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Notes on a Page

Nyota Uhura looked around the room, eyes wide as she considered where she was and how lucky she was to be here. Tonight was the welcome/farewell party for Captains Kirk and Pike, respectively. Family, friends, and department heads were gathered, offering congratulations, saying goodbye, or, as in her case, meeting those with whom she would soon be serving on board the U.S.S. Enterprise.

She would be head of the communications department on board the Enterprise during its upcoming five year mission. She had met with Lieutenant Zacharia, the former head; they had recognized each other, and he had offered to introduce her to everyone.

So far she had met the new Commanding Medical Officer Dr. Leonard McCoy, a self-proclaimed old fashioned country doctor with a southern drawl; Dr. Mark Piper, an older man who had postponed retirement for a few months to help Dr. McCoy settle into his new position; Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, a Scotsman and one of the few department heads not to transfer off the Enterprise at the end of its previous mission, and First Officer Gary Mitchell, who considered himself to be quite the ladies man.

"Here." Said Zacharia. "We'll kill two birds with one stone." He led her to a portion of the room where stood four people, two of whom she recognized as Doctors McCoy and Piper. The other two stood, one in gold uniform, and the other in blue. "If I may interrupt for a moment, Captain," Zacharia said as they approached, "I would like to introduce you to your new Senior Communications Officer, Nyota Uhura. Uhura, Captain James Kirk."

"Pleased to meet you." The young man in gold nodded, shaking her hand warmly.

Uhura smiled. "It is an honor to be serving with you, Captain."

"And this is Science Officer Spock." Zacharia went on. Uhura realized as he inclined his head in greeting that he was a Vulcan, and lifted her hand to greet him in Vulcan fashion.

"Live Long and Prosper." She said in Vulcan, hoping she had remembered the phrase correctly. He raised an eyebrow and responded in turn.

"You wouldn't have read over her file yet." The former Head remarked to Spock with a smile. "The decision was only made today."

"In which case, it would only be natural that I had not." Spock replied gravely.

"Top of her class, natural proficiency for languages, highly intelligent, very attractive, and," he paused for effect, "she's a musician."

"Indeed?" The eyebrow went up again, though the rest of his face remained impassive. Uhura wondered what relevancy that piece of information carried to the Vulcan.

"She sings." Zacharia continued. "And she plays the Vulcan lyre."

Uhura blushed. "I play a little."

"And sings a lot." Zacharia added. He shot the others a mischievous grin. "Sing something for us, Uhura."

Uhura shook her head. "I don't think so." She said with a shy smile.

"Aw, come on." He urged. "What's that song you're always humming?"

Uhura looked from the Captain, to the doctors, to the Vulcan. They all seemed interested. "Alright then." She laughed. Taking a deep breath, she began singing. She chose the one Zacharia had suggested. It was a Vulcan tune, simple but elegant, and the only Vulcan song she knew.

"Fascinating." Said Spock when she had finished. "If you will excuse me, Captain." He nodded to the Captain before turning and walking away.

Captain Kirk frown at the Vulcan's retreating back. "Well, I certainly enjoyed it, Uhura." He said with a smile.

"Lovely." Put in Dr. Piper. Dr. McCoy nodded in agreement.

"Don't take it personally, Uhura." Said Zacharia kindly. "I doubt he realized he was being rude."

"Different culture." Uhura replied more easily than she felt. "My pronunciation was probably off." Seeing the puzzled expressions, she clarified. "The song was Vulcan."

"Oh." Said Doctor McCoy sarcastically. "That makes perfect sense."

Uhura shrugged, wondering if she had managed to offend the Vulcan. She shook her head. She had been told, by a Vulcan, in fact, that her pronunciation was acceptable. Maybe he had simply had something on his mind, she thought uncertainly.