By: me

rated: M

Don't own characters, just plot

Summary:Kagura is sent by Naraku to get some more shards and is told to not to come back until she has at least a handful of them, so basically, she can do as she wants. While ' looking' for the shards, she meets Rin, who had gotten lost, yet again from Jaken and Ah Un when she went to get something to eat.


" Kagura! " He shouted out into the castle walls for his servant.

Kagura, who had been resting at the time on her bed awoke with a start, after hearing her master's voice, got up and walked towards her master's room.

' Why does he always have to call me when I'm resting? ' Kagura asked herself as she walked down the halls of the castle, walking slow so as to just to make her master wait some more, but not too slow, for she knows if she does not get there in an certain amount of time, her master will make her heart appear in his hand, even though she has it in her chest, he can still make it appear when he wants and squeeze it, causing her to be in alot of pain.

" Kagura! " He shouted out again, getting frustrated with her as she took her time to get to him and just as he was about to make her heart appear in his hand, which for some reason he had given her, her heart back as reward for taking care of a demon that had tryed to attack the castle, she came threw the door.

" You called master Naraku. " Kagura said to her ' father' as she came in bowed before him.

After repeated attempts to get sesshomaru and his brother to take out Naraku for her, Kagura had decided to play good slave girl like Kanna and give whatever information she could to the brothers if ever met up with either one after Naraku would send her out to spy or attack them, and it actually payed off! She got her heart back, but she still had to play the good slave girl act if she ever wanted to get away from Naraku for good.

" Yes. What kept you? " He asked her as if he was actually concerned about her. Naraku's starting to care! Run for your lives!

" Well I was asleep when you called and was a little drowsy coming down the halls. I apologize for keeping you waiting Master Naraku. " Kagura replied from her kneeling position from the door.

" See that you don't let that happen again. " He said harshly, sounding like his old self again, False alarm! You can come now! " Now then I want you to retrieve some shards for me. " He continued.

" Just how many are ' some' ? " Kagura asked

" At least a handful of them and I also don't want you to come back until you do. Is that clear Kagura? " He ordered her.

" Crystal. " Kagura said as she got up and walked down some more halls and down the castle gate, took her feather from her hair and took to the air on the larger version of the feather. Hoping never to return to that dreaded castle or Naraku at least for a long time. After all he did to not come back until she had a handful of shards with her didn't he?

here's chapter 1 tell me whatcha think and I'll keep going. :)