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Forks High

First Chapter: First Day of School


I sighed as I drove my Volvo to my high school. Another year at Forks High, my junior year. More incompetent teachers, stuck-up slutty girls, and retards who think there 'the man', their words not mine. Men my ass, my little sister is manlier than any of these shit-heads. I parked my car in the student parking lot next to a big read jeep. My best friend Emmett McCarthy's car, sure enough he was there he was in the front of the parking lot waiting with the rest of the Forks High students waiting for the first bell.

Emmett was your typical bonehead jock, captain of the football team. I was also on the football team, but to me it was just something to put on my college application and do after school. Emmett eats, sleeps, and breathes football. His top 3 things in life are girls, football, and food, in that order. Sure he was huge and intimidating, but he's my best friend and actually the nicest guy I know. I walked over to him.

"Hey Eddie!" He yelled.

"I thought I told you not to call me that anymore"

"Whatever EDWARD". At that moment, a shiny black motorcycle pulled up next to my Volvo. It was my other best friend Jasper Whitlock. Jasper was a sensitive soul, pair that with a motorcycle, blond hair, a skateboard, a surfboard, and a guitar, and we've got Jasper the chick magnet.

Not that Emmett and I weren't chick magnets, we were. Emmett with his muscles and dimples and me with my green eyes, charm, and boyish good-looks, we're pretty popular as well. But Jasper wasn't all mushy, he's also on the football team and if someone messes with him, he'll punch there face in.

"'Sup guys" yelled Jasper taking off his helmet. You could almost hear the girls sighing in longing.

"Hey Jazz" I said bumping knuckles with him as he strode over, skateboard under his arm.

"So did I miss it or did they come yet?" he asked.

"Nope, not one of them is here yet", said Emmett. They we're talking about them, the best looking girls in school, the cheerleaders. Right on cue a yellow Porsche came racing into the parking lot, blasting loud girly dance music, and out stepped, Alice Brandon, otherwise known as the girl of Jasper's dreams. Alice was wearing big black sunglasses almost as black as her short hair. She wore dark Capri jeans and a purple tank-top that showed just a little bit of her lower stomach and purple high heels. She was typing on her yellow sidekick, no doubt to match her car. Jasper was frozen in his place, staring at her.

"Alice looks good this year" said Emmett, nudging Jasper. Alice was always short, but curvy. It looked like over the summer she grew a bit and gained more curves.

"One down, two to go." I murmured.

"I think you mean three." corrected Emmett.

"My little sister doesn't count." I said. My sister Sandy became a cheerleader last year, her freshman year, and quickly became friends with them, but she doesn't count, she's only a child, she only a sophomore.

"Whatever you say man, right Jazz?" said Emmett. Jasper nodded absentmindedly, his head still entranced by Alice's presence only five feet away. Suddenly everyone went quite, which could only mean one thing. Rosalie Hale. Our head cheerleader, of course, suddenly a red BMW, M3 convertible raced in, parking next to the yellow Porsche. I knew Emmett was already drooling and she wasn't even out of her car yet. Everyone knew Emmett and Rosalie had the hots for each other, but they never did anything about it.

She slowly opened her door reveling one long creamy leg with a red stiletto on the foot, then the other. She stood closing her door with her ass. When she walked over to Alice, every male in this school was giving her a standing ovation (and I don't mean they we're clapping). She was wearing a mini jean skirt, mini being the only word to describe it, and a tight black tube top. Her long blond hair, down her back was slightly curled and moving in the breeze.

"She just gets better and better every year." murmured Emmett trying to control little Emmy. When she walked up to Alice, they hugged and gave each other a kiss on the cheek. I heard multiple groans of lust and not only from Emmett and Jasper.

"Two down." said Jasper.

"Where's Bella?" I overheard Alice ask Rosalie.

"She'll be here soon, she wants to show off her new car." Replied Rosalie. Ahhh, Isabella Swan, aka Bella aka the object of my desire. Right on cue a brand new black Mercedes 

coverable pulled up next to the red BMW, inside none other than Bella herself was waving at Rosalie and Alice.

"Hey Rose, Alice who's got the got car now?" she called giggling. I almost dropped to my knees; she looks even more beautiful this year than last year. Her dark brown hair had grown down almost to her ass. She quickly got of the car and walked over to Rose and Alice. I licked my lips, she was wearing a dark blue halter top with black lace with the tightest low slung jeans I'd ever seen, they clung to her body, emphasizing her perfect ass and elongating her beautiful legs.

"Down boy." Jasper whispered to me. I punched his arm, but he just laughed at me. There they were the most beautiful girls in school only ten steps away from us and all we can do is stare at them. Another black Mercedes came into the parking lot, but this one seemed familiar. It didn't park just stop in front of all of us. The passenger door opened and out came my sister. I knew I forgot something.

"Thanks, dad!" Sandy called closing the door. She walked right pass me, ignoring me completely, walking over to Bella, Alice, and Rosalie.

"Hey, sorry I'm late my BROTHER" she yelled that one word turning to glare at me. "Decided to not wait for me, so I had to catch a ride with my dad." They all started giggling looking over at me. When my eyes met Bella's, I winked and mouthed a 'hey'. She blushed her beautiful pink blush. I smirked. Alice looked over at Bella confused, then looked at me and nudged Rosalie.

"Hi Boys" they both said waving at us. Before we could responded the bell rang and they linked arms walking towards the doors.

"How do they do that? How can they move like that all the time?" marveled Emmett watching them walk away.

"I have no idea" I said watching Bella's hips move from left to right with each step.

"It's a gift" said Sandy interrupting mental retardation.

"Hey Sandy, looking good" said Emmett. I glared at him. She just rolled her eyes.

"Thanks Em. Hey Jazz we still on for the skate park after practice?" He nodded.

"Cool sees ya then. Bye Em" she said bumping knuckles with both of them before turning to walk away.

"Sandra" I called.

"Yes Edward" she said in a mocking tone. I smiled in my best I'm sorry way.

"I forgive you bro" she said kissing me on the cheek. "Oh and guys stare any more at my friends and you'll burn holes." She said mounting her skateboard, and racing after the girls.

Hey guys sorry for discontinuing The Other Cullen. I just felt it wouldn't be too much fun since it was supposed to be my version of Breaking Dawn. So I decided to do an all human story. And I brought back Sandy but as Edward's sister. You know what to do. Review and you get an Edward-shaped cookie!! :)