I don't any of the WWE-superstars okidoki? If I did I wouldn't be here writing about them, but doing other stuff to them.
Ewww Ella, don't say that.

sighs I don't know why I'm doing this, but hey, we all get bored sometimes. There will 101, and hurray, they will all be about my favorite WWE-superstars (and lesser favorites too sometimes) Bleh. There will be humor, romance, randomness, horror, supernatural stuff, friendship and maybe even poetry lmbo.

The King of Kings was sitting in his comfy chair, the controller loosely in his hands.
"Hehe, you're going down..." He mumbled to his television while pressing some buttons and confirming his actions.
He was on a roll. Nobody knew he was a gamer, because he liked keeping it a secret, but he was. And a pretty good one too!
It helped him improve his hand-eye coordination, and well, it was fun. He just adored his gamecube. In his opinion Gamecube was the best because everything was so colorful and happy. And well, Triple H loved bright colors.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and he looked up to see who it was.

Kane stepped in, looking a bit lost. "Paul? Have you seen my Nintendo DS?"

Okay, so maybe Triple H shared his gaming secret with one person, and that happened to be the Big Red Monster. He thought it'd be better to tell Kane because it was hard to keep any embarassing secrets from him... And it was quite nice to find out Kane himself was a gamer too.

"Eh, I saw it somewhere..." Triple H put down his controller casually and stood up, disappearing into his bedroom. "Found it!" He yelled happily.
He came back in, waving with the Nintendo DS Kane had been looking for. "Why do you have a pink one anyway?"
Kan shrugged. "It matches my outfit."

Triple H took another good look at Kane and realised he was wearing a shirt in the exact same color as his NDS. He shrugged. He had been in the wrestling business for so long, nothing surprised him anymore.
Kane babbled on about his outfit, but Triple H didn't notice... The only thing he did notice was his videogame, and how apparantly he had lost a battle because Kane had come in a distracted him.

'Doduo has fainted.' It read on his television screen. Doduo had been fried by a thundershock.
Triple H turned to Kane and looked angry. "Damn you Glen!" He yelled.
He turned to the tv. "Damn you too Pikachu! Damn you all to hell!" He left the room, muttering to himself, leaving Kane behind looking even more lost than when he came in.
Kane scratched the back of his head. "Wait, why was my NDS in your bedroom?!"