1Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated Past Remembered in a while. I have a major writers block and am about to rip the story apart. This is just an idea that popped in my head. Enjoy.

Watching out for Riley

Ben sat up and dusted the snow off of him. The Charlotte had blown up and he and Riley just barley saved themselves. He looked down next to him and saw Riley was still laying down shielding himself.

"Hey Riley it's over you can get up now," Ben told him.

Riley didn't move. Ben shook his shoulder.

"Riley?" he asked more concerned.

He turned Riley over and saw he was unconscious and had a scar by his right temple that was bleeding a little. Worry and concern over took Ben as he quickly checked Riley's eyes for any sign of head trauma. He silently cursed when he saw Riley's pupils were two different sizes.

"Come on Riley wake up," Ben pleaded as he patted his cheeks.

Riley's eyes stayed closed. Ben carefully picked him up and pulled him out of the wreckage of the ship. He carefully laid him down on a snow mound and took out his G.P.S.. He saw that there was an Inuit village 9 miles east of where they were. He hoped there was a local doctor who could take a look at Riley. He put his G.P.S. back into his pocket as he went over to Riley.

"Okay Riley come on. We have a long walk," Ben whispered.

Ben got Riley on to his back and started walking.


It was now a good two hours later and Ben was just one mile away from the town. It had still worried him that Riley wasn't awake yet. He decided to sit down for a minute and gently put Riley down. After sitting down he gently eased Riley's head onto his lap. Gently stroking the hair out of his face, he felt guilt tug at him. It was all his fault that Riley was like this. If he didn't push Riley down like he did, Riley wouldn't be hurt.

"I'm so sorry Riley," Ben whispered.

He figured he should start walking again. This time he slide one arm under Riley's shoulders and another under his knees and gently picked him up. Riley shifted slightly and his head leaned against Ben's shoulder. Ben smiled slightly as he started walking again.


When Ben finally reached the town, someone came up to him having watched him walk into town.

"Can I help you?" the man asked.

"Yes. Is there a doctor around? My friend is hurt," Ben explained.

"Yes there is one. Follow me," the man told Ben.

Ben followed the man to a little building.

"Hey doc. There is a fella here who has a friend that is hurt," the man told the doctor.

The doctor looked up from his desk.

"Bring him in here and lay him on the bed," the doctor instructed going into the back room.

Ben followed him and gently laid Riley on the only bed in the room.

"What happened?" the doctor asked.

"Uh..it was an accident we had while we were out for an expedition," Ben explained, "he slipped and hit his head."

"Okay now I need you to go outside and let me work," the doctor told him.

"But I need to be with him," Ben stated.

"Sir I promise you he's in good hands," the doctor promised.

Ben gave one last look to Riley, and went outside.


Ben had been waiting a good 30 minutes. He had taken off his jacket and the rest of his outside wear. Now in a sweatshirt and pants. He paced impatiently. Finally the doctor came out.

"How is he?" Ben asked.

"He is going to be fine. He suffered a minor concussion and a pretty nasty scar that required no stitches. He should stay off his feet for a few days. The only thing I'm worried about is that he is still unconscious," the doctor explained.

"But he is going to be okay?" Ben asked.

"Yes," the doctor told him, "you may go see him and stay the night if you wish."

Ben went into the room and saw Riley laying on the bed. His outer wear and boots had been taken off and the scar was bandaged. He had a blanket draped over him. He looked so young and pale. Ben went and sat next to him.

"Riley it's me and your safe now," Ben whispered, "just wake up."

Riley didn't respond. Ben sat there for the next hour trying to get Riley to wake up. Ben was sleeping when he heard moaning. He opened his eyes and saw Riley stirring. He got up and went over to the bed lightly grabbing Riley's hand.

"Riley?" he asked.

Riley's eyes opened slightly and found their way to Ben's worried face.

"Ben?" he asked in whisper grasping Ben's hand.

"Yeah it's me," Ben smiled grasping Riley's hand in return, "how are you feeling?"

"Tired and a little dizzy. What happened?" Riley asked.

"The Charlotte exploded and you hit your head when you dropped to the ground," Ben explained.

Riley slowly remembered what happened.

"Oh yeah. What are we going to do about Ian?" Riley asked.

"Don't worry about it now. Just rest for now and I'll tell you in the morning," Ben told him.

Riley nodded as he drifted off to sleep. Ben stood there for a minute watching him. When a shiver wracked Riley's body, Ben went to the other side of the room and got another blanket. He gently draped it over him. Seeing Riley lie there, he realized something. He needed to protect Riley. This kid had no one in the world. He was all alone with no one to look out for him and catch him when he fell. Ben knew this job fell on him and he would live up to it. No matter what he would protect Riley for the rest of his life. No questions asked.