Small Authors Note Here:

No wait, here: To avoid turning this into a novel, I had to leave out what sort of canon this resides in. Basically Aang and Katara never made-out after the war. They just remained friends, but eventually Aang started keeping balance on his own, but he still saw Katara regularly. Just not 24/7. That's about all you need to know!


Katara was moderately confused.

If you had asked her four hours prior to this moment what she would be doing right now; being pushed onto a couch by a man she knew so little about wouldn't be very high on her list.

But here she was in this dark store room, the only glimmer of light being from a shutter left slightly ajar. Her eyes widening to compensate for the lack of brightness, but before she even had a chance to attempt to readjust her eyes, the mysterious stranger had positioned himself above her and not so carefully lowered his body onto hers.

It's not like he was a complete stranger. She knew he was skilled in the martial arts. She knew that he had a subtle deep voice from the few words that he had spoken to her. She also knew that he was rather strong and annoyingly agile.

Though he was still a stranger to her.

She had no idea of his real identity. She had no clue of what nationality he originated from. She didn't even have the slightest idea what he looked like. Well actually, she knew he had pale skin, but that didn't exactly narrow down her options significantly.

But that's not to say she hadn't seen him. Oh she had seen him alright.

Out of all the competitors in this tri-bending and weapons tournament; he was the only one that had caught her interest. This was probably again due to the fact she had chased him round the entire campus, in previous days.

You see it is the Winter Solstice, and on this day there is a tournament that lasts for 5 days. This prestigious tournament was started after the end of Sozin's War as a celebration that benders and warriors can compete with each other without the need for it to be during a war. It was such a success the first time after the war it was decided to make it and annual occasion. As the tournaments fame grew, so did the number of competitors entering, as did the quantity of people who travelled all over the world to view it and subsequently the amount of prize money available.

The man that was currently running his half covered hand up the sensitive piece of skin of Katara's clothed back was only part of weapons section of the competition. Though he did have an uncanny ability to bend all four elements.

But Katara didn't know that. No-one in the competition knew that. And if he wanted any chance of winning the allocated prize money for his section, he really needed to keep it a secret.

The safety of this secret however was very quickly becoming very volatile. Any moment Aang would lose what little cool he had left and let the squirming Waterbender beneath him reveal his identity by simply ripping his hood open. Then probably after the obligatory three second shock period he would be knocked ferociously against the wall and then promptly lose the ability to have children.

Aang really needed to have children.

"Wh- what are you-" Katara was having a very hard time forming coherent sentences, but she felt she needed to say something when the cloaked man abruptly pulled back. She frowned even more when he readjusted the piece of relatively tight material that had been pulled down during their encounter to once again cover his mouth. As he tried to untangle their lower bodies Katara's arms did the exact opposite of his intentions by wrapping round his neck.

The masked man let out a barely audible whimper before trying to unlock the two legs from his waist. His attention was quickly brought back to her hands when they started to wander from his neck to his black hood with the one objective of pulling it back.

He grabbed her hands forcefully and pinned them above her head.

"No." The fact his voice cracked slightly as if fighting where the statement had come from was not missed by Katara.

"Oh come on. Don't you think we're done with this game now?" She made a slight attempt to free herself from his iron grip, but knew virtually immediately that her hands were not going anywhere anytime soon.

Aang cocked his head to the side slightly at the thought that this was just a 'game'. Aang had never come across a game where pretty Waterbenders are maneuvered into dark store rooms by a man in a cloak. But if there was a game like that, Aang had definitely been going to the wrong toy shop when growing up.

"No," His resolve was better now.

"Nothing on me is coming off." There was no way any of his clothes would be coming off. All she had to do was catch one glance of a tattooed limb and the charade would be up. And once the charade was up, his castration via waterwhip would be rather imminent.

Katara tried hard to suppress a mocking laugh. She was quickly becoming irritated by this man's mixed signals; one moment collapsing on the nearest piece of furniture together and the next being restrained and told nothing was going to happen.

"Look, this is starting to get really annoying. The whole anonymity thing is fine and all, at the start, but I really wouldn't mind knowing what you looked like now. It's been three days for Spirit's sake." Katara tried to improve the seriousness of her statement by attempting to release her hands by force. It didn't work a minute ago and it didn't work now.

If it wasn't for their heavy breathing, the room would have been engulfed in silence. And as the seconds drifted by and the cloaked man made no signs of releasing her, the tension began to rise significantly.

Aang was beginning to get worried. He could feel the Waterbenders pulse begin to pick up beneath her wrists and in the dimly lit room his eyes could just see the stern look her stunning blue orbs held.

He could make a run for it now, but there was the distinct possibility that her hands would control the blood in his body before he even reached the door and he wasn't sure if he had the strength to break through that grip that she would have on him. Therefore, it was probably best not to release the struggling hands just at this moment.

"If you're worried I'm going to be repulsed by a scar you have or something, get over it already. I've dealt with far worse." Aang briefly pondered the irony of the situation of whether she was referring to him and his mangled skin on his back or whether someone else held the prize of being most disfigured.

Katara had never been one for just sitting still and waiting to get her way, in her eighteen years on this planet she had never been the passive one in an argument, this wasn't going to change any time soon. As a result her rambling was getting stronger and more aggressive, as were her attempts to free herself from beneath him. Aang's options of how to control the situation were becoming more limited with each passing second. Luckily he came to a decision on how to quiet her.

