She remembers the first thing he said to her in their bedchambers after the wedding. He'd been untying the back of the dress' corset, the top layer gathered around her shoulders. He sang to her.

"Star light..."

She was glowing.

"Star bright..."

The entire room was lit as she blushed from the soft kiss at the curve of her neck.

"First star I see tonight..."

Now that couldn't be true. The curtains were wide open when he'd carried her in. He obviously didn't care. Then again, he had been staring at her all night.

"Wish I may..."

Another kiss, this time to the softly glowing shoulder now revealed.

"Wish I might..."

The dress slid from her shift-clad form as his arms came around her midsection to hold her gently against him.

"Have this wish I wish tonight..."

She smiled...

And granted it.



Just a quick birthday present from me to you. Written today for my b-day since we watched the movie earlier. :)