"I didn't recognize you." Uhura said as they left the recreation deck much later.

"I recognized your name." Spock offered. "And the song. Very few humans can speak Vulcan accurately, even fewer attempt singing in the language."

Uhura smiled. "You inspired me, you know. I became interested in languages, and decided to join Starfleet and go into communications."

"I was not entirely unaffected by our meeting." Spock replied, without explaining that it had led him to realize that being half human was what made him capable of creating music, instead of simply playing the notes on a page. It also left him open, though he did not realize it, to the possibility that not all human 'flaws' were undesireable.


Kirk watched in bemusement as his Communications Officer flirted with his Science Officer, and his Science Officer let her, offering in return a logical, emotionless retort that could easily have been either serious or sarcastic, but for the person who said it.

He was even more confused when his Communications Officer laughed an replied with the line of a song, and his Science Officer merely raised and eyebrow and went back to work.

Apparently they had gotten over whatever had happened when they had been introduced, he decided.


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