"Right, I'm giving you five seconds before I-" Katara's threat was lost forever as the words were silenced by a pair of warm and familiar lips. The not so mysterious figure knew that the initial resistance she gave him to the kiss would be over very shortly.

He was right.

Katara sighed against his lips briefly before melding them perfectly with his. The grip he had on her wrists was lessened until he let them return to their original position of being dug into the back of his cloak. His hands moved down to cup her face and gently coax her mouth open. Neither one of them complaining when their tongues met and sent a jolt of pleasure up their respective spines.

This was not the first time they had kissed at this tournament. It was now the third day of the event and their strange romance had started on the first day.

Even though Katara, being one of the founding members of this tournament, had found she could only help in the organization of the tournament, instead of being a competitor. She would have entered the Waterbending competition, but due to a slight accident one week before hand during the modernization of the Southern Water tribe, she found her left arm was not quite what it should be.

Aang on the other hand was a contestant. He had signed up for the non-bending part of the tournament, otherwise known as the weapons competition. The Avatar was not allowed to compete in the bending section as it was deemed unfair to the other competitors having to match up to a demi-god. They never said anything about him not being able to take part in the weapons section, although Aang did feel terribly guilty about using this unclear loophole.

The reason for Aang even doing all of this was money. Sounds selfish, doesn't it? But it was the most legitimate way Aang could see to earn his living. While travelling round the world solo he needed expenses to be paid, and although the chief of the villages would beg to compensate for him, he always declined. Very noble of the Avatar, however it tended to put him in an uncomfortable position when trying to find somewhere to stay that had could put a roof over his head.

This tournament offered substantial amount of prize money to the winners of each section. In Aang's mind he thought that this was the fairest way to earn his keep. He held no extra talent in the wielding of weapons; even more so his weapon was just a simple strong wooden staff, which he had purchased at a dojo under the name of 'Lee'. Highly original indeed. He had considered using 'Kuzon' be found he didn't want to tempt fate into revealing who he was.

The cloak which he was currently wearing was tailor made by a skilled merchant in the city. Currently the only person -at this moment- to know the Avatar's secret. The cloak covered all the limbs that needed to be kept hidden so that his identity would not be revealed. The hood covered down below his eyes but stopped short of his nose, an onlooker viewing him would not be able to see their colour, but the material was so fine that Aang could see out of it. His brown boots just came up to his knee where they overlapped with the dark material.

Overall it was a highly convenient piece of clothing. The only downside being it got very hot when fighting, or when pressed hard against a writhing Waterbender.

Aang had learnt that this heat he encountered was a definite downside, but he could do nothing about it. The first time they had kissed -at the tournament that is, as their first kiss had been many years before on a submarine- Aang had found he got incredibly hot, worryingly quickly. The duel he had had with the swordsman two hours before had not produced the same kind thermal reaction as was happening when pressed up against the wall with the surprised Waterbender.

The events leading up to this passionate first-ish kiss up against the outside back wall of the weapons practicing building had been as follows.

While reading through the list of names of competitors and updating them according to the first day's results, Katara came across a name that screamed fake. Lee Yu was as common as the language spoken by the four nations and was not given to strong fighters nowadays. Katara had sighed and went in search of this person that had decided to try and fool the system. Normally people that used fake names were released criminals not wanting to let the public know that they were back on the streets; even if they had been rehabilitated. One of Katara's many duties to this tournament was to find these people and get their real names.

Katara had eventually found her Lee Yu sitting on a wall behind the practice arena. He had unknowingly answered the call of his supposed name not realizing who had called it.

The area which he had been attempting to meditate in was rather hard to get to as it involved walking through thick bushes, therefore perfect for meditation as Aang didn't suppose he would be interrupted. He briefly checked that his disguise was in place before rotating himself to face his name calling visitor.

When her head had appeared round the corner followed by her cautious body the Avatar's blood pressure rose a few Pascal's immediately, and if there had not been the hood on his head Katara would have clearly remembered the eyes that bulged out of his face.

Katara was briefly confused as to why when she appeared the mysterious figure had fallen ungraciously off the wall before stumbling into a standing up position as straight and still as a pillar.

The events that followed briefly were not uncommon, but their eventual outcome was entirely unpredictable.

Katara had challenged him on his name. No reply from him, only a stiffening of his posture.

Katara then demanded his real name; still no reply.

Katara got frustrated and warned him that lying to a national organization was punishable by prison. She had not missed the low laugh that was emitted from the stranger's lips. That laugh was cut short when Katara smugly informed him that she was allowed to use force to reveal his identity.

Aang –or Lee Yu in this situation- then realized that the reason that he could not move was not because he had just been unexpectedly reunited with the love of his life. No, it was because she had frozen his muscles in place by the use of blood bending. Luckily being the Avatar came with many advantages, the ability to break free of this supposed unbreakable type of bending was one of them.

A fight had then ensued.

Katara using her slightly off peak Waterbending to try and subdue her unknown opponent, while Aang running around in circles trying not to be caught by the water whips which vehement in pinning him to the floor.

This went on for some time. The fight becoming less and less serious by the second until Katara realized that he was actually having fun. Eventually after about a minute of trying to turn to face him, but always finding he maneuvered to stand behind her, she gave up and stood still.

"Why won't you just tell me your real name?"

Silence ensued.

She asked again. When no answer came she growled slightly. Aang seemed to find it amusing that this was annoying her so much, so a slight humorous chuckle escaped from his lips.

She asked continuously the same question with different degrees of seriousness until getting so frustrated that the fight, that wasn't really a fight, started up again. Only this time it ended with Katara being pushed up defensively, yet definitively, against the back wall of the practice arena. With her arms fastened against her side with his grip. The only movements their bodies made were heaving of their chests trying to regain some breath.

