs as they are being chased by a rather giggly Yachiru.


The zombies are about to attack but they are surrounded by a huge magic-proof and undead-proof wall with guards with machine guns and Mayor Adam West in a Batman suit with nipples on it fires his bazooka at them and manages to blow up Zombie Clam and Adam West then says, "I knew this day would come! You all thought I was crazy! Ahhhh I love the smell of burnt corpses in the morning!" Then he rubs the nipples from his Batsuit and shouts, "I AM ADAM WE!"


The Zombies refuse to eat the people in the Valley due to them being poor and mutated... they couldn't eat Bob Oblong even though he had no legs and was easy prey... SO THEY ATTACK THE RICH PEOPLE UP ON THE HILL INSTEAD!! Zombie Ed chased after the Debbies and Zombie Lazlo and Zombie Marie caught up with them and started devoring them while Helga Phugly watched in horror. Zombie Marie then says, "Hey I know that taste anywhere... they are clones after all!" Then Zombie Double D who joined in on the feast then says, "Well to us clones are just like processed cheese." Zombie Eddy was about to dine on one of the Debbies until one of the Debbie's father "Mayor Johnny "The Mayor" Bledsoe picks up Zombie Eddy and wrestles him "professional Wrestling style" (it's fake!) till he got tired and Zombie Eddy just tears him apart and eats him. After eating all of the people on the hill, Zombie Eddy just takes their money.

Jan Skylar then also adds, "It's also said that the zombies have jobs at a insane surreal correctional facility known as "SUPERJAIL"... they are hired to eat the prisioners!"


The warden, a manic insane man who resembles Willy Wonka, hires the zombies to eat his prisoners in order to make room in his "Superjail" despite the fact it fits 70,000 inmates. Zombie Eddy then asks the Warden, "Do you own a chocolate factory?" The Warden then replies, "Watch your tongue, boy, if you like this job!" Zombie Eddy then says, "Like this job?"

Wayne Skylar then says, "Will this madness ever end?

Jan Skylar then says, "This just in, "Total Drama Island" is now cancelled as contestants were either zombified or eaten. In our studio, comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim were just attacked and devoured by the zombies, apparently the two were high on marijuana at the time while writing episodes of their show. Because of their state, the zombies are now apparently high, we got footage this shows this happening at this moment courtesy of a young boy named Brendan Small:

(The Zombie Powerpuff Girls and the Eds and Marie laugh themselves silly and Zombie Double D then says, "Your names start with "B" Ha ha ha!" Zombie Bubbles then says, "You know, Bubbles spelt backwards is... Bubbles! Hee hee hee" Zombie Marie then says, "Man those two taste alot like "Dr. Rockzo the rock n roll clown"... he does cocaine!" Zombie Lazlo then laughs with Zombie Eddy and says, "I'm gonna eat that pig, let's eat that pig!")

Wayne Skylar then says, "Also moments ago in Townsville, a group of kids from another dimension who call themselves "Kids Next Door" arrived and things are about to get even weirder, speaking of weird here is our corrospondant Dr. Steve Brule for "Brule's Rules with Dr. Steve Brule"

Dr. Steve Brule: This is Dr. Steve Brule with another one of "Brule's Rules", Ok so for when dealing with a undead creature in extreme circumstances, the assailants can be stopped by removing the head or destroying the brain. I will repeat that: by removing the head or destroying the brain... (silence)...It's just not something you ever expect to have to say on air: "removing the head or destroying the brain". Extraordinary...FOR YOUR HEALTH! Oh and the horror begins once again and the story continues...



A few minutes after the last chapter ended, Sector V explains where they are from and how they got here but before Sarah and Johnny explain how they escaped Endsville, Numbuh 3 and 4 were freaked out by Zombie Nazz and Madison. Zombie Madison then says in a cute southern accent, "Actually my nature prevents me on doing such a mean thing, plus being a severed head has cured Nazz of her hunger and she wants to be friends with the humans again." Numbuh 5 then says, "Girl I can dig where you're from but your place resembles something a rapper came up with, or those two guys the creatures ate that made them act weird. Zombie Madison just stares at Numbuh 5 confusingly. The KND meet up with other survivors of this horrible incident, Numbuh 2 decides to work on Megas XLR with Coop, Jamie, Goat, and Kiva and the other operatives are served thrice cream milk shakes by Chowder and they listen to Sarah and Johnny's story of terror that took place a year ago...

