Jasper felt the bitterness course through his whole body the instant Edward's hand touched the girl's. And he felt even worse because after all that time, he still couldn't let go. But every time the girl just as much as looked at Edward, jealousy flared up inside of Jasper, his mind inevitably wandering back to the moment he had been alone with Edward for the very first time.

Jasper calmly leant against the doorframe as he watched Edward sitting at the piano, long fingers ghosting effortlessly over equally as white keys. When Edward noticed his presence, the music stopped abruptly, wary eyes coming to rest on the blond vampire almost immediately.

Jasper knew the other vampire still didn't trust him, even if he didn't voice his concern anymore. Edward was on his feet in a flash when Jasper straightened and took a step forward but his body wasn't as tense as Jasper had expected.

Instead he stepped closer, their eyes locking in an intense stare as gold burned into almost-black. As Edward eventually went past the blond vampire without a word, their hands brushed against each other for a second that seemed to last forever but still felt unbearably brief to Jasper.

He could have sworn his skin heated up where they had touched as they silently stared at each other.

It had only been the beginning of something that lasted for longer than Jasper had imagined it to. Still, when it finally had come to something that vaguely resembled the end of it, Jasper could let go.

He knew he was in too deep and in danger of losing himself to the jealousy, the bitterness, the hurt. And although he always tried his best to hide those feelings, it were moments like these that had his control wavering.

Moments when the girl's eyes stared into Edward's in awe, his hand gently covering hers. Moments she wasn't supposed to experience, not with him. Jasper swallowed back the rising bitterness as he watched her take what was rightfully his and replayed the memory of that first touch again, deliberately thinking a bit louder.

Just once in a while he needed to be selfish and spoil a moment like this for Edward. One day he'd learn to let go of him but until than he'd revel in the way Edward's hand would brush his for the briefest of seconds in the hallway and the apologetic smile on Edward's lips that told Jasper that the other vampire still cared for him, no matter how distanced he was and what little affection he gave him. Deep inside of him, his feelings for Jasper were still there, even if they weren't strong enough to reach the surface anymore