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Encloses Ayumi's thoughts

Chapter I

I too, was born in Hokkaido, Japan.  But my family moved to Mars when I was just three years old.  My name is Ayumi Nagato, aged 15, 165 cm tall, and I was attending the Mars Athletic Team Program, or MATP.

I was there when Kris Christopher won her triathlon almost 200 meters ahead of the others.  I was there when Akari KanZaki won her match, but only by a breadth of a second.  And, yes, I was also there when Anna Respighi won her tennis match, against her twin sister, because of a seemingly accidental accident.  Poor Anna, so much pressure from her sister and her mother to succeed…and I was there to see it.

None of you have ever looked into the crowds, never wondered who that girl was who watched intently, searching with her light blue eyes, the weaknesses, and strengths to everyone.  But I was there.

Now, as I emerge the victor among my own, I know where I stand.  Earth, the planet with the highest success rate of Cosmo Beauties, is no match for me.  No match at all.

I was also there, on the shuttle, when those idiots hijacked it.  I stood back, never participating in the bashing after everyone apprehended them.  I watched as you stood up, Akari KanZaki, when they called for Tomoe Midoh's daughter.  I watched, and that was all.


"Final score, Mars team B: 83, Jupiter team C: 5." A cheer ran up and down the stands, after the amaZing performance of the Mars team.  A blue-haired, tall girl congratulated her teammates, and shook the hands of her opponents.  She was certainly the embodiment of good sportsmanship.  Hours later, the three girls had washed up, and returned to their room.  "Two days of training, and then we face Pluto A," one of Ayumi's teammates commented.

"They're no problem, they are 5 and 3, compared to out 8 and 0." The other teammate said.

"Wonderful.  We can beat them without training too hard, but let's not jinx it." Ayumi replied.

"Right!"  They all went to sleep.


Having beaten the Pluto team, the Mars team was almost halfway to the Great Competition.  If they won two more games, they would be automatically in it.  But the team also wanted to win the other games too.  "Our next game is volleyball, against Earth B."

Finally, a game against an Earth team Ayumi thought.

"Ayumi, did you hear what I said?"

"Oh, sorry, what was it?"

"I said that Akari KanZaki is in that group…you know, Tomoe Midoh's daughter?"

Ayumi only smiled.

"But they haven't won a single game so far…" the other teammate said.

"Sure, sad isn't it?"  Ayumi did not join in their laughter.  Instead, she stood, and looked out the panoramic window in front of their beds.  Akari KanZaki, Tomoe Midoh's daughter…


End Chapter I

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