The unusual is unusually usual

Chapter one: "Can I break the spell of the typical?" - Mute math

Digging through her pocket for the keys Sarah heard the phone from inside her apartment, they rattled as she managed to fish them out. She hurried with the lock and ran inside, grabbing the phone at the fifth ring.

"Hello, this is Sarah." She panted.

"Oh Sarah you're home!"

"Hi dad, what's up?"

"Ah, well…"

By the tone in her father's voice Sarah could tell he intended to ask something of her, let just say she was well experienced.

"…we're going away next week; it was something of a "last-minute-decision"

"Going away, where?" She asked curiously.

"Cali, Baby!" Her father beamed through the phone line. "Toby got to decide."

Sarah smiled at that. "That sounds great dad!"

"Yeah, so anyway, I talked to Karen about it…"

"Here it comes…" Sarah thought wryly. "…Three, two, one!"

"…and we agreed to ask you could come over and take care of things here in the house while we're away. You will, won't you?" Ask he painfully expected and expectantly.

This had happened pretty much every summer since had moved out soon after her 18th birthday. She had moved to New York, into flawed albeit charming two-roomer, in pretty friendly and lively neighborhood. Despite that fact, Sarah led a pretty mundane life with nothing much going on. She worked in a kinder garden, nothing mundane about the kids though, they're wonderful, but her working mates kind of alienated her. Sarah at first glance is very average, but it was the little details that made people think of her as odd. Firstly, she was single, no one to this day had ever seen her together with anyone, and Sarah herself didn't complain however, she just had not fallen in love. To the disdain of the males trying to woo her she just ended up being a friend. Secondly, her mother was an actress, a good and for middle aged woman a pretty darn successful one. People tended to treat Sarah with envy or they got all giddy when they learned that this was actually 'Linda Williams's daughter'.

Sarah gave herself a mental shake, back to the problem at hand: staying at her parent's house alone? Not as if life wasn't boring as it was, so how about doing something different, how about not acting as expected?

"I'm sorry dad, but I can't."

"No? Why?"

"A friend is coming over to stay here, he's visiting from England." She made up. "Real smooth, good job Williams!"

"I didn't know you had friends in England, I mean I hardly saw you with a friend here while you still lived under our roof, if ever!" He exclaimed in surprise.

"It's an old pen pal, but I guess I never mentioned him." Sarah shrugged.

"And it's a he?!" Robert practically shouted. "How long will he stay? If he's still in the states when we come home I'd like to have a talk with him and with you too you missy!"

An eye roll was inevitable and the guy didn't even exist! "I don't know, this guy is kind of a backpacker. And dad, I'm twenty-one I think I can manage…"

"Just be careful that's all I'm saying."

"Alright dad." Sarah smiled at her father's protectiveness.

"What's his name?" He wondered.

She searched for a name frantically.

"Jareth," She finally answered. "Jareth King…"

"Jareth?" Sarah paced her living room with a fruit in one hand.

"Jareth!?" She shouted to no one taking a bite of the fruit. "Where the heck did that come from anyway?"

While chewing she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, the fruit hadn't tasted as expected and she brought it up to inspect it.

"A peach." She was puzzled. "I thought I bought…" She peeked inside the bag of fruit. "…apples?" And indeed, there no apples in there. "Only peaches."

Apparently she must've been more than a little distraught when she picked the darn fruits. She'd gone to the store right after her father had called. He by the way had said something about asking a neighbor to look after their house while away, she wasn't sure. She wasn't even sure she had said 'goodbye' before hanging up the phone.

"Jareth." She said again aloud to herself as if it were a magic word. "Why is it so familiar? It's like it popped out subconsciously."

She shrugged it off as nothing, and then memory hit her.

("Ya gotta understand my position, I'm a coward and Jareth scares me!")

"Hoggle…" She whispered and eyes widening. "God, Jareth is the goblin k…" She stopped herself from saying it, as if the mentioning of the title would attract said persons attention.

"Ugh!" She rolled her eyes at herself. "Snap out of it, it was just a dream!"

"Really? However, I can't seem to remember the 'falling asleep and waking up' part of it all!"

The lights flickered when Sarah went into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of milk.

"Just a thunderstorm coming on…" She said just before a mighty thunder clap. "Agh!"

Needless to say Sarah did not particularly enjoy thunderstorms. Not so much because of the thunder itself but because of the dreams. She had many times dreamt of thunderstorms…and a white owl. She shuddered at the recollections and sipped on her glass of milk.

"I need a good book." She walked into her living room up to her book shelf and grabbed one at random; she took a close look at what she had fished out and froze. "This getting scary…"

"The Labyrinth…" She read title in a whisper and quickly shoved it back into its place.

"Didn't I leave that thing in dad's and Karen's attic?" That little red book was well used after days spent in the nearby park. However, the book along with other childhood memories had been stuffed away in box before she had moved to the 'Big apple'.

"Guess not…" She sighed.

Sarah scanned her book shelf to pick out a book more carefully this time, she chose 'Jane Eyre'. After unplugging the electrics, especially the brand new TV, Sarah lit up candles, made herself a cup of tea and got herself settled on the couch. She dosed off not long after she started reading, not taking notice to the dozens of eyes watching her from the shadows.

"Lady said King's name!" A goblin named Meep exclaimed happily. "King will be happy to know, yes?"

"I do not know…" Said another named Scrubs to his friend. "He told us strictly not to watch the Lady."

"He bog us?" Meep asked wearily.

"It depends on his mood I reckon, and ever since the Lady bested the Labyrinth he's not been very happy. So, yes he'll bog us for sure." Scrubs answered calmly.


"However, she did not make a wish, so he needn't to know anything…"

To be continued...