(28 DAYS LATER... actually 28 days after the destruction of Peach Creek which was a year ago)

The survivors made it to the distant town of "Endsville" and then Sarah then knocks on the door and she sees a stupid looking young boy with a big nose and a mean looking little girl with no nose. The boy says "HIYA COUSIN SARAH! Where's Ed?" Sarah then says "PLEASE LET US IN YOUR HOUSE COUSIN BILLY!! Hi Mandy!" Mandy then says "Hi Sarah, anyway why should we let you in Billy's house because this is my territory!" Sarah then says "Well something terrible happened in in Peach Creek and my other friends came along with me and well we need a place to escape them!" Mandy looks confused and she and Billy let her, May, Johnny, Rolf, and then Billy panics when he sees Madison and Nazz's head in the house and Johnny says "NO! They're cool! and besides Rolf created a elixer that cured them of their flesh eating tendencies.

Mandy then says while giving Sarah a cup of warm cocoa, "Now tell me from the very beginning, what happened in your town, also Grim mentioned he was going there to do his job, so what happened that maybe bonehead can clean it up.

(Sarah then tells Billy and Mandy what happened to the Cul-De-Sac involving zombies, flesh eating feasts and the school buses full of students who ended up as the feast.)

Billy then says "Does this mean that my Parent's Sunny Bridges CD is now worth more than 100?" Rolf then shows up with a TV and says "I found this in a trunk in the basement, what is this doo-hickey "big nosed cousin of undead Ed-boy with one eyebrow?" Billy then replies "That is Grim's Stargate TV set, it opens up portals to other worlds and dimensions... and who gave you permission to get into the junk in his trunk? But that's ok Ed's foreign friend, I get into Grim's junk in the trunk without his permission too...HEE HEE HEE HEE"

Sarah then says "Now that me and my friends are safe in Endsville with you and Cousin Billy, I hope the nightmare is finally over!" Sarah then hears a knock in the door and as she looks through the peephole she then sweats in fear and says "No...IT CAN'T BE...IT'S IMPOSSIBLE...I THOUGHT IT WAS ALL OVER!!

The Door is sliced in half and to everyone's horror, they see Zombie Ed, Edd, n Eddy and Marie Kanker, dressed like Grim and carrying scythes of their own. Marie then grabs the Stargate TV set and says "We're gonna need that after we're through with you!" Zombie Double D then looks at Sarah and says "As long as we possess the powers of the underworld and there is so many people to eat...IT WILL NEVER BE OVER!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! The Zombies then make evil giggling sounds and Ed screams at the top of his lungs FEEDING TIME!!

The Zombies easily sliced off Mandy's head with their scythes and started eating her, absorbing her evil while the others fled the backroom and then Billy stands in front of them and says, "Spare them, take me instead!" The Zombies then check for brains and they take a whiff of them and to their horror they cannot stand his stench, not even removing their decaying noses can protect them from the smell. Zombie Double D then shous, "MY LORD! NOT ONLY DO YOU LACK A BRAIN BUT YOU SMELL LIKE THE INSIDE OF A CHAMBER POT! WE CAN'T EAT THAT!" The zombies pass on eating Billy...But they saw Kevin and they manage to devour him in one spot. Then they end up attacking other parts of the town. Billy then says, "Maybe I put on too much "dog steak sauce" on my hair... it makes great shampoo... hee hee hee!

Sarah, Jimmy, Rolf, and Zombie Madison and Nazz peep out of a manhole and they see Hoss Delgado fighting the four but then before they leave they see Zombie Ed zap Hoss with his scythe and he vanishes. Zombie Nazz then says, "I wonder where he went?"

Hoss Delgado finds himself in a huge field of corn and he says, "Man, I'm in "the cornfield"... again! And me without my butter and stove! That's right I wanted to make popcorn!"

