Hi guys! :D

This is hyperdude. I would like to thank all of you for hanging with us after such a long absence, but several things interfered with our writing. The biggest factor was mostly just real life, however, I also regret to say that Apple Snapple is also no longer in POT fandom.

What does this mean for you? It means that I'm going to try to get this story back in action, but I'll be flying solo. I do have a fondness for this story, especially since all of you are such wonderful reviewers. I will do my best to continue this story, or get a semblance of an outline together. I will be a slow updater, but I will hang on as long as possible to this story. Those of you who have red my fic Logic will probably know what I'm talking about. XDDD

The chapters will be moving to my profile, and I will post new material from there. Some chapters will be smushed together and edited for grammar or other small things, but this is not a rewrite. The most drastic thing I would do would be to delete chapters entirely, but that isn't very likely. This copy of the story will probably not be deleted. But for your satisfaction, I won't post the new copy until I have a new chapter written up.

That being said, I hope you visit again when Cerebello Nervosa is revived! Thanks for all your support.

Big hugs all around,