By: me

rated: M

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Inside the castle,

Kagura and Sesshomaru was walking down towards Sesshomaru's room, where Sesshomaru had decided to treat Kagura's wound and to treat his own wounds, they were pretty deep, but the blood had stopped bleeding from the wounds 2 minutes ago.

When they came to the door, Sesshomaru slide it back and stepped to the side to let Kagura in first, she went in and waited for him to come inside, he came in and closed the door back and walked over to his bed and sat down.

Kagura stayed where she was, unsure of what to do, until Sesshomaru patted a spot next to him on his bed, a sign that showed that he wanted her to sit next to him.

So she walked over to his bed and sat down next to him, " Pull your sleeve down. " He told her as he turned in his bed, after he took his boots off and the first layer of his kimono; so he could move more comfortably, and faced Kagura as she pulled her sleeve down and showed him her wound that she got from the Jaguar demon.

Sesshomaru looked at the wound for a moment and cursed himself for not moving any faster than he did, if he had, Kagura would've never gotten the injury.

' But then again, if not for the wound, she would not be here now. If things go well, which I hope will, she won't have to worry about anymore males coming after her. ' Sesshomaru thought to himself as he reached out and turned her to face the door that led to the hot spring as he looked at her wounds.

They were deep like his but not that deep to scar, but unlike his wounds that had stopped bleeding, hers was still bleeding, but not very badly like her first set of wounds she received the other day.

" You should be alright, but their still bleeding. The good news is that they won't scar and their not like the ones you got from the first Jaguar demon. Which reminds me, how are your other wounds? I was going to ask at dinner. But a certain woman interjected. " Sesshomaru said to her as he looked closer at her wounds, trying his best not to look at her chest area.

" Their fine. They were healed when I got up this morning. " Kagura answered/replied to him as she saw him come closer to her right arm and put his hand around it and brought it up to his face.

" What are you doing? " She asked as she saw him stick out his tongue and got closer to her wounds.

Sesshomaru put his tongue back in his mouth and answered simply, " Healing your arm. "

" By using your tongue! Wouldn't it get infected? " She asked him again.

" No. Because dog demon saliva heals and closes the wounds faster. " He answered her again, " Now hush. " He added as he stuck his tongue out again and began to lick at her wounds.

Kagura watched as he cleaned each of the four cuts on her arm one by one, his tongue going over them slowly and as he finished one cut and go to the next, the one before would already be closed up and healed and look as if there was never even a claw mark there.

As Sesshomaru cleaned her wounds and getting closer to the last two, Kagura was starting to become aroused at the feeling of his tongue going across her skin and prayed to whatever Kami was listening, that he hadn't smelled her arousal.

But unfornutely, her prayer went unanswered and Sesshomaru smelt her arousal, which in turn triggered his own.

' Not now! ' He thought to himself as he felt his manhood stir to life and become harder by the second.

After another minute or two, Sesshomaru had finished cleaning Kagura's wounds and was about to send her on her way, but like him, she smelt his arousal just as clearly as he had smelt hers.

" There you go. You can go now. " he said as he turned and began to get up and leave, but she stopped him,

" Your wounds need to be treated as well. " She said to him as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

" They'll be gone by morning. " He said in a tight voice, trying to control himself from taking her as his mate then and there.

" They could be gone before dawn. If your saliva could heal wounds, does that mean my saliva has the same effect? " She asked/ said to him as she looked at his wounds, which looked far from healing by morning.

" Yes. But your saliva wouldn't be as fast at healing then mine. " He answered her with his closed, he could feel his eyes turning red with desire for her.

" Then that means it'll help none the less right? " She asked again.

" Yes. " He admitted.

" Then take your shirt off. " She told him.

Sesshomaru knew that by now he wouldn't win this argument and did as she said, turning back aound and faced her again, this time shirtless.

Kagura looked at his wounds and at how well built his chest and abs were and how well muscled his arms were as well and couldn't help but get more aroused at the sight she saw.

