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Of Journeys and Justifications

Chapter Two

Even as they entered the Ministry of Magic in London, John Sheppard half wondered if their plan would succeed. He and Jack donned their dress uniforms and everyone else dressed in muggle suits. John had never been very comfortable in the fancy uniform. He stayed in the middle of the group and kept close to Carson. The other man seemed to sense his discomfort, but didn't speak to him about it. In the time since he had returned to Atlantis from Earth, Carson had quickly become one of his closest and most trusted friends.

The group was met by three men, one was unfamiliar, one resembled the Weasleys he'd met and the other startled him so much that John almost bumped into Dudley as he took a step back. Both Teyla and Carson noticed. Carson casually shifted so that he was standing partially in front of John. Teyla tensed and shifted into a subtle stance. She was ready to attack or defend at any provocation. John caught Teyla's glance and shook his head. Teyla relaxed slightly, but was still wary. Her eyes were glued to the man that had startled John.

The Weasley look-a-like sneered openly at Luna and Remus and spoke cuttingly to Jack, "Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. I am Percival Weasley, Deputy Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic."

"Thank you for that gracious welcome," Jack replied cordially.

Percival's eyes narrowed at him, "Don't think we don't know why you're here, General, bold as day with known Order members."

Jack ignored the comment and kept his tone polite, "Will you be leading the tour, Deputy Undersecretary Weasley?"

Percival turned up his nose, offended by the inquiry, and replied pompously, "I have much more important things to spend my time on."

"I imagine you do," Remus said mildly, "There is a war going on after all."

Percival sneered at Remus like he was something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of his shoe, "Aurors Kingsley Shacklebolt and John Dawlish will be conducting your tour," he paused and called over his shoulder before striding away, "your abridged tour."

John felt his heart beat increase and knew when he noticed Jack glancing at him out of the corner of his eye that the older man had picked up on his anxiety as well. He forced himself to relax.

Kingsley Shacklebolt turned to John Dawlish. "I've got this one, John. I know some of these people. They won't cause trouble. Unless I am very much mistaken, that gentleman is Carson Beckett."

John grinned in obvious relief, "Yeah? It's an honor to meet you, Healer Beckett. I hope you all enjoy the tour," he turned to Kingsley and whispered, "Thanks, mate, I hate giving tours," before jogging off.

Jack turned to Carson, "What's that about?"

Carson hesitated for a moment, "After my sister was murdered I became a known figure protesting the war through public acts of nonviolent demonstration. I did all sorts of bizarre things to protest the Death Eaters wiping out entire families. I wanted to destroy any sympathy regular people might have for their cause."

John avoided meeting Kingsley Shacklebolt's gaze, but combined with being back in the Ministry of Magic once again it did little to stop his memory.

John was nearly asleep when the door opened and two men walked in. Before he could lift his head enough to see them, they began to beat him. The first blow sent him backwards in the chair and they beat him until the chair he was bound to was reduced to scraps. One of the men lingered after the beating finished. He knelt beside John and slipped his wand into the other man's hand.

"Tighten your grip," He whispered urgently.

John tightened his grip around the wand underneath the other man's hand. He tried to turn his head to look at the other man, but the movement caused a sharp pain in his head that convinced him remaining still was the best option.

"Repeat after me. My name is Jonathon Franklin Sheppard. I am an American Citizen. I need to see someone from the American Embassy. I am being detained illegally. I've been forced to take veritaserum and received inhumane treatment. I am in danger."

John repeated the phrase.

The man pocketed his wand and stood slowly, "You need to use a specific phrase and have a wand in order for the request to be heard by the American Embassy."

"I'm a muggle," John admitted.

"I know. That's why I held the wand with you. They'll be here for you soon. I- I'm sorry for your pain."

He forced himself to push the memory aside. He was an Order member. Harry had sent him to help and he'd done the only thing he could to get to John and help him. John met his gaze steadily and without any anger or blame in his expression. Kingsley nodded to him before turning to Luna and smiling at her.

"Remus. Luna. Where to?"

"The Department of Mysteries. Can you get us there?" She hesitated for half a second, "Without risking your cover."

"Will going there help you find Harry?" he asked quietly.