Katara swallowed deeply and looked up into the eyes she could not see. Her blue orbs narrowed when she could see his lips forming into a smile like he held some joke that she couldn't possibly understand.

They stayed like that for some time, breathing heavily against each other. No-one said anything, no-one moved.

Aang had no idea how much time had passed and wouldn't have cared, until he realized that his body was reacting to the close proximity and an unfamiliar warm feeling was staring to spread into his lower half. Katara too was feeling the same warm feeling, and was even more concerned that this stranger was having such an embarrassing effect on her.

She struggled to move her arms but found he just pushed them tighter against the wall. Her eyes widened with the thought that perhaps he could feel the heat that was radiating out of lower body, and worse that he was going to act on it.

Aang took this widening of her eyes as a sign that she thought he was about to hurt her. His intentions were the exact opposite; he needed to get out of here as quickly as possible so that his identity wasn't disclosed. But what he wanted was to stay pressed against her while she was trapped against the warm stone wall.

And for once what Aang wanted beat what Aang actually needed.

For the next forty-two seconds they stayed motionless against each other. Their chests sometimes touching when they breathed in sync. Aang's eyes were not as immobile as his body because 

they scanned her face repeatedly trying to take in every detail he had missed over these months that they hadn't seen each other. Unfortunately the reunion was completely missed in Katara's case, as all she could see was the pale features that the lower part of his face held. The jaw bones that had defined themselves along his face made him look rather handsome, even if that's about all she could see of his face, apart from his lips, which she was trying desperately hard not to even notice.

He was entirely surprised when his gray eyes caught sight of a faint blush forming on her cheeks.

Aang sucked in a quiet breath with the realization that she was enjoying this, just perhaps not in the same degree that he was.

Katara sucked in a quiet breathe with the realization that their faces had inched close in these last forty-two seconds.

In the few seconds in which Aang had, he weighed up all the possible options of what he could do in this situation; and only one choice made his heart beat faster than was necessarily healthy. This train of thought which he so franticly wanted to act upon, was also one that resulted in the most troubling consequences. The most prominent of those consequences being, having his mouth frozen shut before being flung over the far wall to his impending doom.

Unfortunately for Aang's mouth, the logical and reasoning side of his brain had shut down due to the fact he could now feel Katara's warm breath on his eager lips. He looked up into her cerulean eyes only to see that their attention was shyly focused on his lips. Aang attempted to swallow the nervous lump that had formed in his throat, but found no part of his body seemed to be working apart from his facial muscles.

All the time their faces moving unconsciously towards each other, until when Katara attempted to breathe in she found that the smallest movements of her lips caused them to brush against the smooth pair so close to her. But instead of having a jolt of adrenaline rush through her at this feathery kiss, she found her body relaxed to a goo like state. The cloaked figure easily felt this change in stance and swiftly moved his hands from her wrists to her waist, which was starting to slide down the wall.

This time Katara did get a shot of adrenaline as the warm strong hands caught her, but this new found clarity was lost, as the lips that were so close before now were pushed firmly against her own. Katara had tried to gasp, but found this only deepened the kiss. And the only thing that worried Katara more than the fact she was pushed up against a wall kissing a complete stranger, was the fact she was enjoying kissing the stranger up against the wall.

Katara's once restrained hands were now hanging limp at her side, her normally strong balanced legs were starting to shake and the only reason she hadn't collapsed into a little heap on the floor was due to the equally shaky hands tightening their grip on her slim waist.

The strange kiss that was taking place in the secluded area behind the practice building was becoming more and more heated. The little voices in each of their heads which had earlier been 

screaming to halt their actions had long since evaporated, and all that was occupying their minds was the streams of pleasure radiating throughout their bodies. Katara's hands decided they no longer wanted to be stationary at her side; they slid up the man's defined clothed chest and grasped at the front of the black cloak with the intention of pulling him closer. Aang's hands had released their supporting grip on Katara's waist and had started to travel along her body in the aim of mapping every curve she'd acquired in these last few years.

It was when the man's lips started to descend on the extremely sensitive skin of her neck that alarm bells started ringing in Katara's head. She used the available breathing moment and tried to still the dizziness in her head, only to find it became far worse when the pale man's teeth found the susceptible piece of skin and lightly nipped. She groaned lightly and tried to push him away only to find her hands wrapped tighter around his neck.

A few minutes later both benders were locked in an embrace on the smooth stone ground.

If Aang tried to recall later how exactly that happened, his mind would not be able to piece together the exact actions that had led to them rolling around; but later, neither would really care. Katara's hands at this point were desperately trying to find some way to pull the lean man's cloak up his waist, while Aang's hands were trying desperately hard not to pull sash that kept her robe in place.

Only the Spirits know what would have happened if the man on the loud speaker three hundred meters away had not announced that it was time for Lee Yu to participate in his third heat against Hahn Shi.

Aang had groaned in disappointment before rolling over and attempting to stand. Katara on the other hand lay still on the warm ground for a few moments longer, trying to piece together how exactly all of this had just come about. When her heart rate had slowed down to the point that it was safe to sit up it led her peripheral vision to see the cloaked man disappearing through the bushes.

"Hey, wait!" Katara attempted to chase him bout found her legs would not co-operate, and so she sunk dejectedly onto the ground and tried to regain some more breath.