The Zombies then encounter Dracula and then Dracula says, "HA! Dracula not afraid of you undead dummies! Dracula is UNDEAD so you can't eat Dracula!" The Zombies look at eachother and Zombie Marie then says, "He has a good point... let's go to "Bunny Island", I know of a dictator that is really a brain attached to a bear... and so is his stomach." Then the four head to "Bunny Island since it is close to Endsville"

(End of Flashback)

Numbuh 5 then says, "So you sure the Zombies won't penetrate the mall and cause any trouble?" Then young Ben Tennyson appears and says, "Yep and we're already preparing for the battle, as soon as I can recharge the omnitrix, Coop manages to fix Megas, and Monkey completes his training."

Numbuh 4 then walks the mall and runs into Duncan and Duncan says, "Yo what's up short stuff?" Numbuh 4 then says, "You cruddy teenagers... if it weren't for the monsters out there I'd beat the stuffing out of ya!" Duncan then says, "Actually I'm glad to be in a abandoned mall but the bad part of it is that it's no fun shoplifting since there is no one there to oppose against it... (sees Courney with her hands on her hips) Uhh Sorry Courney I'll be good!"

Gwen is just drinking some tea with Numbuh 3, the Squirrel Scouts (minus Gretchen and the nameless girls) and Chris McClean. Then Numbuh 3 says, "In my world, the Toilenator is a loser and a evil corporation known as 4KIDS make bad dubs of anime." Gwen then says, "Interesting, such a corporation doesn't exist and this anime called "Doomdancers" is the most popular anime in it's time, even more popular than "Yatterman". Chris then sees Duncan and she says to Gwen, "Oh great here's your friend and mine!" and Duncan just shouts, "Hey f()k you, ball-buster!" Courney then looks annoyed and says, "I'm going to have to clean your language mister! We have kids present!" Patsy then says, "I miss Lazlo!"

Numbuh 4 then looks at how Duncan is dressed and says, "I like the costume though!" Duncan then says, "You think this is a frickin' costume? This is a way of life!"

Numbuh 2 then meets up with I.M. Weasel and helps built some new weapons and trying to communicate with the outside world while Professor XXXL is STILL making "the perfect snowcone", well that and he is not mutated into a animal this time. Numbuh 2 gets a signal that says, "Go to the Hospital in Moralton... heh heh heh" Then May Kanker picks up the communicator and asks, "Excuse me, sir. Can you tell me the name of the United States president, please?" Then the thing on the other line says, "Ummm... Harry S. Truman!" May then says to Numbuh 2, there you go."

Then Orel Puppington was telling the survivors about how he survived the rupture in his town and then Numbuh 5 says, "So this is the weird kid from Moralton, he actually thinks the attack is a act of god?" Orel goes up to numbuhs 2, 3, 4, and 5 and he says, "Wow, I never seen your people where I'm from." Numbuh 5 gives him a weird look and Orel says, "Yeah, in Moralton I've never seen a "negro", a "oriental", and a "koala boy"... we think those people aren't pure and a threat to Christianity..."

Numbuhs 3, 4, and 5 looked at eachother and then they suddenly pound Orel till both his eyes are black and Numbuh 2 joins in and Numbuh 3 asks him, Numbuh 2, why are you joining us? You're his race too!" Numbuh 2 then says, "I dislike blatnant racism, especially towards my friends!" Numbuh 362 then says, "Abbie, stop! Orel came from Moralton, a secluded town where everyone is obsessed with christianity in the most ignorant way and don't act like good christians themselves and they apparently dislike people of other races...except for the italian family we found after the rampage on the town." Numbuh 5 looks at Orel and says, "You're one messed up kid you know that?" Then Numbuh 3 goes with Courney and look at the Sanrio store.

Then Izzy is sitting with Numbuh 2 and 4 and she says, ", Do you fantasize about being killed? Wanna know the worst way to die?" Numbuh 4 then says, "I don't know and I don't care!" Numbuh 2 responds, "Eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Grandma Stuffums?" Izzy then says, "Actually, mine would be being eaten alive by those things... first they would tear off my clothes..."

Izzy then tears open her top and Duncan says, "Hey, somebody get some light over here, Izzy is taking off her clothes again!" Then Izzy strips and dances naked while "Tonight" by "SSQ" plays on the radio, Duncan is waving two torches around while Izzy dances and the two boys are shocked by this. Numbuh 2 then says, "Dude this is seriously messed up here! This is more messed up than the time you showed me that web video and taped my reaction."

