Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent

Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent.

His name rang in her mind as she sped along the highway.

Who needs him, you know? Stupid law student wanting to save the world- I hope he dies.

Tara Alyss glared down at her radio and turned it on, so quickly that it almost broke the knob.

Love hurts…love scars

She yanked her thoughts from the road…this was Harvey's favorite song….

NO! She recoiled at the thought and switched it to the next station.

I love how you kiss, I love how you sound- Tara snarled at the machine, picked up the small hand gun she kept in the glovebox, and shot her radio.

She sighed sadly.

"What the hell am I gonna do now?"

Don't bite off more than you can chew
There's things down here the devil himself wouldn't do
Just remember when you let it all go
What happens down in Mexico
Stays in Mexico.

The Transam she was driving did an involuntary power slide, and spun out leaving the front end of the car on the shoulder of the road, and the back end in grass that bordered the Gotham City Limits.

She switched off the engine and started to yell at the wounded technology.

"Speak to me, SPEAK TO ME MIRACLE RADIO!" She heard herself and thought for a second she'd gone mad.

The radio let out a garbled message that was a cross between a televangelist saying that it was gods will, and then promptly cut to Toby Keith proclaiming that it stays in Mexico.

Tara let a confused look cross her face.


The Radio let out a dying sigh before screeching.


Tara recoiled and shouted:


The radio finally died, and Tara started the engine.

"Okay…Mexico, just a few weeks, I mean really, what could happen?...Well Tara for one you could start talking to yourself and go psychotic and kill thirteen people." She laughed at her own bad joke and pulled the car back on the road.

Tara was a little Crazy, he mother was crazy, he father wanted to be a superhero, the only sane one in the family was her little sister Annie. SH eknew that Annie would be mad at her for running off like this…

Its only a few weeks…what could possibly happen?