Jack stood behind his office window, staring at Luke, who was still working hard to crunch the numbers on the new computerdatabase.

He'd come over later and they'd end up in Jack's bunk. This was all rather new, but new was good.


"You are so transparent Jack. I know that look on your face." Ianto had entered his office without Jack noticing.

He came over and stood right next to Jack, watching Luke work.

"How long before you tire of him? Before you start hurting him?" Ianto voice sounded more concerned than reproachful.

"I never meant to hurt you Ianto, never, and I never got bored of you... I just get restless sometimes."

"Restless, flattered or intrigued."Ianto said.

"I never promised you exclusivity but I did try, and it worked.For more than ten years it worked."

"I know Jack, you're just emotionally immature for a man of your age." Jack could see a smile on Ianto's lips,"You're a good man Jack, a really good man. That's why I'm still here, working for you, for Torchwood."

Ianto was still gazing at Luke. "If you have any respect for Sarah-Jane's memory you'll take really good care of him because he still doesn't understand this world we live in. He just turned twenty-six and he's been through enough pain as it is.

Just love him because I don't know anyone who deserves it more than he does."

"I do." Jack seemed surprised to hear his words out loud but for the first time this evening they looked straight at each other. Jack put his hand on Ianto's arm and that was all it took for Ianto to snap back to reality.

"I have to go Jack, It's my third date with Mark tonight. Dinner and a movie, can't keep him waiting."

"Right, Mark." Jack tried not to sound regretful, he really did.

Ianto turned to leave, but just before he went out the door, he heard Jack call his name. He turned round and looked at the still very handsome Captain.

"I did love you." Jack said.

"So did I, Jack." Ianto stood there, for a few seconds more "Goodnight, Sir." He said, leaving the office.