Luna nodded.

"Then don't worry about me," He said firmly, "Let's go."

They followed Kingsley into the elevator and Jack positioned himself beside John and asked him quietly, "What is it?"

"A misunderstanding. It's fine," John assured him.

"Kings," Luna spoke up, "Did you see Harry before he left Grimmauld Place?"

Kingsley nodded, "Briefly. I told him that Major Sheppard had somehow escaped from the Ministry on his own. He told me that Snape had gone to Sheffield to look for the Major."

"Did he say anything else?" Luna asked hopefully.

Kingsley shook his head, "Sorry, no."

The group exited the elevator at Level Nine and stopped in the Entrance Room. It was a large circular room lit by blue flames and devoid of anything except unmarked doors. Kingsley's turned to Remus and Luna again.

"Where to?"

"The Death Chamber. The Veil," Luna said quietly.

Kingsley looked at Luna for a long moment. He tried to speak, but after a moment he shook his head and led them through one of the doors and into a large chamber. In the center of the chamber was a raised dais with a stone archway. A tattered black cloth hung from the archway. Luna walked around the chamber and stopped at a particular spot and looked at the archway.

"I stood here with Rodolphus Lestrange's wand digging into my throat as Lucius Malfoy tried to force Harry to give him the prophecy sphere. We all almost died here. We were so young."

Remus stepped up beside her and slipped his hand into hers and stared at the Veil as well. Dudley seemed unaffected by the Veil, but everyone else was staring at it. Finally, Teyla broke the silence.

"Does anyone else hear those whispers?"

"The Veil always does that," Kingsley said.

John took a few steps closer to the Veil, "Can anyone make out what they're saying?"

He took a few steps closer until he was almost within reach of it. It was similar enough to the Ancient sanctuary that he could imagine it was the same technology. He looked over his shoulder to Luna and Remus. Remus was still staring at the Veil and Luna was walking around the room, dragging her fingertips against the wall.

John turned his attention back to the Veil, "Hello? Sirius Black? Are you there?"

"Well where the hell else would I be? I'm not exactly ascension material, you know," an annoyed voice rose above the other whispers, "Are you going to let me out or what?"

"How do I do that?"

"Harry came here," Luna announced.

"I'll be right back," John whispered to the Veil. He moved to stand beside Luna as she stood before dais. "What happened?"

"Did he enter the Veil?" Remus asked quietly.

"What's through the Veil?" Dudley whispered to Jen.

"It's thought to be the afterlife," Jen whispered back.

"No," Luna confirmed, "Something," she shook her head, "I-"

"She's going into trance," Jen warned as Luna's eyes lost focus, "I've seen her do this before. Give her a minute. Don't distract her."

Everyone stared at Luna silently. Her eyes glazed over and her face turned up towards the ceiling and she spoke in a rasping voice.

"I don't know what I'm seeing," Luna said after a moment, "I don't understand it. What kind of magic is this? He came here and something attacked him from behind."

She shook her head and blinked to refocus her eyes. Her vision cleared in time for her to see Jack disappear with a flash of bright light. She turned to John, but he was gone as well. A moment later she felt a strange sensation in her belly before she was standing in between John and Jack on what she immediately identified as some kind of spaceship. A creature that vaguely resembled a house elf blinked his large dark eyes and studied the three humans before him.

"Cool!" Luna exclaimed.

Jack wasn't as amused, "Thor, what's the deal?"

"General O'Neill, Colonel Sheppard, Ms. Lovegood. I have brought you here to request your aid in locating Harry Potter. I have been unable to find him on your planet. Where has he gone?"

Jack hesitated, "Why are you looking for him, Thor?"

Thor turned to Jack, "Colonel Sheppard, do you remember when we were attacked by the Wraith?"

Wary at the mention of the Wraith, John nodded, "I remember."

"We were near the galaxy of Ida. My people discovered the ship we encountered was only an advance scout for a small armada of ships. The Wraith had been in hibernation, but after we destroyed their scout ship, they all woke. Since then my people have been preparing for an assault by these Wraiths and it has finally arrived. However their target is not my people or our protected planets. Their target is a planet populated with the only known remaining descendants of the ancients. They are aware of Harry Potter and I came here to warn him that they might attempt to solicit his aid. They may take him with them regardless of his consent."

