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D/C: The characters of Lucky Star and the delectable, grainy products that are usually eaten with milk that appear in my fanfiction belong to Yoshimizu Kagami and General Mills.

Hiiragi Kagami raised an eyebrow.

A silly looking white rabbit was standing in front of her with pleading eyes. Yes, you saw that right. Standing.

It was the morning after the sleepover (which Tsukasa had failed to inform her of again), and to no one's surprise, she was the first one up. Kagami didn't feel like torturing herself with the task of waking up her younger twin and her blue-haired otaku friend, so she decided to get breakfast by herself.

However, that turned out to be a bad choice, as she was a horrible cook.

After her fourth botched attempt at making an omelet, Kagami decided to spare her family's egg reserves and got out a box of cereal. While pouring the colorful treat into a bowl, the aforementioned rabbit had suddenly appeared, dashing into the room with a watering mouth.

"…I'm dreaming, right?" Kagami said.

The rabbit shook his head. "The smell of raspberry red, lemony lemon, orangey orange, wildberry blue, grapity purple and watermelon is too good to have been made up in a dream."

Kagami's eyebrows flew up another notch. "I'm definitely dreaming," she muttered. "The rabbit in front of me did not just shake his head and talk. I'm still in bed, right?"

The rabbit sobbed. "Please," he begged. "I've been trying for years to have just one good taste of those fruity flavors. It's irresistible to me, yet every kid I encounter refuses to give me even one spoonful."

Despite the absurdity of the situation, Kagami's soft side was touched. "If it makes you happy," Kagami sighed. She held out the bowl to the rabbit. "Just get out of my house when you're done."

"Thank you! Oh, thank you so MUCH!" the rabbit yelled. "I –"


The bowl flew out of Kagami's hands. A short, blue-haired girl caught the bowl in mid-air and said, "Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!"

Kagami made a facepalm. "Why am I not surprised? Of course you'd be one of those ridiculous 'kids' the rabbit was talking about."

Konata pursed her lips in annoyance. "I'm not a kid! I'm eighteen years old! Old enough to buy ero –"

"Good morning onee-san, Kona-chan…" Tsukasa appeared at the kitchen door. She looked sleepily at the scene in front of her. After a while, she said, "Good morning to you too, Mr. Rabbit." She then sat herself down at the table and promptly fell back asleep.

Everyone sweatdropped, then remembered the situation they were in.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The rabbit screamed. "The Trix…my Trix…" He ran out of the house, crying dramatically.

There was an awkward silence for a while, and then Konata spoke up.

"Oh, yeah. Kagamin?"


"When I said 'Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids', I wasn't just referring to that guy who ran out of your house just now." Konata grinned mischievously.

Kagami twitched. "Why am I being grouped with him?"

"Aw, it's okay, usa-chan(1)! Your childhood may be gone, but you still have us!" Konata said. She then proceeded to eat Kagami's bowl of cereal.

"…stupid kitsune(2)."


(1) Usagi rabbit. Usa-chan is just a cute variation of that.

(2) Kitsune fox. Pretty appropriate, in my opinion – the mischievous fox tricks the poor rabbit.

A/N: I feel really sorry for the rabbit. Initially, I was going to let him have the cereal, but Konata wouldn't let me. Go flame her if you have any complaints.

The animal personality game (Konata as a fox, Kagami as a rabbit) is from the awesome Lucky Star episode 18.

If you don't count my disclaimer and author notes, the fic is just over 500 words. I believe it's 509…

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