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Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson stepped out of her car and threw her large black bag over her shoulder. The yellow police tape was already set up around the scene in front of the courthouse and her team stood on the wrong side of the tape as Chief Pope conversed with a man in an FBI jacket. Almost instantly Sgt. Gabriel was by her side catching her up on the morning's events.

"Ten thirty this morning LAPD officers Tim Alberts and Berny Westen, were transporting the defendant, Denis Bates, into the court house for his bail hearing when a red van drove up and two men got out and shot Bates. The officers fired back, but the assailants had semi automatics," He spoke quickly as Chief Johnson approached the police tape.

"And why aren't we inside beginning our investigation?" Brenda asked as she arrived at the tape.

"Apparently the defendant has had dealings with many powerful gangs all over the country. The FBI was fighting us for custody when he was killed. Now they want the case," Gabriel moved in front of the Chief, putting himself between her and the crime scene.

Just as she was about to duck under the tape and but in between Pope and the FBI rep, the two parted ways. Pope emerged from the crime scene in front of the team.

"We'll be sharing this case with the feds. I don't want to hear about anything negative during this investigation," Chief Pope threw a quick glance in Brenda's direction as the rest of Priority Homicide Division nodded. "Go ahead."

Brenda had watched the FBI rep enter a black van parked on the other side of the crime scene and as her team moved in on the scene Fritz and two other FBI agents climbed out of the van. They entered the yellow barrier and Brenda made a beeline to them. Before she could open her mouth Fritz quickly introduced her to his team.

"Deputy Chief Johnson, this is Agent Peters," Agent Howard nodded to a tall, broad man on his left, "and Agent Osmond," he motioned to a young woman with her brown hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, carrying a messenger bag over her shoulder.

Brenda quickly pointed out the members of her team and made the necessary introductions. The two FBI agents then joined the P.H.D in looking over the bodies and the rest of the scene. Brenda and Fritz remained in their spots.

"You didn't tell me that you had your own team." Brenda spoke quietly out of the side of her mouth.

"It's not exactly something that I was supposed to share," Agent Howard looked down at his Fiancé.

"Buzz!" Shouted Flynn, bringing everyone's attention back to the three dead bodies lying on the court house steps.

Buzz snapped out of whatever daydream he was in and then continued to follow Lt. Flynn through the crime scene. Chief Johnson and Agent Howard then joined in the investigation. From what they could gather Bates was shot first, three times in the back. Then Alberts and Westen together received a total of fifteen bullets in their torsos. Together the teams combed over every inch of the scene. When they believed that they had finished they gave the coroner the OK to enter the scene and collect the bodies. Then an officer ran towards the Priority Homicide Division.

"Two men in a red van just carjacked a blue sedan twenty blocks north of here,"

"Thank you," Chief Johnson shouted back and then turned back to her team, "Sanchez and Daniels,"

"On it Chief," they quickly set off to the second crime scene.

"Osmond go with them," Agent Howard ordered.

"Yes sir," She quickly ran to catch up with the two.

Chief Johnson looked up at Agent Howard accusingly. But he returns her glare so for now she won't start anything.

Back at the murder room the board was quickly covered with pictures from the crime scene and other tidbits of information they had gathered. Sanchez, Daniels, and Agent Osmond returned about twenty minutes after everyone else had.

"The owner of the sedan, Lucy Holden, said that the two men entered her car through the driver's and passenger's doors pointed their guns at her and then threw her out." Daniels read from her notes.

"She said that they could have been Caucasian or Latino, they had dark hair and wore cheap sunglasses," Sanchez stated.

Brenda looked at the board intensely and then looked around the squad room. Fritz stood by the door, her detectives sat at their desks, Agent Peters stood between Tao and Sanchez's desks while Agent Osmond, had found an empty chair and had moved it over to the side of Gabriel's desk. Her feet rested on the side of the desk and her legs held up something that she was moving a pencil across furiously. At some point Buzz had snuck into the room and was standing a few feet from Daniels desk. With Brenda's silence Agent Howard took over.

"Dennis Bates is wanted across the country. Recently he's associated with several gangs in the area and has managed to piss off quite a few of them. Any one of these gangs could have set up the hit," Fritz looked back to Brenda expecting her to jump in, but she remained quiet, just a moment longer.

"Sanchez, check with the gang unit, I wanna know who wanted Bates dead the most, Daniels, I want the prison logs, who's been seeing him, who does he talk to? Gabriel, check with the court house, who knew where Bates would be this morning?" Brenda picked up her bag from the corner of Provenza's desk and briskly walked towards her office.

"Peter's assist Sgt. Gabriel, and Osmond…" Agent Howard trailed off when he saw how intensely focused she was, "Agent Osmond."

Brenda stopped in her tracks and watched. It took a second or so but she eventually looked up at him.

"Osmond, how's it coming?"

"I'm almost finished sir." She returned back to her project.

From where Brenda was now standing she could see over Agent Osmond's shoulder and saw that she was holding a sketch pad against her legs and had a sketch of a man with a roundish face, dark hair, and sunglasses going. Fritz had reached Brenda and they walked to her office together. Just as she reached the door she remembered.

"Thank you."

Then the team set off on their assigned missions and Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson and Agent Howard entered her office. Brenda went for her not so secret stash of snacks but stopped herself before Fritz could have a peek into the drawer. She flashed a quick smile and then sat down behind her desk. Pope walked in and shut the door behind him.

"So where are we?"

"We're putting together a list of all his enemies, and anyone that he's had contact with while he was in prison," Brenda said.

"Good, good. Two cops are dead. There's a lot of pressure to solve this one quickly, any promising leads?" Pope asked

"Not yet," Brenda shook her head.

Pope nodded and then turned to leave. He looked back for a split second and then left the room. Suddenly there was a pounding sound on the glass. Brenda and Fritz looked up to see Agent Osmond extremely excited holding up her sketch of one of the suspects' to the glass. They get up went to see what the big fuss was about.

"This sketch is based off of the description that Lucy Holden gave me,"

"Do you recognize him?" Chief Johnson asked looking from the sketch to Agent Osmond and then back to the sketch.

"No," Chief Johnson looked at Osmond as if the Agent had gone off the deep end, while Agent Howard watched and waited, "but I know this tattoo, I've drawn it before."

Agent Osmond pointed to a tattoo on the right side of the suspect's neck and circled it with her pencil.

"So where's the other sketch?" Chief Johnson looked Agent Osmond directly in the eye.

"In one of my sketch books," Agent Osmond answered and then Agent Howard put his face in his hands and sighed.

"What?" Brenda looked up at Fritz.

"Do you know how many sketch books she has?" Agent Howard sighed.

"No," Brenda looked from Fritz to Osmond and back again, "How many?"

"Between the ones I have with me and the ones back at the FBI, somewhere between seventy and eighty." Agent Osmond smiled hoping that it would distract two from the numbers.

Deputy Chief Johnson's eyes widened and her mouth parted slightly. Agent Howard, feeling some not so nice words coming Osmond's way, quickly spoke up for his Agent. "But she's got the books filed in a system, right,"

Agent Osmond nodded, "Yes, It'll only take a few hours to look through them."

"Hours!" Chief Johnson came close to the line between speaking and shouting.

"Why don't you go back to the office and pick up your sketches, and we need the gang database too." Agent Howard nodded towards the exit as he spoke.

"Yes sir," Agent Osmond quickly started to the door.

"Provenza and Flynn, go assist Agent Osmond," Brenda ordered while not looking up from the ground.

Provenza and Flynn got up from their desks and followed Agent Osmond out the door.

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