Eight minutes later she worked her way up to the grand arena where the last seconds of a skillful fight were taking place. All Katara saw was a man dressed in elegant blue robes being flung ungracefully half way across the fighting platform to land with an 'Oompf' outside the boundaries. The man in the simple black cloak lifted his covered hand in humble triumph before walking of the platform.

Katara spent the rest of the evening searching for him. Aang spent the rest of the evening avoiding the eager-for-blood looking Waterbender.


The second day of the tournament went in a rather similar pattern for the two of them.

It was impossible for the cloaked man to avoid Katara when she waited for him, after he won his fourth heat. Aang would always remember the dark gleam in her eyes when she caught sight of him walking towards her, and the way her lip twitched slightly with the words that she hoped to shout at him, when they were in a more private space of course. However Katara would note with extreme annoyance how he was able to duck under her halting arms and graciously walk away.

A walking chase scene developed, so conspicuous that only Aang and Katara knew it was taking place. Aang dared not break into a run in fear Katara would shout for the guards and he would be kicked out of the competition for unruly behavior. The chase that was taking place so slowly came to an abrupt halt when the man wrapped in black jumped casually over a wall far too high to be assaulted with just the simple kick of the legs.

Katara frowned and used her adaptive Waterbending skills to lift her over the wall, only to find that she dropped down into a dense green courtyard. Luckily for Katara her well trained eyes caught the end bit of a black cloak disappearing round a tree. She darted after it, the soft green grass beneath her boots aiding her. She looked round the tree quickly, only to find that bushes being the only thing she saw. A wave of disappointment ran through her, but was quickly replaced with puzzlement as she realized it

was impossible to walk through those bushes without cutting yourself all over and producing a lot of noise. Katara had heard nothing.

She tried not to let her facial expression betray that she knew he must be hiding very close. She let out a fake sigh of defeat before discreetly moving her hands and creating a long water whip which disappeared instantly up into the tree she was standing next to.

A yelp was heard before the cloaked man fell loudly onto the ground, his mouth agape with surprise. Katara had then meant to secure his wrists with ice bindings, but with flabbergasted astonishment she saw he had already somersaulted backwards before she could form the ice.

A fight then ensued.

It was actually more Aang trying not to be flung into the heavy sharp green bushes behind him than a fight. Katara would note later that night that the swift man always seemed to know her move before she released it, almost as if he knew her style.

Once again, the fight ended with Aang pushing Katara into a submissive position in which she could not escape from- without massive force. This position happened to be them sprawled across the smooth grass, the cloaked man's body on top of hers, his weight effectively trapping her. She balled her hand into a fist with the hope to strike him across the face, but before she could even gather the strength to thrust, his hands had pinned her wrists flat on the grass.

Katara whimpered slightly with defeat. She'd never come across someone who could beat her just by running around in circles and then grabbing her. Maybe the fact she was aroused by the way they were heaving against each other had something to do with her current lack of fighting abilities. But she cringed at that possibility and quickly tried to think a way out of her predicament, all the while trying to ignore that his face was once again centimeters from hers.

"Ugh. Get off me!" The weakness that Aang spotted in Katara's voice was due to three factors, firstly that she had had the wind knocked out of her, secondly she knew her attempts were futile to get out of his grip, thirdly and possibly most importantly, she was reluctantly enjoying the heat that radiated from his body.

Katara heaved a deep breath, weighing up her options, and the cloaked man enjoyed the warm air as it filtered past him. He breathed deeply himself and enjoyed the bizarre situation while he could. The air he had just inhaled however was promptly choked out as he felt Katara's leg wrap around his waist to try and dislodge him. He tried desperately hard to stop the gush of heat pulsing to his lower abdomen, but realized this was impossible when she wrapped another leg around him. His eyes snapped up to meet hers and try figure out what she was trying do. The blue sapphires were wide with shock with the realization her plan had completely backfired as he was too well set against her for her to even attempt to roll them over.

Aang, as usual, completely misinterpreted the situation; he thought perhaps she was suddenly infatuated with him, thus the wrapping of legs. However when she tried to head butt him seconds later,

this thought evaporated as fast as it had appeared. Aang hastily moved his head backwards to avoid her rapidly advancing one. He didn't expect her to try again a split second later.

He wasn't so quick this time and found that their heads connected, but the pain felt was far greater on Katara's half than his.

"Are you okay?" Through the fine material of the cloak and could see she was wincing in pain. He felt virtually nothing but a slight sting; she had obviously hit him in the wrong place.

"Do I look okay to you?" The venom in her voice was ignored by Aang and instead he decided to interpret the question in a different way. A small grin spread on his face while he appreciated how beautiful she looked huffing on the ground, face slightly red with disappointment and embarrassment.

"Ugh, spirits, I didn't mean it like that!" Katara shouted with the realization that he had chosen to grin about her aesthetics. "Stop smiling like that you pervert."

"Ha-ha! I'm not the one with my legs wrapped around my waist." It was the most words the man dressed in black had ever said to her, and if Katara had not been incredibly embarrassed, she would have recognized the familiarity of the voice.

She immediately started to untangle herself from his waist, but found this did more damage than good as he groaned quietly when her legs ran smoothly down his creating a delicious warm friction. She gulped and tried to move her head backwards, away from his lips which were now searching for hers, but her head just pressed deeper into the grass and less than a second later Aang's lips had found hers.

Katara tried really, really, hard to struggle from the kiss. Her arms tightened in optimistic hope that they would break free and hit him over the head. Her legs thrashed against his in aim of 

causing some sort of pain. She even raised her torso off the ground to increase the space between them, before finding this took so much effort that she was forced to collapse back down again.