"The Wraith have the ability to travel outside the Pegasus galaxy?" John asked.

"This force of Wraith set off from the Pegasus galaxy not long after the Ancients abandoned Atlantis. They do not have the ability to reach the Ida or even your galaxy in any shorter period of time."

"Thor," Jack said slowly, "Harry's missing. Do you think these people might already have him?"

"It is possible," Thor admitted, "They indicted to me that they would wait until I had spoken to him, but the their situation is dire. You have no need to fear for his safety. They are a peaceful people. They only want his help battling the Wraith."

Jack glanced at John and Luna, "What do you think?"

Luna turned her gaze to John, "It's your decision"

"Me?" His gaze automatically went to Jack as the superior officer.

"You're the leader of our quest," Luna said simply, "You're Harry's lover."

John froze and forced himself not to look panic stricken towards Jack. He was sure the man was aware of his relationship with Harry, but it was different than outright saying it to him.

"Don't worry about it, John," Jack said simply.

Luna looked back and forth between John and Jack for a minute, "Is this a cultural thing? Remus once told me that muggles have strange phobias of sex, but I thought he was teasing me."

"Don't worry about it, Luna, but don't go around broadcasting John and Harry's relationship," Jack said.

Still looking baffled, Luna nodded, "Okay. Are we going to the Ida galaxy, John?"

John frowned, "Luna, how much do you know about this type of thing?"

Luna grinned, "More than Harry thinks I do. Are we going?"

John nodded, "It's worth checking out. Thor, are you willing to transport us?"

"I am."

"First let's see what we can do about Sirius. Thor, can you send us back?"

Thor inclined his head, "I can. I will monitor the situation so you need only call to me when you are prepared to depart."

Dudley startled slightly when they reappeared, but no one else seemed bothered by it. Kingsley looked curious, however, and stepped aside to question Luna about something to do with wards. John left Jack to explain about their new travel plans while he approach the Veil again. He waited for a moment.

"Sirius? Are you still there?"

"Yes. Are you going to let me out before I get grey hair?"

"How do I get you out?"

"How the hell should I know that?" Sirius grumbled.

John resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He looked behind him when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Carson smiled at him.

"Focus. You can get him out."


"How do you fly a jumper?" Carson asked rhetorically.

John closed his eyes for a moment before turning back towards the Veil. He opened his mind and directed his thoughts towards the Veil. Release Sirius Black. Release Sirius Black. Release Siriu-

A man stumbled out of the Veil, into John, and the pair tumbled down the stairs. A man with dark hair, bright blue eyes and an easy smile offered John a hand up.

"Sorry about that."

His smile slipped off his face when his gaze landed on Remus. He reached the other man in less than ten strides. Remus reached for Sirius. They clasped hands and a moment later Remus fainted so suddenly that Sirius was barely able to catch him. Sirius lifted him into his arms effortlessly. He looked around at the people in the room, and his gaze landed on Luna and Kingsley, the only two that he knew.

"How long has he been like this?"

Kingsley sighed, "We thought you were dead, Sirius. The Veil…. We didn't know. He didn't take it well. He doesn't take care of himself at all. Harry was the only thing keeping him going. Since Harry disappeared, he hasn't taken his Wolfsbane consistently."

"Sirius," Luna interrupted, "Did you see what happened to Harry?"

Sirius shook his head, "No. I couldn't see out of the sanctuary. I was talking to him. I think someone else came into the chamber. And then nothing. Harry was gone. I've remained at the doorway waiting, hoping he would come back. Are you all looking for Harry? Who are all you people anyway?"

Remus stirred in his arms, but didn't open his eyes.

Carson shook his head, "He can't take much more of this. He needs rest."

Sirius stared at Remus' face for a long moment, "I'll take him back to Grimmauld Place before I join you on your quest."

John spoke up softly, "Remus isn't well. Perhaps you should remain with him."

"Who the hell are you?" Sirius demanded.

Luna said something in the Old Tongue. Her words were rushed and her voice was soft enough that John didn't catch it. Sirius's eyes bugged out.