(flashback begins)

Numbuh 2 is online while Numbuh 4 videotapes him and laughs softly, Numbuh 2 then says, "Oh wow, I wonder what "2 girls 1 cup" is? And why is there a camera next to the monitor?" Then as he watches it, Numbuh 2 seems horrified by the video and gags and says, "NO DON'T DO THAT! NOOOOooooo!" The video shows two teenage girls digging out chocolate ice cream from a big cup and pouring it into a hot sidewalk during summer time while laughing evily. Numbuh 2 then cries and says, "THOSE POOR ICE CREAMS! WASTED! NOOOOOO! WHY!" Numbuh 4 then says, "Man this will make a excellent Youtube video! Although those girls shouldn't waste such good ice cream like that!"

(flashback ends)

Then suddenly, Toilenator fires his toilet paper at Izzy, covering her so much that she resembles a mummy...but in toilet paper, then he says, "Problem solved!"

After the KND talk to the other survivors, they see the boy genius known as Dexter and then he says, "I apologize but apparently, I was the one who sent you to this world by mistake." As Numbuhs 2,3,4, and 5 were shocked by this, Dexter continues, "I tried to bring Samurai Jack from his world to ours so he can help us stop those monsters but Aku's spell prevented him from being sent to this world so the King Solomon Rainbow Monkeys must have been sent to your world instead and after they were activated you were all brought here... wasn't there a fifth person with you?"

Numbuh 3 points at Toilenator dumping a sack of nickles into a fountain and says, "Oh please make my wish come true... I wish the zombies would go away! I wish the zombies would go away! I wish the zombies would go away!" Then Numbuh 4 slaps him and Toilnator says, "Ok I needed that. It's just that I'm not prepare for "end of the world" events and everyone knows I'm the weakest villian back in our world... I'd give up my left hand to be like my counterpart "Toiletron" Numbuh 4 then says, "Don't worry We're planning to unite and see to it that those monsters won't get a butt-whooping, then it will be back to me whooping your butt!" Toilenator then says, "Well I'd whoop your butt first! But then again I'm not "Toiletron". Numbuh 4 then says, "C'mon Toilenator, I'll treat you to a orange smoothie." Dexter then continues, "Well with the help of Numbuh 362 I'm coming up with a plan on how to strike back and I will also work on a plan to send you all back home."

Then all of a sudden, the glass doors were shattered by a horde of bikers riding on multi-colored motorcycles, their leader was a familiar looking guy with a beard that is covered with candy. The leader then says, "Ok boys! This is our sanctuary! First let's raid the "Sweet Factory" and then let's evict the other guys and feed them to the creatures!" Numbuh 5 looked shocked and says, "St..St...Stickybeard? I had no idea "Ol' Stickybuns" was a biker in this world. Numbuh 362 then asks, "What was he in yours?" Then she responded, "he was a "candy pirate", that's right he would sail on his ship "Sweet Revenge and would attack kids for their candy." Numbuh 362 ten says, "You live in a strange world... but no matter. Those guys are raiding our base and probably letting the Zombies in..."

Numbuh 362 then shouts to the other survivors, "OK EVERYONE GET TO PLAN Z, DEXTER, COOP, MONKEY, FIGHT OF THE ZND ON THE MOON! JOHNNY, WEASEL, BEN TENNYSON, OWEN, GET THE OTHER SURVIVORS TO THE SECOND HIDDEN BASE, YOU GUYS COME WITH ME!" Then Numbuhs 2,3,4,5, and Toilentator go with Numbuh 362 and then she says, "We're going to Britian to find the legendary zombie killer Shawn!" Before they go they see Duncan and Courtney and Courtney then says, "Hey little kids, take us with you! I have a blow torch!" Numbuh 4 then says, "Hmmm they might be cruddy teenagers but they seem cool, follow us!" Then they encountered Rolf and Rolf then says, "Rolf would like to join you "kids with numbers who live next door. Rolf survived first zombie strike, Rolf will survive this one. The Son of the Shepard demands to join!" Numbuh 2 then says, "... Welcome aboard... now let's get the heck out of here!"