Katara acknowledged the chance to cause some real pain when their mouths parted and the man's tongue ran lightly against her teeth before delving further. She had meant to snap down on the warm flesh, that would have caused some serious pain, and he would have had no choice but to recoil. Luckily for Aang and his tongue, the Waterbenders will to hurt him dissolved when their tongues melded together and sent shivers throughout their bodies.

Aang would later recall that night the sounds of Katara's moans as he explored her mouth. The way she twisted pleasurably against him when he ran his hand down her arm, stopping at her face to push a strand of dark hair away from her eyes. He would also distinctly remember the sensation of feeling her legs running up his to once again return to their position of being wrapped around his waist.

Katara would also recall later than night with mild disgust her utter inability to fight back against him once they were pressed tighter together. And although she tried to desperately hard not to, she could not forget the feeling of having his hands running down her back, grasping lightly at places that made her shudder.

They would both definitely remember the shriek of the countess who thought there was a spider-snake behind the bushes, as she could hear such loud rustling.

Just like the day before the man in black took off with great haste, much to Katara great annoyance, but even greater –even though she would never admit it- disappointment.


On the third day of the tournament after Aang had won his sixth heat, only two away from being in the quarter finals, Aang had once against encountered Katara waiting for him at the exit to the arena. The look on her face was certainly not one of joy for his recent victory. Instead her mouth was a firm line and her eyes gave a small window in which to see the suffering that he could encounter when they were in a private space.

So instead of attempting to gracefully evade her, he jolted into a mild run which caught Katara completely off guard as he zoomed past her. Katara cursed silently under her breath and started after him, ignoring the confused looks of bystanders nearby, all assuming that some emergency had broken out.

Katara was once again puzzled by the masked man's choice not to run out of the stadium, but instead veer left into storage facilities. She soon found out why he had done it, the place was full of corridors and unlocked rooms. Perfect for hiding.

Katara groaned in frustration when she lost sight of him and found herself wandering down a deserted corridor. People shouldn't be allowed to be that fast. This was one of the many thoughts 

running round Katara's head. She sighed slightly before a flash of excitement shot across her face and she grinned lightly.

"Right, I don't know if you can hear me." All though not known to Katara at this moment, Aang could indeed hear her.

"I'm giving you ten seconds to show yourself before I go to the main desk and disqualify you for…" There were many things Katara could eliminate him for, one of them being sexual harassment, but she didn't really want to embarrass herself further. She would have to give the exact details of her harassment, and her harassment had been half consensual which didn't help.

"…Attempting to evade questioning by an official." That was a good enough reason Katara thought. Aang thought this was a good enough reason too, and so he decided to reveal himself to his gorgeous pursuer.

Katara's peripheral vision caught site of the door immediately on her right being opened and then her being grabbed and pulled inside.

Katara was moderately confused.

(A/N: For those of you that might be confused as to why it seems to skip time now. Go back to the beginning and read the first few paragraphs and see if it clicks! If you didn't need this A/N, continue reading!)

When the events that unfolded in the dark store room started to approach a pinnacle moment Katara's train of thought started to work again.

Even though she had been subdued in her very recent attempts to reveal his identity, the growing urge to know what he looked like was not shrinking. The pale man's lips were currently focusing their attention on Katara's neck, occasionally sucking and then nibbling on the particularly sensitive pieces of skin. Katara squeezed her eyes shut in hope of restraining the moan that was forming behind her lips but found it escaped when he grabbed her upper leg and pushed himself harder against her.

Another low moan escaped out of her lips when the hands that had been clutching her thighs moved smoothly up her waist, occasionally pausing to massage the supple pieces of skin that could be felt through her robe. Aang smiled against her warm skin when he heard the whimpering plea of him not to stop his exploration.

Aang's smile was cut short when he felt his pants, completely obscured by his three quarter cloak, tighten unbearably. He shuddered at the sensation and with the realization that he had to immediately stop what he was doing before it went too far.

Katara for the second time today in the dark store room, whimpered when he pulled back. A barely audible, "Why?" escaping her lips.

"I can't." The words uttered from his mouth were thick with disappointed emotion.

"You mean you can't-can't or you won't?" Katara already knew the answer to this question as she could feel the slight pressure against her abdomen.

The cloaked man sighed again before pulling back further, but Katara's hands caught the front of his clothes and stopped him in his tracks.

"Why." Her voice was stronger now, as if threatening to reveal them.

Aang bent his head in dejection, telling her his secret was far worse than not telling her his secret.

He kept his mouth shut and vaguely enjoyed the feeling of having her hands on his chest. However Aang did not then expect her hands to quickly trace down to his hardened stomach and, instead of stopping, went further down to where a bulge had formed.

His eyes snapped shut as a streak of pleasure which he had never felt so strongly before shot through his body. Her right hand had only lightly touched the sensitive area but to Katara's great enthusiasm it had caused a violent reaction. She squeezed tighter and the masked man found he had to put one hand on the arm of the couch in fear of falling off. His other hand swept down to try and dislodge her grip, but found his fingers had a mind of their own and pushed her hand tighter against his body. His whole frame 

shuddered at the sensation and grew weak, his head bending down to rest in her neck while she continued her light ministrations.

Katara was started to question her sanity and she lay on the couch with the heavily breathing man, her hand touching him in a way so intimate. The only justification she could find was that he seemed so familiar. The way he kissed her was so personal, almost as if they had known each other in a previous life. He never purposely tried to hurt her, only subdue her, which then seemed to always lead to them being wrapped around each other.

