I don't see their faces either,

All blurry shapes, mashed together. But I didn't have a soulmate, I hadn't imprinted, I had fallen in love and stupidly gotten hurt. I didn't think I'd love again, until I saw her in another light. It hurt enough that it was her, but the fact that I still loved Bella Swan as well.

I was tired of hearing the pack tell me to 'kindly' get over her, because she intoxicated my presence.

If only they could understand how much I didn't want to love the leech-lover. I hate this. I can't have her and she can't have me, there, I said it, what good will it do me? And, I was just thinking that when I saw her down the street, and my whole world crashed together.

I remember thinking 'damn, I've seen her a thousand times, what's happening?'

And then I realized, the moment I had admitted that I couldn't and didn't want to love Bella anymore is when I started seeing faces.

My next thought was much simpler;

'Damn, it's Leah.'


Random little one-shot about Jake's confused thoughts on imprinting.



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