"Sirius, don't," Luna said, "We will find Harry. You should take care of Remus. He needs you."

"Luna is right. He never should have joined us in the first place. He isn't well enough," Carson said. He looked to Sirius, "I'm a healer. If he doesn't rest and recover his strength, he'll need to be sent to St. Mungo's."

Sirius looked at Remus' pale face again and was genuinely torn. John could see that plainly. He wanted to join the search for his godson, but he was afraid to leave his friend.

"There are rumors of a similar ailment among my people," Teyla suddenly spoke up, "Perhaps I can offer some assistance."

Sirius closed his eyes for a moment before nodding, "Kings, can you get us back to Grimmauld Place? And maybe explain to me what the hell has happened in my absence?"

Kingsley nodded, "Sure."

Sirius' dark eyes met John's gaze, "I'm holding you personally responsible for this."


"You should have protected Harry," he continued without acknowledging Luna, "You should have been with him. What could possibly have been more important than your other half?"

"Sirius!" Luna objected once more.

John shook his head, "He's right, Luna. I should have been with Harry."

"You'd better find him," Sirius demanded.

"Sirius, you are too hasty," Luna insisted.

No one said anything and John couldn't help but wonder if Sirius was right. Would nothing have happened if he had been with Harry? Should he have fought harder to stay with Harry, consequences be damned? Would Harry agree with his godfather? By the time his focus returned to his surroundings Kingsley, Sirius and Remus were ready to depart. Teyla stood before him and took hold of his elbows.

"If I can help him, I must go."

"Of course. I'll see you soon…. Once we find Harry."

Still carrying Remus, Sirius left with Kingsley and Teyla. Luna slipped her hand into John's and squeezed, "He shouldn't have said that. He's having trouble adjusting to Harry being all grown."

"I shouldn't have left. It's too much for one person to deal with alone. I'm not a liability," John said with sudden conviction, "I can give him strength. I know I can."

Luna smiled. Carson, though he was looking in another direction and pretending that he wasn't listening in, smiled as well. Jack wasn't pretending not to notice their conversation, but something about their words seemed to distract him. His expression was confused and puzzled and John wondered what he was thinking about. His expression cleared before John could ask if he was okay.

"Everyone ready? Good. Thor!" He called.

The remaining members of the quest, John, Jack, Luna, Carson, Jen and Dudley joined Thor on his ship. Luna seated herself in a corner and began sketching in a notepad that she enlarged after removing from her back pocket. Dudley sat near her, glancing at her frequently and looking as though he wanted nothing more than to speak to her, but did not dare to interrupt her. Jen wandered around curiously, examining everything in sight, and Jack watched her with a fond smile. He was distracted again. John stood with Jack and Carson as Jack's attention returned to the here and now and he conversed with Thor, but John wasn't really paying attention. His mind wandered as he thought about Harry.

The first time he'd met Harry face to face he'd managed to become temporarily lost in the other's mind. It wasn't a pleasant experience for either of them. Since then, he'd been afraid of using such strength when trying to reach out to the other man. John excused himself and walked down the corridor and away from the others. He found a small room, an observation area, and studied the long expanse of emptiness that was visible. John threw caution to the wind and thought with all his energy in Harry's direction.

Harry? Harry, can you hear me?

There was no response, but abruptly he found himself recalling something with such sharp detail that it was like he was experiencing the memory for the first time.

John studied Harry quietly. Harry was curled up in an armchair near the fire and sipping tea as he flipped through some kind of report. John was utterly occupied with watching him. He shifted and his blanket slipped down to his waist. He didn't bother to readjust it. He carelessly brushed a tendril of hair out of his range of vision. John felt a sharp surge of desire for him, but did not interrupt him. He focused on the skin directly below his ear and thought about sucking on it. Harry smiled as he turned another page. After a moment his hand brushed the spot on his neck that was occupying John's attention. He spoke without looking away from the page.

"Are you enjoying yourself sufficiently or would you actually like to do that to me?"


Harry met his gaze, and offered a grin that made John's heart skip, "My neck. You want to do something to my neck rather badly. I can feel it. You want me."