If Katara had not been so wrapped up in her thoughts she would have noticed the tattooed hand which had exposed itself while grabbing the couch arm. When Aang took a moment to breathe and adjust his head, he noticed his betraying arm and yelped, instantly trying to cover it again. Katara thought she had hurt him and recoiled her hand.

"S-sorry." The mortification in Katara's voice was due to her mind cursing its lack of knowledge in this area of human interaction.

"What? No, no! It was great, no, amazing, I just-" Aang stopped rambling when he realized that the flushed Waterbender was starting to recognize his voice. So to stop her mind from connecting the puzzle pieces he kissed her passionately.

It worked like a charm.

Katara's thoughts dissolved again and her mind turned its attention to the heated lips which were exploring hers. Aang lost what little control he had left and allowed his body to sink into hers once again, completely reveling in the feeling of them fitting together perfectly. Little time passed before Aang's hands were scrambling to untie the silk sash that kept her blue robe in place. Katara made no effort to stop him and instead breathed deeply to catch some much needed air. He pulled the elegant material from her body, noting that her skin was the same beautiful dark colour which taunted him in his dreams. Katara lifted herself slightly so he could shift the material from her back and let it glide to the floor.

His hands then began to trace the newly revealed skin, and the breath Katara had taken seconds before escaped in a whimper. His hands traced her stomach first, making sure to never travel in a straight line, constantly changing direction and pressure. His left hand slipped round to her side to grasp the supple curve that was her waist, his other hand dancing its way up to her chest bindings. The dexterous fingers managed to find a way under the wraps of cloth and the man in black realized with great pleasure, that the skin there was more heated and sensitive. There was only so far his fingers could maneuver and Katara realized this too. With modesty quickly not becoming an issue, she sat up and helped him untie the knot at back of the bindings, closing her eyes in apprehension and embarrassment as she felt the tight material slip down her body till it crumpled onto the couch.

Aang gently pushed her back into a lying position on the couch; both his hands travelling up her body to explore the chest that was heaving deeply. Katara cringed in pleasure as she felt her breasts being grasped by the warm hands of the man above her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as the concealed man seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

Aang had no idea what he was doing.

He was going purely on instinct. Responding to reactions of the beautiful woman beneath him was producing. Aang supposed the reason this seemed to come naturally to him was the fact he dreamed about doing this for so long; and the only reason he knew this wasn't a dream was due to him actually being able to physically touch her, he was never allowed this pleasure when his mind was wandering in la-la land.

Aang would have been enjoying this moment far more if he didn't have to keep checking that his sleeve had slipped down his hand far enough to expose the blue arrow. It was getting to close for comfort and so he decided to remove his hands and use another part of his body to explore the heated skin.

When Katara briefly opened her eyes to see why the hands that had been working so amazingly on her had stopped, all she saw was a curtain of black pass in front of her before the distinct feeling of a wet tongue glided across the soft skin. Her eyes clenched shut once again as she pointlessly tried to resist the sounds escaping her mouth. Aang took great delight in the feeling of her hands scrunched into back while he started to suck on her nipples. He long since stopped caring if this was a dream, because if it was, it was the best dream he ever had.

While distracting her with his mouth on her upper body, Aang's hands ran down her waist to the bindings that separated him from Katara's complete nakedness. Katara currently was far too lost in the sensation of heat pooling in her body, to even notice that the man's hands had began to untie the two knots that kept the last of her modesty in place.

It was only until the man had removed his mouth from her breasts to stare down at the newly revealed skin that did Katara realize she was naked. The only indication that Katara got that he wasn't repulsed by her figure was his gaping mouth that kind of half looked like a surprised smile. If Katara had been able to see his eyes she would have been easily able to tell that his was enthralled with her body, nothing he had ever seen in his life quite compared to the beauty that was laid out beneath him.

Aang hands went out to touch her waist with the intention of going far lower, however they were stopped immediately by a dark hand reaching out and grabbing his wrist.

"No." The whimper that escaped Aang's lips at this was heartbreaking.

"Don't you dare act disappointed!" Katara herself was surprised by the clearness of her voice.

"I'm lying here naked," Aang's completely concealed blush increased dramatically at that point, "and you haven't removed a single item of clothing!"

Aang was stumped. She was right, not one item of clothing had been removed from his body. If he wanted to complete what they were starting it was kind of a necessity.

"If you have some kind of modesty issues than you're the biggest hypocrite I've ever met!" The whispered accusation stung Aang as he realized how horrible this situation must be for her.

"Just wait, I will, I promise." Aang lied to himself; he needed to buy some time to think of a plan to get around the undressing stage. Katara was slightly taken back his words; her retort disappeared when she heard the desperation in his voice.

He kissed her again, his right hand meanwhile travelling down to stroke her waist. Katara sighed contently when she felt the warm hand caressing her. Her sigh turned into a gasp when she felt the hand move lower to the inside of her thigh. The muscle clenched at the feeling and Aang waited till it relaxed again and accepted the intrusion.

Katara's heart beat accelerated as she anticipated what was coming next. Aang's heart beat accelerated as he tried to figure out what exactly he was supposed to do next. His only option being to let his instinct take over. His hand travelling to wet folds of skin seemed like the right move as Katara's head leaned back further into the couch suppressing a gasp. Gently coaxing the skin apart, he allowed his fingers to delve further into the warm wet flesh, egged on by the sounds coming from the lips of the squirming Waterbender. Aang allowed himself a moment to avert his attention from her lower body to gaze at her face; her mouth was hanging slightly open, trying to gasp in air but never seeming to get quite enough.

