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Deidara and Sasori walked out of the bedroom and towards the living room. It was a Sunday so neither had much to do… The blonde's fingers were intertwined with Sasori's, but he was slightly angry.

Not at Sasori, but at Pein. The little red head still had the cat ears and cat tail; they weren't coming off. Sasori was confused, he was happy he could finally say that they were a proper couple; he was worried about the tail and ears. Just yesterday he was chased around; because of them he didn't want that to happen.

He felt his hand being pulled and he was brought closer to the blonde. He looked over Deidara's shoulder and saw their friends lounging around in Deidara's living room.

"What the hell are you doing in here?!" He asked anger seeping into each word.

"We've come to congratulate Sasori on losing his cat ears… Well, maybe not…" Konan stated. "Um… They're not coming off…?"

"No…" Deidara stated dryly.

That's just the words Pein needed to prove that they had sex; he cheered. "Oh, yes you owe me even more money Kakuzu!" He yelled.

Kakuzu looked down at his wallet and glared evilly at Deidara. "This is your fault! I've lost all my money, because of you…"

Pein just smiled. "And I have twice as much money as before!" He turned to look at Sasori and Deidara. "Oh, and you're going to be stuck with those ears on, I lied to you, just so I could get Kakuzu's money," he stated before running out the room before he got killed.

"You better run Pein!" Deidara yelled; a glare at the rest of the room made them know they're weren't wanted at the moment. Everyone took their leave apart from Itachi.

The blonde and red head sat down in the couch. Sasori pouting slightly and Deidara sighing and closing his eyes. Itachi stood behind Sasori on the couch.

"I told you, you'd do the right thing," Itachi told Deidara and leaned over the couch even more so he was even closer to Sasori.

"What taking Sasori's virginity was the right thing?" Deidara asked looking over at Itachi with a questioning gaze.

"Of course, especially as you love each other," he explained he moved even closer to the red head, his black hair covering his face as he quickly pecked the red head's cheek and left. Sasori was burning red and Deidara was cursing Itachi.

"I'm going to kill you! You know that right?!" He yelled at the laughing dark haired boy. He sighed and positioned Sasori, so he was lying on his lap.

Sasori curled up onto Deidara's lap, his head lying against Deidara's chest. He listened to the steady heart beat in Deidara's chest. Deidara wrapped his arms around the red head's back.

"Love you Sasori…" Deidara muttered in his ear.

"Love you too Deidara…" Sasori answered back and then asked. "Who took your virginity, nya?"

Deidara went slightly red. "Um… Well, that would be Itachi… He likes to tease everyone…" The blonde stuttered his reply. "But… That's nothing even compared to having you in my arms…" He whispered into the red head's ear.

"What's going to happen now…? I'm stuck with these stupid cat ears… Nya…" Sasori stated pulling both of the ears down.

"Well…" Deidara brushed Sasori's hands away from his ears and started to brush them. "I think they're cute, so they're just going to have to stay and… I think you should move in…"

"What?!" Sasori asked and quickly looked up at Deidara. "But, what if we cbreak up or something, nya?!"

"Are you planning on leaving me?" Deidara questioned which Sasori shook his head no. "Then we're fine! We'll get your stuff in a minute… But, for now… I just want to hold you tight…"

Sasori and Deidara laid there their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Deidara kissed Sasori's red hair when he felt his eyes flickering open and shut. He was tired and so was Sasori. They fell asleep like that; they were going to need a lot of rest for all the packing and moving they were going to be doing later that day…

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