This is the epilogue to my fourteenth story. Refer to prologue for info.

Disclaimer: These are Stephenie Meyer's characters. I have my ideas, and I'm fitting them in the month or so between New Moon and Eclipse.

A/N: I'm dating this story based on Twilight Lexicon's Timeline.

Bella's POV:

I sat on the couch after coming back from a hunt. Bored, I sighed.

Outside, the air was chilly, though not for us. Snowflakes floated gently from the white clouds filling the sky. Some light shined through in the distance, and the water sparkled from the reflection.

For the millionth time since my change, I looked down at my left arm, tracing over the smooth, pale skin. The cuts from all those months just over a year ago had disappeared when I became a vampire. But the image of the thin, pinkish-tan patterns was burned into my perfect memory.

"What are you thinking about, Love?" a soft, musical voice said as its owner sat down next to me. I was pulled into Edward's arms, and I leaned against his chest. The steady rise and fall from his unnecessary breathing matched that of my own.

I pushed my shield away and brought up the image of my cuts. Sharing my thoughts had become a mental task with Edward.

He flinched almost unnoticeably, pushing me away in the process, but pulled me back a split second later and held tighter. The pressure was not painful, but loving and I buried my head against his beautiful, porcelain chest.

"I'm not leaving. I promise. I love you." He kissed my forehead and hugged me closer still.

I allowed the shield to fall back in place and completely sunk into his grip. Nothing in the world, inside the comfortable house or outside in the frozen winds, mattered but Edward.

"We never figured out what the garden meant," I whispered after a few moments of silence.

"I think about that every time. What did you feel? What were you thinking?"

I smiled a bit, remembering exactly what I wanted the day when my leg was cut. How could you forget Edward coming to lie in bed next to you?

"I suppose I was happy, but a bit unsure. I mean, I was glad I didn't have to go back, but I didn't know what to expect. There wasn't much structure anymore. I wouldn't be going to Nancy's house every Tuesday and Saturday anymore. I didn't know if I would see you as much or if you really would leave. Yet, I had managed to move past the bad memories. At least I had what seemed like a clean plate in front of me. Perhaps a chip or two off the edge, but clean all the same."

He nodded his head throughout my little speech. When I finished, I thought about my words and realized exactly what I was saying.

"The steps mean uncertainty. They always meant that. But I'm not uncertain anymore. Therapy was just another dead end on the vine. I needed to find my future – and that's why she ended there. Once I knew where I was going, I could move on, move forward. And you always were my future, Edward. I'm exactly where I was meant to be."

I looked up to see Edward smiling down at me. His crooked grin never ceased to amaze the teenage girl inside.

"I love you so much, Bella."

He picked me up and threw me onto the bed roughly, but carefully. I bounced once and looked up at him, shocked. A wide grin sat on his face and the bounce in his body pointed out the laugh he was trying to hold back.

I growled at him, upset he would find this funny, but then he pounced and trapped me underneath his body.

"You are mine, Bella," he whispered roughly in my ear.

I shuddered underneath his grasp, looking forward to what would happen in mere minutes. We always had good memories when I was 'claimed.'

I started to speak up, trying to get in a sweet and quiet word or two before I was screaming in ecstasy for at least the next twenty-four hours, but his kisses smothered my face and left me speechless.

I finished writing this in English class today, and rubbed my hands together at the end saying, "I think that's the perfect end." A stupid grin was plastered onto my face and since the room was quiet up until I spoke, everybody looked at me like I was nuts. Can you imagine how that must have appeared to them? I probably appeared like an evil genius – which I can't deny I'm not. I mean, isn't that the PERFECT end??

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