Sasori sat quietly on Deidara's couch as the blonde haired teen sat happily moulding clay

This story contains more shounen-ai than yaoi, but you get the picture boyxboy! And which guys have I dragged into my sick obsession well that would be my beloved Deidara and Sasori!

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Sasori sat quietly on Deidara's couch as the blonde haired teen sat happily moulding clay. The red head always found it irresistible to not watch the teen especially when he was working on his art; he always looked so much hotter with that expression that was mixed with determination and care. They had been going out with each other for about two months; Sasori had noticed something about the blonde… He loved cats.

Ok, so cats were sweet and all; Deidara owned a kitten his self. But, Sasori couldn't help but feel jealous; Deidara always gave the cats more affection, affection that Sasori really wanted to have. Yes, he knew he was acting immature, but he adored the blonde and really wanted to have most of his attention. Attention that he gave his art work and his cats.

Sasori looked up at the clock. It was getting late; he had to get back to his own apartment before it got too dark; the idiotic drunks started being perverted to him… He got up to leave; went to pick up his stuff.

"See you later Deidara…" The red head announced. The blonde looked over at him; he sometimes forgot Sasori was over he was over he was always so quiet and he was always so busy.

Deidara walked over to the red head before he left, pulling him back into his arms tightly. "Do you have to go…?" He purred into the man's ear. He really hated it when Sasori had to leave it made him feel lonely. "You can stay over; you know you're always welcome…"

Sasori moved around in Deidara's arms and faced his love. He pushed there lips together lightly then pulled away. "Some other time Dei…" He smiled warmly at the blonde who was sulking. "What's the matter?"

"You always say that…" The blonde muttered, upset obviously. "But, you never have…"

The red head sighed he looked eye to eye, though only one of Deidara's eyes could see him. "What if I stay over tomorrow?" He questioned.

Deidara kissed Sasori's lips lovingly. "You've got a deal!" He squealed and walked away waving good-bye to his love. Sasori walked off, feeling oddly enough having a bad feeling… He knew Deidara had something in mind… And if he was going to stop Deidara thinking whatever he was planning he was going to have to pull off a bigger stunt.

The next day Deidara was staring out of the window… It was getting late, the sky was getting mixed with many colours, like a painting pot, if you let all the colours drop together, but not mix them. A buzz from the door bell knocked the blonde out from his thoughts. He turned and practically ran to the door he was worried about the red head wondering where he had been, though the scene he saw halted all thought.

Outside his door stood Sasori with cat ears and a cat tail stuck to his body. The red head's face was just as bright as his red hair. If this was an anime Deidara was positive that his nose would be bleeding. Before the red head could explain anything, which he was just about to; Deidara took his lips as his own; held him as close as he could.

Sasori gave into the kiss and as soon as he did the ears fell down slightly, which made both of them jump slightly.

"How'd that happen…?" Deidara asked; Sasori pointed down the corridor to where many of there friends were hiding, he could visibly see Itachi, Hidan and Kisame, but he was positive the others were around to, but hiding so much better.

"They found out I was spending the night so forced these on me and they're the only ones able to take them off, so I'm not only stuck with these, but they made them react to my emotions… Like a cat…" Sasori stated.

Deidara smirked, so however he touched Sasori's body he would get a reaction from the cat ears and tail… He pulled Sasori towards him again catching the red head off guard and making the ears shoot up in shock and surprise and the tail shot up to… The blonde had his arms wrapped around the red's back he slowly started to move his hand down towards the red's cute butt.

Sasori was quite shocked and was about to say something when Deidara pulled his lips to his for a deep and passionate kiss. The tail fell down slightly becoming very curly as Sasori started to blush and help with the kiss. Deidara smirked as he felt the cat ears slowly fall down, the red wasn't as scared as before.

He looked over at their friends; and waved his thanks before pulling Sasori into his apartment with him. The blonde knew that their friends were listening as he heard their feet as they moved to the door… And he was right all of their friends were there; he saw their shadows.

He knew if he wanted to do anything to Sasori it would be better done in the bed room, but seeing the cute red head with those ears on made him so many problems below the waist line that he wanted to take the red now… He pulled the red towards the couch and pushed him down, knowing that their friends could hear everything on the other side.

Sasori looked up at him in terror. He didn't know so much about sex and didn't want to find out at such a young age… Deidara could see the terror as the ears fell down really innocently; that made the red even more irresistible… He licked him lips as he lay across Sasori's body.