John took a moment to enjoy the other man's smile before he replied, "Yes, I do."

Harry stood, leaving his reading and the blanket on the floor, "I want you too."


Harry nodded, suddenly serious, "I never want to be apart from you. I want to know you in every way possible and I want you to know me that way as well."

Harry had moved forward as he spoke and he now stood within arm's reach of John. He took a final step forward and John's arms moved to encircle his waist. Harry pressed a kiss to his throat. John closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being close to the other man. Seized by a sudden fervor, Harry's gentle kiss changed to insistent sucking and his teeth grazed John's skin.

They did not attempt to experience the same mental connection as the previous evening. They did not even make it to a bedroom. Standing not far from the fireplace, Harry insistently went to work on John's clothes and John returned the favor. Once nude, they faced each other on their knees and kissed languidly. John cupped Harry's face and brushed a few unruly dark locks aside. As John leaned forward, Harry slowly shifted back on his heels. Harry sat down fully and leaned back on his elbows as John followed him.

John kissed him swiftly on the lips before whispering, "Don't move." He disappeared into Harry's room and returned with a small jar. He knelt in the space between Harry's legs and coated his fingers with the substance from the jar. The muscles in Harry's thighs quivered as John prepared him and he was utterly entranced. He ran his free hand down the inside of Harry's thigh. He was absorbed in his task until abruptly Harry was pulling away from him. He looked at the other man for a moment before he was being pushed on his back. Harry positioned himself above John.

"I want to try it this way."

John nodded in surprised silence. Harry worried his bottom lip as he slowly impaled himself. He didn't move for a time.

"You okay?" John whispered.

Harry nodded and a moment later he rolled his hips forward and John moaned. His hands roamed over whatever parts of Harry he could reach. It seemed like barely any time had passed before it was over and Harry was slumping towards his chest. John moved them onto their sides and slowly eased out of Harry. Harry shifted and put his hand atop John, interlacing their fingers.

"How was that?"

"Nice. Very nice," John murmured. He felt himself drifting towards sleep, but realizing that Harry was watching him he forced his eyes open.

"I want to do that the other way tomorrow."

"You want me to be on top?" John stifled a yawn.

Harry studied him, "I don't care where you are… on top or on bottom… but I want to be inside you."

John yawned again, "Sounds good to me."

"Really?" Harry's voice was colored with faint surprise.

John pulled Harry close to him with one hand and with the other he reached towards the chair and for the blanket Harry had discarded. John intertwined their limbs and covered their bodies with the blankets.

"How can I expect you to allow me to do something to you if I will not allow you to do it to me? That's hardly fair or polite." John closed his eyes.

Harry was quiet for a moment, "Will you enjoy it?"

John opened his eyes, "Are you worried about it?"

"Maybe a little," Harry admitted sheepishly.

John pressed his face into Harry's neck, "Don't. I don't have a preferred position for sex. I think it's more about the mood we're in at the time, you know. It's situational. What exactly are you worried about?"

"Today wasn't too bad," Harry said softly, "But yesterday…"

"I'm sorry," John whispered against his throat.

"No, it's not that," Harry said quickly, "Will it be that uncomfortable for you?"

"No. Are you worried that I'll be in pain?"

"I've never done it before… what if I do something wrong and hurt you?"

There was such anxiety in Harry's voice that John shifted so he could look him in the eye. His concerned expression was so endearing that John kissed him. "We can go slow."

"You'll tell me if I hurt you?"

John nodded. Harry relaxed and John returned on his previous position. John felt Harry's fingers twirling the ends of his hair.

"The thought of you being hurt makes me a little crazy," Harry admitted quietly.

"I've noticed," John was equally gentle. He didn't appreciate it when Harry sent him away, but he didn't think that anger was the right approach.

"I need you to be safe. You're not a wizard and your ancient powers aren't developed enough to protect you. I'm not safe for you."

"My soul wouldn't have responded to yours if that were true."

"My world isn't safe for you," Harry amended.

"Have you considered that perhaps we are safest when we are together?"

"No," he admitted, "But I will."

As Harry and John fell asleep, the memory abruptly left John. He remained where he was in the observation room or for a long time.

