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Hyacinthus and the Dark Apollo
Chapter 5
Four Years
By Illusion

Hayami jumped in front of Kuro and deflected the oncoming spell with one hand and countered it with the other. "She's not weakening!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"I know!" the mind breaker replied. "Get me closer to her!"

"Yes!" He understood the other man's intentions and began to slowly advance, deflecting the attacks as they came.

Gabriel tumbled in midair to avoid a spell that blasted apart the ceiling above him. He looked up to see a desk precariously balanced at the edge of the hole. He looked down to see Hayami and Kuro struggling to get closer to the witch, now crying and hysterical in her fear and he understood what his master wanted to do.

He dove towards her, forming a lance as he did. Haruko screamed and sent several of her most powerful attacks his way. "No! Stay away!" Tears poured freely as she frantically cast as many spells as possible in random directions.

Kuro and Hayami began dodging falling debris as well as furniture from the classrooms above. The mind breaker climbed over a desk and found himself almost blasted apart if not for Hayami knocking it off course with his own long-range attack. Kuro thanked the other man mentally before ducking behind a pile of broken tiles and chairs about ten to fifteen meters away from the witch. He took a deep breath and reached out.

Through the haze of panic, Haruko felt another presence in her mind. "No!' she screamed, clutching her head. "Get out! Get out of my head!" She glanced around anxiously and fired a spell at a small movement.

Hayami deflected the attack away from himself and watched in fascination as the girl was mind breaked. None of Kuro's soldiers had resisted and the E.G.O. couldn't fathom how anybody could resist the mind breaker's calming presence.

Calm down and I won't have to do this.

He was a tiny speck but was growing rapidly despite Haruko's best efforts to expel him. "Where are you hiding?" If she could kill him he'd leave her alone. As she searched the area, she heard a soft thump behind her. He whirled around to see the eraser scooping Kumiko into his arms. "Drop her!" shouted and fired a spell.

Gabriel blocked it and took off as Haruko clutched her head again, trying to get rid of the mind breaker.

"Get out!" He was enveloping her and she had never been so terrified in her life.

The eraser landed beside Hayami and handed the girl over. "Keep her safe," he said. "I'll protect Kuro-san." He looked up to see the mind breaker frowning as he tried to control the girl.

Hayami closed Kumiko's eyes and massaged her cheeks until her face was relaxed. "I'll tell her the building collapsed and she lost consciousness," he said. "Tell Kuro to just… shut her," he jerked his head in the direction of the witch, "off."

Gabriel nodded and took off. He landed behind the pile of tiles and chairs and Kuro looked up at him. "Well, she's stopped blasting furniture at us," he chuckled despite the sweat glistening on his forhead.


"Yes, yes. I know. Wait a minute."

I'm going to make you sleep. Don't worry. We won't harm you.

Her eyes widened in fear before she crumpled to the ground as Kuro snuffed out her consciousness. The binding spell ended abruptly and Gabriel quickly hid his wings when he heard Hayami and Kumiko speaking.

"Is anyone hurt?" a teacher called when she saw the two men behind the pile of rubble.

"I think so, Sensei!" Kuro called back almost cheerfully. "There were only two girls and a boy in the building. My family can take them home.'

The woman nodded and ran off to inform the rest of the faculty of the building's collapse.

Kumiko and Hayami appeared from behind a teacher's desk and cracked chalkboard. The girl watched the teacher's retreating form before her eyes drifted lower. "Haruko-sempai!" she gasped and rushed to the other girl's side.

"Here, let me."

She shuffled over to allow Gabriel to check for any injuries. Once he finished, he turned to her. "Nishimura-chan will be fine. Are you hurt?"

"What? Oh, no. I'm fine."

Gabriel frowned and proceeded to prod her gently. She almost giggled at his mothering nature.

"Excuse me, Takahashi-chan," Kuro said, crouching down beside her. "Do you know where Nishimura-chan lives so we can bring her home?"

She shook her head.

"I see." He thought for a while. "There's a local church in our neighborhood and I've seen her there several times," he lied. "We'll bring her there."

Kumiko looked at him suspiciously. "Only if I come too," she said.

The man nodded. "You-chan."


"Take these young ladies to the church. The one Nakaura-san is a part of. Gabriel and I will find Yuki-chan and bring him home."