He could still see fear and kissed Sasori sweetly on the lips, he didn't want Sasori's first time to be done with him scared. After he parted his lips away from the reds he started to kiss down to his chin and along his jaw line until he reached Sasori's ear. Deidara started to whisper romantic and calming things into the red's ear.

As he heard the reassuring whispered from his boyfriend, he started to calm down. Deidara could tell the ears and tail were started to go back like a normal cat's after he was positive Sasori's wouldn't freak out or scream he started to lick lightly and playfully at Sasori's earlobe earning him a moan in answer.

Deidara started to kiss his way back down the red's jaw line and started to lick at the red heads neck. He bit playfully at the neck earning even more moans from his victim, and then they both heard a "Do you really think they're doing it…?" From outside… Deidara looked down at the slightly scared red, but kissed him to make him feel a little less worried about the others.

Deidara worked his hands up Sasori's shirt earning a gasp as the red head felt the blonde's cold hands, he started to remove the red head shirt off; Sasori helped looking so cute when he was doing so… That Deidara had another one of those moments when he thought he could have a nose bleed that it was so cute.

Sasori looked over at Deidara innocently apparently wanting the blonde to take his shirt off as well, which Deidara obeyed. He removed his shirt and allowed Sasori to ogle a little bit before they continued again.

Deidara gently put Sasori back against the couch wanting all of the red head. He started to kiss down Sasori's chest it felt as soft and delicate as a feather. He continued going down his chest ignoring Sasori's nipples, he wasn't really in a teasing mood, though when he got to Sasori's abdomen he decided it time to tease.

Sasori clung to Deidara's back afraid to let go, he didn't want to destroy their evening by letting Deidara see how afraid he was and stopping it. Sasori then felt Deidara's tongue start playing with his navel; Deidara's hand gently gliding over Sasori's pants, but although not actually touching his flesh touching enough to make him moan.

"Come on there's no way Deidara would do that to Sasori… They've only been going out for two weeks…" They heard the voices from the other side of the door again. This time Deidara got really annoyed, kissing Sasori delicately; removing Sasori's hands from his neck he walked over to the door.

He opened the door and the group fell into the room. He looked down at them as they all awkwardly tried to get up. He saw Itachi, Kisame, Tobi, Pein, Konan, Hidan, and Kakuzu…

"Can I ask you guys something…?" They all looked up at a shirtless Deidara who looked down at them evilly. "What are you doing all outside my room!?"

"Well, Kakuzu thought it would be fun to see if you could hold it a night without having sex with Sasori if we put cat ears and tail on him…" Hidan explained. "And we all had bets on what you would do…"

They looked at Deidara again. He was topless, they looked over to the couch and saw an also topless cute Sasori blushing bright red.

"Yes! I was right they're going to have sex!" Kakuzu yelled, with some mutters from the rest of the group…

"Actually you've put if off with your evil gambling," Deidara stated and walked back over to the red head. "Instead I think I'm just going to go to sleep…" Deidara stated and laid down moving Sasori to lay with him on his lap. The blonde kissed the top of Sasori's head. "Shut the door on your way out…"

The others mumbled and turned to leave, Kakuzu was so going to lose…

Sasori looked up at Deidara in surprise; he wasn't usually the one to give up like that actually he was usually the one who was betting when they gambled. Deidara looked down at him with loving eyes and smiled.

"What I can be sensible when I want to be… Beside, I think we'd want to do it privately when it's your first time…" Deidara said and planted a kiss on Sasori's lips, licking his bottom lips for admittance.

Which he was given and entered Sasori's moist cavern. Exploring the cave for the treasures that Sasori kept hidden. Deidara moved his arms slightly so one of his hands were holding him close to him at his waist, while the other hand gently rubbed Sasori's back in a relaxing gesture.

Their lips broke apart; they looked at each other before deciding it would be best to go to sleep. Sasori laid his head against Deidara's chest his ears slightly tickling Deidara, but he didn't say anything he was good to just feel the red head on him. He sighed in content as he felt and heard the red head go to sleep.

He looked down at him he looked so innocent, so sweet the cutest guy on the planet… He kissed the top of Sasori's head and snuggled tighter with him. "Night my love…" He whispered before sleep overcame him as well.

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