By the time the survivors evacuated, the group then sees the Candy Bikers eating alot of candy and fooling around. But then the zombies arrived, lead by Zombie Ed, Edd, Eddy, n Marie Kanker. The Candy Pirates then decide to have a lot of fun, Candy Biker Pejp Benzone was fooling with a blood pressure machine while Candy Biker Jillian is on the second level of the mall, spitting on the zombies below just for fun. Then the Bikers threw pies at the zombies' faces and laugh out loud. Stickybeard then stuffed bubblegum into Zombie Ed and Double D's mouths, making them unable to eat anyone. But then Zombie Marie gets angered and slices off his head with her scythe and she and Zombie Eddy just manage to devour him. Meanwhile Zombie Lazlo and Zombie Lequack then approach Pejp Benzone and devour him as he was unable to get out of the blood pressure machine. Jillian then pies Zombie Heather in the face and but then she was attacked from behind by zombie covered in black tar named "Tarman" who just shouts, "LIVE BRAINS!" And Zombie Heather and Zombie Harold joins Tarman in the feast and Zombie Harold asks him, "Umm... didn't I see you in a horror movie?" Tarman just shouts, "BRAINS!" Zombie Harold then says, "Umm I'll take that as a yes."

The zombies manage to devour every last one of the candy bikers.

Just then, a family of Cryptid fighting, world saving-scientists known as '"The Secret Saturdays" ( Doc Saturday, Drew Saturday, Zak Saturday, Fiskerton, Zon, and Komodo) show up and prepare themselves for battle. Doc then says, "Those monsters might not be Cryptids but we're still gonna have ourselves a weenie roast! So the Secret Saturdays fight the Zombies and Fiskerton managed to punch Tarman's head off.

(You just witnesseda purely superfluous cameo appearance featuring "THE SECRET SATURDAYS, a family of Cryptid fighting, world saving scientists who get ruthlessly dispatched off-text mere moments from now, in the most humiliating and degrading ways imaginable)

Numbuh 4 saw the whole carnage and he says, "I wish I didn't see that... so now what?" Then the group sees a futuristic looking car (lame car in the KND's world) being driven by two Private Investigators and one of them tells them, "We're Stroker and Hoop. P.I.s, come with us if you want to live!" Then the car "says" and I'm C.A.R.R. so unless any of you are Mexican, hop in!" To Numbuhs 2,3,4,5, 362, Rolf, Toilenator, Courtney, and Duncan managed to fit in the back of C.A.R.R. because it stretched out for in case they have to arrest an entire gang. So they drive away from the chaos but they find themselves attacked by Zombie Double D and Zombie Ed, Hoop punches them off and fires his gun at them. But then Hoop feels sick and says, "Stroker I don't feel so good, I think one of them bit me?' The group starts to worry and they hear Hoop say, "Sorry Stroker but I see you as... DELICIOUS!" Then he bites off Stroker's neck and devoured him till there was nothing left.

Then the glass breaks and Hoop is revealed to be a zombie and he looks at Numbuhs 2,3,4,5, 362, Rolf, Toilenator, Courtney, and Duncan and says, "Looks like I have "Meals on Wheels"! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Mini-Story: Is there a version of Winter Knight and Emma Iveli in the "Ed, Edd, n Eddy Zombies world"?

Winter Knight and Emma Iveli were playing "Diddy Kong Racing DS" on the Nintendo DS but then he encounters Zombie Candy Biker Jillian who just grabs Emma and was about to eat her but then Winter Knight pulls out his Bokken and stabs Zombie Jillian in the gut with it and then he knocked her head off with the bokken and then he pulls out a shotgun that was conviently in his den and blasted her till she stopped moving. Then Winter Knight tells Zombie Jillian, "That's why you're dead, asswipe. No brains and a big mouth!"

Emma then says, "Winter Knight, You just killed Jillian!" Winter Knight then says, "She was a zombie? No matter! We got to go to the "panic room"!" Emma and Winter Knight make it to the "panic room" and Emma asks, "Why is there a panic room in your basement?" Winter Knight replies "I got the idea for it after watching "Creepshow 3" and it was so bad that I wanted to get away from it! And just incase the world is ever attacked by a horde of the walking undead"