Hayami slung the unconscious girl's arms over his shoulders and slid his hands under her legs so that it looked as though he was giving her a piggyback ride. Kumiko walked slightly behind with her hand on her sempai's back as if to keep her from falling backwards. She glanced back to see the remaining two men hold a whispered conversation before exiting the building through a hole in the wall. There must be something else going on, but for now, she would focus on her sempai's safety.


Yuki rolled over and beat his pillow. How the HELL had that happened?

His face burned with the memory. One second, the other darklore had been furious with him: hitting and shouting. Then he'd dropped to a deadly quiet that sent bursts of panic-induced adrenaline into the boy's system and after that….

A mouth covering his own in a frightening dominance and he'd been so shocked that instead of pushing the man away he obediently parted his lips for his tongue.

He buried his face in his pillow and hit it again. If only he could go back and redo his actions.

It was short and violent and a complete disappointment from the sweet tender ones he had imagined with Sempai and it didn't even spark the tiniest bit of lustful hunger in him.

…So why did he want more?

Unable to take the frustration anymore, Yuki kicked the thin blanket off and marched to the door. He stopped short with his hand on the doorknob.

I'm sneaking into his room after he kissed me. What is WRONG with me?

But he couldn't stay alone with these thoughts and there was no one else to talk to. Though conversations with the other man were often awkward and uncomfortable, Yuki couldn't help but feel there was something different also there. It wasn't necessarily enjoyable, but it was the reason he kept going to him as if he expected something.

He shook his head violently. Thinking was only confusing him more. Steeling himself, Yuki pulled the door open and stepped into the hall.

Ama-Inu was sitting facing the door. Yuki shut it and practically stomped over to him, but once in front of the man, he faltered. He stood before him, staring. Ama-Inu lowered his face slowly and whispered, "I'm sorry."

Yuki balked then mentally berated himself for his reaction. "For hitting me, yelling at me, or…." He trailed off with a blush.

The older man matched him as he murmured, "For rushing things."

Yuki blinked. "Eh?"

"I said I liked you. Twice."

The boy's blush deepened. "Oh." He shuffled his feet. "Um…." He struggled against the pregnant pause. "That was my first kiss!" he blurted out the first thing he thought of, then closed his mouth, mortified at the information he'd just revealed.

Conflicting emotions chased each other in Ama-Inu's widened eyes. "Oh…." Pride and joy waged a fierce battle against guilt as the dog darklore tired to think of the least awkward response possible. "Was it good?" Ok, bad choice.

Yuki's face was so hot that he was surprised there wasn't a circle of light on the opposite wall. "Ah… well…." He continued to fidget and he shuffled his feet even more. "It… it wasn't exactly what I'd imagined it would feel like."

Ama-Inu almost wilted at his words. "Well," he said, "what did you imagine?"

"Um…." He had to be glowing at least a little. "S-something a bit… s-softer?"

Ama-Inu frowned. His first kiss had also been a disappointment and there had been mutual attraction and a shy gentleness between them. He couldn't imagine how the boy must have felt having his first kiss roughly stolen from him by someone he felt no attraction towards and was a man. A much older man.

He waited but the dog darklore did not respond and seemed deep in thought. Tired of standing around and fidgeting, he took a deep breath. "Can you show me?'

The man snapped out of his thoughts instantly. "What?"

"The right way," Yuki replied. Deciding he couldn't be any more embarrassed, he lifted one knee to rest beside the man's leg and brought his face directly in front of his. "Can you show me the way a k-kiss should be?" too embarrassed to wait for an answer, he pressed his lips softly against Ama-Inu's.

The older darklore remained very still and Yuki quickly became discouraged. He pulled away, stammering, "I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have…. I'm going back to my room now!"

A hand on his wrist stopped him. "Wait." It was soft and shy and almost pleading. "I can try."

He turned around as Ama-Inu stood up. His eyes remained downcast as they stood in silence. They stood about a foot apart, his wrist still caught in the other darklore's grip and he vaguely noted how his eyes were level with only the man's shoulders. When Ama-Inu still didn't do anything, he moved forward and in one swift movement, closed the distance between their lips.

He kept his eyes open to see the man's reactions and was embarrassed and oddly happy to see him close his eyes and press back. At a complete loss as to what to do next, he parted his lips when Ama-Inu's tongue gently stroked him. As it softly probed his mouth, Yuki felt a warmth spread from his core throughout his body and he began to push back with his tongue.