The situation got slightly more dramatic when Katara's back arched unexpectedly due to Aang's deft fingers finding a particularly sensitive spot. His hand shot up to cover her mouth when he saw she was about to cry out in pleasure. Aang had no idea if people walked down this corridor, but he was sure they would be horrified if they started hearing screams coming from a supposedly deserted store room.

For the next minute and a half the cloaked man kept his hand slightly above her mouth. Enough space was left to allow her to gasp in breath, but also enough space was left so that his arm could muffle her cries.

The warm pool of heat that had been building up in Katara's stomach during their 'fun' on the couch was no longer a nice warm pool. It was turning into a raging inferno that was threatening to explode any second, and Katara really wanted it to explode. So when no less than five seconds later did the hand that was during such a pleasurable job of exploring her pull back, Katara couldn't contain the groan of angry disappointment.

Katara's eyes stayed shut as she tried to mentally reestablish the same level of pleasure that had occurred seconds before, only to find that the raging inferno inside her was quickly dying. She opened her eyes to question why her very intimate stranger had stopped, only to see him leaning towards her with the intent of placing his head against her neck. She smiled slightly at the warm gesture, but her eyes widened when she felt her lower abdomen was in bare contact with his skin. She gasped again when she felt a very hard piece of flesh pressing against her thigh, moving slightly as if it was searching for something.

"Th- this isn't what I meant by undressing- this, that really doesn't count!" The words weren't nearly strong enough to make Aang care. All he had done was lift up his cloak far enough to pull down his pants and undergarments; just enough to release what was needed to finish the act. He didn't care if Katara had wanted him to undress completely, his mind was focused on one goal alone, and that was to subdue the throbbing ache he felt.

Katara too lost all ability to care when she felt the sensation of her warm lips being pressed apart. The groan from the Avatar's lips being lost into Katara's neck when he felt with what ease he slid further into her.

When Katara had imagined the time she would lose her virginity, she pictured it would be making love to her husband on their wedding night, or something of that romantic level. They would take their time, getting to know each other at the most intimate of levels; their hands wandering for minutes at end trying to take in every aspect of their bodies. And when they finally got around to consummating, it would be slow and loving, working up to a great explosion of pleasure, before collapsing into each other's arms and whispering adoration.

It only too Katara a split second to realize her fantasy had been very far off the mark.

The very hot man (in the thermal sense, she had no idea if he was the least bit attractive) after the initial slow entering had began on a frantic pace. Katara had gasped loudly and attempted to grab his waist with the intention of slowing him down slightly. A man of his…size needed to be far 

slower to allow her body to accommodate. The hands that gripped Aang's bare waist only accelerated his pace, the fingers that grasped into his pale skin doing absolutely nothing to hinder his speed.

Katara cried out into his covered arm when the initial pain she felt at his mind numbing speed subsided and that raging inferno came back with a force she had not yet experienced. A brief thought fleeted across Aang's mind that he had to keep his arm near her mouth so her screams couldn't be heard to the outside world.

It was very fortunate the material that was used to make Aang's cloak was so high class in muffling sound, as at that exact moment Aang's arm had lifted Katara's leg slightly higher and the new found deepness only increased Katara's screams. A woman walking past the room that they were currently occupying only heard the faint traces of noise, luckily her mind was so innocent she put it up to an injured person receiving treatment, even though she very well knew the healing arena was over two hundred meters away. The woman decided it was time to walk faster up the corridor when the screams started to sound like cries of 'Yes!'Her mind already concocting some story that the person receiving medical attention must be enjoying themselves now.

Katara and the man she did not know was the Avatar had no idea how close their current predicament came to being revealed. Somehow it would be doubted it either one of them would have cared if a person had walked into the store room, or even if they would have noticed.

Aang's pace had not slowed at all, and even though Katara had deemed it impossible to speed up, it seemed like he was doing just that. A few seconds earlier the Waterbender had lost the ability to cry out and was now just gasping loudly. The sounds of her frantic breathing mixed with the slapping of their lower bodies as well as the occasional groan in the cloaked man's direction.

With the pace that they were going at it was impossible to last that long at all. Katara found that her muscles were tightening furiously around him, Aang noticed this easily too and his thrusts became more sporadic and harder. In virtually any time at all Katara's body was tipped over the edge and the muscles that were being unbearably tight started to clench around him.

The man in the black cloak gasped loudly before succumbing to the burning sensation; unbelievable pleasure sweeping through both of their bodies simultaneously.

Aang's arms lost the ability to support him and he collapsed into her heaving chest. He wasn't sure how much time was spent lying their trying to recover. But after some time Aang thought it best to discreetly start to pull up his undergarments so there would be no chance of her catching a glimpse of the tattoo that twisted down his leg.

Katara felt the man stir above her, and she hazily noticed as he moved his hands down his body to do something. Katara's eyes snapped open when she realized he was pulling up his clothes. No no no. He wasn't going to walk out of this room like this had just been some innocent kiss.

The moment Aang had swiftly pulled down his cloak to once again cover his midriff he found with great surprise that the wind had been knocked out of him and that wrists were frozen to the couch's raised back. His eyes shot up in horror as they met a pair of equally frightening ones.

"What do you think you're doing?" The twinge of hurt in Katara's voice made him realize what she thought his intentions were.

"Getting…dressed," Aang winced at how utterly pathetic he sounded.

