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The blond's breath caught in his throat, a terrible sense of déjà vu settling over him,


He started slightly as Sasori's hand cupped his face, forcing him to make eye contact. He felt tears well up at the sight of Sasori's pleading expression,

'Deidara, please…for me…stop taking drugs.'

The tears finally spilt over and Deidara broke down, 'I…since the arrest I haven't…all I could think about was what you would think of me,' he didn't resist when Sasori pulled him down onto the couch and held him in his arms.

'Oh, Dei, I'll help you. Whatever you need from me you only have to ask,' the redhead gently stroked the masses of blond hair.

'Sasori Danna…' Deidara whispered. Before Sasori had a chance to register what was happening the blond's demanding lips were upon his own and Deidara was straddling him. They fumbled with the buttons of each other's shirts and finally managed to get the annoying garments out of the way. Deidara broke the kiss for a second to reach behind himself and throw the tray of food to the floor. Sasori sank to his knees in front of the low coffee table, laying his lover down on the marble. Deidara hissed and arched his back as his warm skin touched the cold stone. Sasori pulled down the blond's pants, at the same time worshipping Deidara's body with his mouth. He freed his hard already leaking cock and spat in his hand, using a combination of saliva and pre-cum to lube himself. Deidara used his impressive flexibility to hook his legs behind his arms comfortably and pull his cheeks apart. Sasori plunged his cock inside fast and hard, causing the blond to scream. There was no time to adjust, and Sasori fucked his lover roughly,

'Ah, FUCK! Ugh…harder, fuck me harder…HARDER! Ah, I'm gonna cum!'

It lasted mere seconds, Sasori crying out as he came harder than he ever had before just moments after Deidara. He collapsed on the blond, totally spent. They lay like that until they had recovered enough to move,

'That was amazing,' Deidara sat up, gently pulling Sasori out from inside. A mixture of cum and a little blood slowly oozed out of the blond.

'You're bleeding. I'm sorry, I was too rough. I hurt you,' Sasori felt like slapping himself for his selfishness, for hurting his boyfriend for the sake of pleasure. It was so unlike him. In truth he had never experienced rough sex; it wasn't something any of his previous lovers had ever initiated.

Deidara cocked his head in confusion. He was still sitting naked on the table while Sasori was getting dressed, 'Why be sorry? I'm not. What we shared there – it was pure, animalistic…artistic, even. It was truth.'

Sasori stared at the gorgeous creature in front of him, 'I don't think I'll ever understand you, brat.'

Two hours later they were showered, dressed and sprawled out on the giant couch eating takeaway pizza and watching Return of the Living Dead,

'The special effects in exploitation movies are so bad they're good, much better than all of that CGI crap, yeah.'

'I agree. The impaling scene in Cannibal Holocaust is so simple yet so realistic. But like in this film', Sasori waved a slice of chicken tikka pizza in the direction of the TV, 'it doesn't need to be realistic…the point is that it is tangible.' A few seconds passed in contemplation before Sasori and Deidara suddenly burst out laughing,

'Oh my God, listen to us! We sound like pretentious first year Media students, yeah!' Deidara took a gulp of wine.

Sasori put on a serious voice, 'Don't get me started on the deep social commentary inherent in Isla: She-Wolf of the SS.'

Deidara spat his wine out over the carpet. Combined with the selection of tapas dishes that had been spilt – well, thrown really – earlier, it made for an interesting post-nihilist vision. Their laughing calmed down and Deidara settled down comfortably, feet up on the couch, leaning against his boyfriend. The blond had spent a good 15 minutes blowing out all of the candles while they were waiting for the pizza delivery, and now the house was filled with a pleasant smoky, waxy fragrance.



'All those candles and the fancy food, you don't need to try to impress me. This here; me and you, pizza, wine and a terrible movie – it's perfect.'

Deidara snuggled closer into Sasori's side, 'I'm glad. All those candles and rose petals and fancy dinners aren't really my thing either – though most people, I think, assume that they are. I just…I've never done this before, never had a relationship, and I know that you have. Argh! What I'm trying to say is that I didn't want you to compare me with past conquests and me not live up to your expectations, yeah.'

Sasori raised an eyebrow, 'Past conquests?'

'Well, yeah, now I've said it out loud it sounds stupid. But, when you compare me to past boyfriends. I didn't want to loose…What I mean is that I don't want you to think about them while you're with me,' there was a certain melancholy to the blond's tone that made butterflies run riot in Sasori's stomach,

'Why would you think I would do that?'

Deidara shrugged, 'I don't know,' he thought for a moment, 'No, I guess I do know. I've fallen for you so hard, and...God this sounds so selfish, but I can't stand the thought of you ever having been in love.'

Sasori was surprised to say the least, 'Dei, believe me when I say I have never been in love with any of my "past conquests". Hell, I'm not even sure I liked any of them. Believe me when I say, and it is hard for me to say, I've never felt this way about anyone else. And...I don't think I ever will again.'

The blond blushed slightly, 'Promise?'

Sasori took his hand and kissed it gently, 'Promise.'