They finally parted and Yuki hazily wondered when their bodies had gotten so close and his hands in the man's spiky hair. They remained standing like that for several moments before Ama-Inu leaned in again.


"How is she?"

Tomonori rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. "She can't go back," he said.

"But is Sempai ok?"

He shifted his gaze to the young darklore behind Kuro. "There's nothing wrong with her physically," he replied. "However, anybody can tell that she has been touched by a mind breaker. She won't be safe with Wiz-dom and she knows that. You're lucky only I was in the church when Hayami-kun arrived."

The other man nodded. "Thank you for protecting her for us," he said. "I thought it'd be better for her to wake up around Wiz-dom surroundings."

"She was hysterical at first, but yes, it helped her calm down."

"Does she know we're here?"


"Could I…" Yuki gulped, "talk to her?"

Tomonori gave him a reassuring pat on the head. "As long as Sakaki keeps your powers sealed." Kuro gave a firm nod.

Nervously, the teen slipped into the other room. It was lit with only a desk lamp on top of one of the many spare church benches. Several of them had been pushed together to form a makeshift bed where Haruko sat, her entire body tense.

"How is Sempai feeling?"

She glowered at him.

He sat down and put his hands on his knees to show he was unarmed. "Kuro-san sealed my powers and we're in a Wiz-dom church. I can't do anything to you."

"You ruined my life!" she spat. "It would have been better if your master had just killed me."

"Kuro-san would never mind break anybody without good reason," he argued.

"Then why me?"

"You weren't thinking straight," he reasoned. "The school is still trying to figure out why the right wing collapsed and you almost killed my family and put Kumiko-chan in danger."

"I was protecting her from you," she retorted.

He shook his head. "You panicked. There was no way you could protect her in that state."

She glared at him but quickly dissolved into tears. Yuki sat in silence, at a complete loss as to what to do. He considered leaving, but didn't want Haruko to feel lonely. Finally, he reached out and awkwardly patted her on the shoulder.

"I can't go home!" she sobbed. "My parents will feel I've been tainted and so will all the priests! They'll kill me! The faction doesn't tolerate dirty members!"

"You're not dirty!" he said, more than slightly offended. "We'll figure something out! We—"

"I'd rather let them kill me than accept help from you!" she screamed.

He stared at her in dumbfounded shock. Was this really the same mature sempai he admired? Overwhelmed by disappointment, he bolted, almost slamming the door behind him and breathing heavily as he leaned against it.

The two older men approached his quietly and Kuro put a hand on his shoulder. "Nakaura-san came up with a plan," he said gently.

"Kirihara can reduce her presence to almost nothing," Tomonori continued. "Sakaki agreed to have her mind break Nishimura. Before she goes back, Itsuki-nee is powerful enough to seal her memories and as long as your powers remained sealed, she won't notice you are a psychic."

"Do you mind?" Kuro asked.

"No," he said, glad that he had gotten some control over his body, though his heart still remained numb. "I don't mind being sealed. It's a good plan."

The mind breaker nodded. "Ok. You can go home first, Yuki-chan. I'll stay here and make sure Nishimura-chan is ok."

"Thank you."


Ama-Inu lay sprawled on the ground, sweating and panting heavily after an intense training session by himself. If he hadn't made that deal, it would have been an intense killing session. If he had a choice, he would…

I'd have him here with me, he thought. It surprised him a little that he didn't mind the fact that Yuki was male, but he supposed gender didn't matter when he liked someone. He doubted the other darklore cared either, based on the fact that he had been raised by Kuro and Gabriel and only a fool couldn't see that they were a couple. Though obviously inexperienced, the boy had also been a surprisingly good kisser.

But that was the problem. Yuki was a minor and Ama-Inu was not exactly in the same age range. He half sighed, half grumbled, "Ten years."

"From today?"

He snapped his torso up, smacked his head into Yuki's and caught himself from falling back with one arm while other hand rubbed his forehead. Yuki wasn't as fortunate. He lost his balance and nearly bruised his butt when he fell from his squatted position, clutching his forehead.

"Ow…. I guess you didn't drop your guard." One look at the man he realized he was wrong. "Oh," he chuckled. "Never mind."

Ama-Inu glared at him, but couldn't help the slight flutter in his chest.

