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"I want to play it one more time before we go on vacation." The Game mumbled with a sad face. "I'll miss it."
Carlito sighed annoyed. "Stop rubbing it in, I can't come because I'm out of money."
"Duh, you shouldn't have bought that many appletrees." The Game said.
"Same here, I'm broke too, so let's play instead of feel bad over not going on vacation." Punk said.
"Dude." Kane said to Punk. "Why do you have that many mopeds anyway? It's not like you can ride 'em all at once..."
"Maybe because he keeps crashing into trees?" 'Taker said smirking.
"Hmmm... Are you free, Mr. Humphries?"

Everyone stared at Regal before turning back to the subject that did matter.

"Let's play!" The Game said for the last time. "Here goes nothing."
"Wait, wait." Rey Mysterio said. "Let's make a few notes, so we can get a really long story!"

Triple H sighed and made a few more notes, because Rey... Well, he did have a point.

"I'm done." He said after ten minutes. "Time to play the gaaame."

Once upon a time there was a...
His name was...
Mr. Humphries
He wanted to go to...
The movies.
But first he had to...
Call Punk.
He did, and he was told to...
start a boyband.
He decided...
he would nevah play with fireworks again.
Ash Ketchum sent him a note.
He felt really...
And wished he...
was an assassin
so he could...
get outta that damn wooden shoe.

His friends...
came to play Guitar Hero.
And he thought...
He would never get out of that damn pipe again.
He got...
new boobs
And ended up in...
the hospital.
He planned on...
Hiding under a bed
But was distracted by...
Ooyaka Booyaka
Who tried to make him...
decapitate someone with a feather duster.
Saddest thing of the day was...
The fact my Doduo got killed by a Pikachu

In order to set things right he...
made two parrots annoy the hell out of Mark
And was happy to see...
His My Little Pony statue back at its rightful place.
But something happened! He...
Got run over by a moped!
And someone suggested he...
Should stop playing with fire all the time.
He said...
'har har harrrrr matey, savvy? yay me matey, I gotst a wooden parrot'
And in the end...
he decided to become an inventor
And... (Put in happy ending)
they were finally able to destroy Ken's vocal chords!


"Wow, we really rule." Punk said wide-eyed.
"Agreed, now let us go on vacation!" Jeff yelled happily, jumping around and into a wall.
"Hmmm... Bye bye."

Everyone said bye to Carlito and Punk, and they all went to Disneyland where...

Y2J got eaten by a grizzly.
Kane fell off a flight of stairs and broke his bad knee.
HHH became a stand-in for Goofy.
Matt met Ash and married him.
Jeff started another fight over nachos.
'Taker took everyone's toys, taking after Kane a little.
Bubba tried to make an army of little kids in order to take over Belgium, Bahrain, Bangladesh and the Bahamas.
Batista fell out of a rollercoaster.
Umaga got stuck in a closet.
Mr. Kennedy started to illegally sell vaseline.

And everyone else just had fun, and came home unharmed... Except for HBK, because when he was on the plane his boobs couldn't cope with the pressure, so they exploded and HBK was killed.

The real ending of the chapter and of the whole series.

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