"Oh, and then what? You were just going to dart out of this room and leave me here weren't you?!" Katara let the man in the concealing clothes no time to answer, his response wouldn't have been the truth anyway.

"This has gone on long enough," and with that Katara reached to pull back the hood that covered this man's gray eyes, and the large blue arrow that was rather noticeable on his forehead.

The events that took place in the small few seconds while Katara had reached for his face, surprised her and him.

The ice that restrained his still covered wrists melted with the use of a simple Firebending maneuver and before her hands could even touch the material of his hood, he had ducked under her approaching arms and stood unwarily on the stone floor.

Katara turned around and gaped at him.

"You're a Waterbender!" Many emotions were flowing through Katara at this point, a noticeable one being relief.

Aang soon realized that she thought he had melted the ice using Waterbending, which was indeed possible, but he had chose to heat up his wrists.

"Why- which- what tribe are you from?" There were too many questions forming into Katara's head and they were all bubbling to get out. Aang had no idea how to answer, perhaps he could make something up, but she would surely spot his lie and grow increasingly suspicious.

"Um," This was about the only intelligent response he could fathom.

Somewhere in the back on his mind a voice informed him it would be getting close to the time he had another fight coming up. With no other options but to leave, he did just that; much to Katara's distraught.

"Wait, don't you dare leave right now!" Katara stood up and attempted to reach out for him, but quickly noticed she was entirely naked and therefore could not chase him out the room. Well she could, but it might be a bit embarrassing for her.

That night, while Aang once again avoided the furious Waterbender, he came to an important decision.


On the fourth day of the tournament Katara arose to extremely disappointing news. While doing her obligatory duty of updating the lists of who was still a competitor, she realized that Lee Yu's name was not on the quarter finals list. She was sure he had won his last two heats, putting him without a doubt in the quarter finals…

She asked the lady next to her who had been doing an earlier shift about this error.

"No accident Katara, he dropped out this morning. Something about clashing times…or motives…or objectives," The ladies face frowned while she tried to remember the exact reason the nice man had left prematurely.

A passerby would notice the look of utter dejection that filled the Waterbenders face for the next thirty four minutes. She couldn't believe he would just take off like that.

After moping around for an hour, finding that this competition had become a whole lot less interesting, Katara decided to get a glass of water. It was there she saw two girls playing with some small stone balls, flinging them to try and hit each other on the ground. She smiled slightly at their carefree attitude before her attention turned to the perfect smoothness of the spheres. They were absolutely exquisite, must have cost a fortune, these girls be seriously rich.

"Hey little girls, where did you find those nice toys?" The two pretty faces turned to grin at her, they recognized the beautiful Waterbender immediately, and were eager to tell her who had given them.

"This nice man, miss! He saw that we were bored and made us these!" She lifted up the smooth stone closer to the Waterbenders face. The other girl spoke up,

"Yer, he's the same man who fights with the silly stick!"

Katara eyes widened. There was only one man in this competition that fought with a silly sti- wooden pole. The first girl giggled at Katara's expression.

"Yes, miss. It's that …Yu Lee guy." The girl with the bright green eyes struggled to remember his name in the correct order.

"Lee Yu silly," The second girl corrected her, she was clearly a fan.

Katara's eyes really did bulge this time. Questions and realizations were flying through her mind at this time, she had to get some sort of clarity.

"W-wait. This Lee Yu, did he make those balls with Earthbending?" The thought that had become very prominent in her mind was begging to be answered.

"He sure did! He's real good at it too! Nobody in this town can make the balls so smooth, but he did!" The look of horror on Katara's face was completely missed by the two girls. With no further questioning they skipped off to resume their play.

Katara stood still for a whole minute.

The man that was the Earthbender was also the Waterbender. With that statement of truth, it also meant he was a Firebender as well as an Airbender. The man that ran around in circles wearing the dark cloak was Aang, currently sixteen year old Aang, tall, pale, rather handsome, Aang.

Katara heaved in a deep breath; she had just slept with the Avatar.

The day past in a whirlwind, all the time Katara's emotions going through several different stages. First she experienced pure anger at the thought Aang would do something like that. Second came relief, that it had been Aang and not some crazed criminal that was rather strong and had a thing for Water tribe women. Third came embarrassment, that Aang, the boy who had virtually grown up with her, had seen her naked. Then came bewilderment as to why he had hidden it from her, it was no secret that they held some sort of feelings for each other, anything he could have done was better than what he did. Then it came back to anger again as she realized the next time she saw him she would fling him against a wall and demand an explanation.

The fifth day of the tournament came and went, Lee Yu, or Aang as she know knew, did not reappear to make a miraculous comeback in the competition, Katara didn't expect him to. She sighed when congratulating the winners, wondering if it should be Aang standing here winning weapons section; he was certainly one of the top fighters.

Katara's anger of what Aang had done to her was dissolving as each minute passed. The mild fury she felt turning into devious glee as she thought of all the ways she could reveal her knew found knowledge to Aang in three weeks at the quarter yearly diplomatic convention in the Fire Nation.

Her number one option at the moment was to lead him into a place with a lot of water and then freeze him to something before –playfully of course- torturing a confession out of him. Katara's grin widened at the thought of the monk begging her not to kill him. She never would of course, but he didn't know that.

What Katara did not factor into her humorlessly sadistic thoughts was when she and Aang seemed to 'fight' nowadays, it always led to them rolling around on the floor, or the grass, or a couch. Three weeks time from now, this pattern would not be broken.


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