"Why that memory?"

/\ \/ /\ \/ /\

Harry could vaguely comprehend what was going on around him, outside. He didn't know where he was. They were examining him again. He didn't remember how he got there. He barely remembered who he was. He fought to remember, screaming silently, and he remembered a man. He remembered John.

/\ \/ /\ \/ /\

Unable to stand being alone any longer, John went back. The others were much as he had left them. Luna was still sketching, but she had caught onto Dudley watching her. Every few minutes she'd raise her eyes and glare at Dudley until he looked away. Dudley looked away until her attention was back on her notebook. He wondered what Dudley would say to her if he had the chance. Jen was still moving around and investigating like a kid in a candy store. Every now and then she'd call out a question in Thor's direction and the alien would answer pleasantly. He seemed used to it. Jack was still preoccupied. He rolled his eyes every time Jen asked a question. Carson was in deep conversation with Thor about the possibilities of using magic to fight the wraith. Thor was fascinated by Caron's experiments and listened to his in-depth explanations with rapt attention. He barely even blinked. He looked away only to answer Jen's questions. When that happened, Carson's attention turned to Luna. Curiously, John looked in Luna's direction. She looked up and smiled at him.

"We have reached the Ida galaxy. We are approaching the planet Tarrall," Thor announced.

John sat beside Dudley, "How are you doing?"

He shrugged, "I'm fine. This is actually kind of interesting. Do Americans have the monopoly on this kind of work?"

John shook his head, "No."

"Everything my parents ever told me was a lie or a foolish myth is true. I never believed in anything except what I saw with my own eyes. I was selfish and cruel. I thought people that believed in those things were freaks. They were abnormal. They were foolish, but I was the one who was foolish. There are so many amazing things," he quieted, "I don't want to go back to my old life."

"Then don't."

"Is it that simple?" Dudley wondered aloud.

"Yes. You told me that you wanted to be a better man than your father. Here you sit in awe of things that your father would despise. You're already on that path."

Thor spoke, "We have arrived."

Dudley and John stood and joined Thor. Luna put away her sketchbook and Jen ceased her investigations. There was a bright flash and a young woman appeared. She looked like an average human and was wearing a simple dress. She smiled at Thor. He alone did not seem surprised by her presence.

"Welcome, friend."

Thor bobbed his head. Her bright green eyes swept the room. She looked at Carson, Jack and then John. Her gaze remained on John and she smiled hopefully.

"Harry Potter?"

John blinked in surprise, "No. I'm John Sheppard."

She was surprised as well, "The gene is strong in you as well. And both of you," she looked at Jack and Carson for a moment, "Are you here to assist is? Will Harry Potter be joining you?"

"Thera," Thor spoke, "We thought perhaps you had solicited Harry Potter's aid. He has disappeared."

"We have not."

Jack wasn't convinced, "Really? We're under the impression that you were determined to get his help, even against his will."

She didn't deny his accusation. She didn't even seem troubled by it. "I have no reason to lie to you. If Thor did not return with him, we intended to plead our case to him in person and take whatever action was necessary from there."

Jack looked at Thor, "Can you scan the planet and check to see if Harry is there?"

Thor's gaze remained on Thera, "May I?"

She pursed her lips in displeasure and looked at Thor, "You think I would lie to you?"

"I do not."

Her expression relaxed, "We have nothing to hide."

Thor spent a few minutes at a console. Thera alternated between studying the three men with the ancient gene. John believed her that Harry wasn't on the planet even before Thor's scan confirmed it. He half hoped that he was wrong and Thor would announce that Harry was on planet. He sighed. Harry wasn't there and they were no closer to finding him.

"As I said," Thera spoke after Thor's confirmation, "You'll help us?"

John looked to Luna, but she shook her head, "It's your decision." He looked to Jack, who shrugged.

John looked at Thera. Her expression was calm, but he could see from her stance that she was worried. She was afraid. Her people were facing an onslaught from the Wraith and doubted they could defend themselves. He wanted nothing more than to press forward until he found Harry, but he knew Harry wouldn't deny these people his assistance and John found he couldn't either.

"What do you need us to do?"