" Lay down. " She told him again.

" Why? " He asked.

" It'll be easier for me to get to your wounds, duh. " She answered him as she pushed him and he fell on his bed.

Kagura crawled up his body and just barely missed bumping into his manhood, which had gotten at little more harder as Sesshomaru watched her crawl up his body and stop at the wounds he had in the middle of his chest, reaching from just below his shoulder and going in vertical lines to the side of his gut, stopping at the waist band of his pants.

Kagura looked at the wounds once more and then at Sesshomaru's face, only to see that his eyes were closed, then placed her face at the bottom of his wounds, which like hers; were four, and stuck her tongue out and started to lick at the first claw mark and slowly went up his chest in the same fashion he had done with the claw marks on her arm.

As she did this, Sesshomaru thought, ' Why did I let her do this? ' ' Because you wanted her to do it. ' His demon side replied to his rational sides thought as he felt Kagura going back down and working on the third mark on his chest.

' I can't belive he let me do this. ' Kagura thought as she finished with the third mark and worked on the last mark and it was at this mark that she paused as she heard a deep growl coming from the demon below her tongue as she cleaned the mark.

She looked up and this time, Sesshomaru's eyes was opened and they had turned red again like earlier, but they instead of anger, she could see three emotions in his eyes, two she knew and one she didn't recognize, but hoped it was what she thought it was, the ones she saw and knew was lust and desire, but the that third one was a mystery to her; for now at least, and unknown to her, she had the same three emotions in her eyes as she continued to clean the last mark, only this time, she kept her red eyes on his red eyes as she got closer to the end of the mark and closer to her love's face.

When she got to his face, he stopped her movements and pulled her face to his and started kissing her with all the passion he kept bottled up for her all this time and slowly raised up and had her on back before she even broke away from the kiss.

When she did, they looked at each other for another moment and kissed again, their hands began to move and caress the other, clothes slowly coming off and thrown in different places in the room, until they both lay in Sesshomaru's bed naked and lovingly caressing the other.

" Turn around. " He said into her ear as he moved away and watched as she did as he told her and got on her hands and knees, he then came back to her, rubbing up and down her, noticing with pride that the spider shaped scar on her back was gone and that the wounds on her back were nothing more than harmless scratches.

" Are you sure of this Kagura? Once this is done and over with your mine for all time. " He asked/said to her as he leaned onto her back, moving her long back hair out of her lovely face as he looked at her from the side, caressing her stomach as he did so.

" Yes. Make me yours Sesshomaru. Now and forever. " She answered as she leaned back into his well built chest, feeling his heart beat in time with her own as he slowly entered her from the back, this being her first time, she knew that it would hurt and as much as the pain hurt her, she never cried out, she only moaned and bit down on her bottom lip, waiting for the pain to subside, which wasn't long and she pushed back against her lover, giving him the signal to go ahead.

Sesshomaru began to thrust into her after she had pushed back against him, slowly at first, then he began to thrust faster and harder, Kagura keeping up with every one, finally they each reached their climax and as they did, Sesshomaru bit down into where Kagura's neck and shoulder met, breaking the skin and leaving his mark on her for as long as they both lived.

When their high was done, he pulled out and layed down beside his mate and wrapped his arms around her as she did the same.

But before he fell asleep Kagura asked, " Where do I mark you at? "

Sesshomaru raised his up and pointed to where his neck and shoulder met and watched as his mate placed her face there and bit down with her smaller fangs, breaking his skin as he had done with her.

" Like that? " She asked as she pulled away and saw that her bit wound turned into a miniature fan.

" Yes. " He answered roughly and nuzzled her neck and licked at the wound he had given her and saw that his mark had turned to a dog's fangs.

After Kagura had bitten Sesshomaru and nursed the wound, they each fell back onto the pillows and wrapped their arms around the other once more and fell asleep.