"so what's this about 'ten years'?" Yuki asked light-heartedly, but seeing the sobering effect it had on the man, he felt his stomach beginning to sink.

"Age difference."

"Oh." He deflated. "Well, Tomonori-san and Tsukasa-nii are eight years apart! Even though they're not together, a lot of people think they should be!"

"You're a minor. We can't…."

Yuki matched the man's blush. "Oh. You… you want to… with me?"

The dog darklore's blush darkened as he mumbled, "Yeah."

"Oh. Um." It was a natural desire but the pounding in his chest couldn't be only from being flattered. "We… don't have to…. Maybe we could wait four years." Even as he said it, he knew it was impossible if they were truly attracted to each other. "It doesn't matter that much," he tried. "Plenty of high schoolers aren't virgins."

"Do you hear what you're saying?"

They stared at each other in tense silence. "You probably don't even like me that way," Ama-Inu said quietly.

"I k-kissed you."

"That doesn't mean anything. Any two people can kiss, even if there's nothing between them."

"When we kiss, I...." He hesitated, afraid to reveal something so intimate, but this was Ama-Inu. He had opened himself to Yuki and trusted him. "My chest gets warm," he continued, "and my heads gets foggy and I can't think of anything except for whether or not I'm doing it right."

A beat. There was a rustle of clothing and Yuki looked up in time to see Ama-Inu's face centimeters away from his before his lids fluttered closed in a chaste kiss.

It ended too soon when Ama-Inu pulled away and stroked his face gently. "You do it right," he softly. "But I'm still too old for you, and you haven't experimented enough."

"I don't want to."

"How do you know you want me? In twenty years I'll be almost fifty."

"It just means the ratio won't be as bad."

"I was a grown up before your master adopted you."

"I don't care. You're not going to win this." He fixed a stubborn glare on his face and brought a hand up to cover the one caressing him.

Ama-Inu clenched his jaw tightly. There was nothing he wanted more than to agree and drown himself in the boy's kisses, but he was so young.

"I've stayed too long," he said. "I need to return to my master."


"Right now…." He took a deep breath. "Right now, I can't take care of you and you're too young to be sure what you feel is real, but maybe in a few years…" he tucked a stray hair behind the boy's ear," we can try something then."

Yuki nuzzled the man's hand. "What's 'a few years'?"

"At least until you're twenty. Try your sempai. She's on your side now."

"No. She's going to be mind breaked by Kuro-san's friend then have her memory wiped."

"Even better. She won't remember trying to kill you."

Yuki frowned. "That's not funny."

"I'm being serious." Ama-Inu smiled sadly. "You need to find out what makes you happy and I'd just keep you and never let you go."

"But what if that is what I want?"

Ama-Inu stood and helped the rabbit darklore up. "Then tell me in four years." He pressed his lips against Yuki's forehead. "I'll see you then."


Kumiko frowned. "Then he just left?"

He nodded.

She sighed and passed her ice cream from one hand to the other. She knew Yuki hadn't told her everything, but she didn't want to force him. Getting him to discuss what was bothering him was difficult enough and if there was anything important he'd left out, she'd be able to weed it out later. "As a fangirl, I really want to shake you and demand why you didn't go after him." She paused. "Or at least ask for a goodbye kiss.

"But as a realistic friend, I agree with him. Granted, the fact that he said all that shows that he's not a sleezeball, but still. He's ten years older than us. He was almost in puberty when we were born." She stopped to let her words sink in. "Even a twenty-year old dating a thirty-year old is a little weird, but it is considerably better."

"And you don't mind that I like a guy?" Yuki asked, astonished that his friend had remained so calm and collected throughout his monologue.

She raised one eyebrow. "I'm a Japanese fangirl. Don't be too surprised if I start drawing yaoi manga."

He flushed.

"So what are you going to do now?" he returned to the previous topic easily. "Summer's almost over and Haruko-sempai will be graduating soon."

"I don't know. I'm not entirely sure I like her that way."


"It might just be that I admire her a lot. Some of the conversations I had with Ama-Inu, I just can't imagine having with Sempai. And even when things were awkward, there was something else too and I don't think I could find that with anyone else."

"You might."

"Maybe, but not with Sempai. But maybe I'm just confused." He felt a pang in his chest. "It still hurts that he suggested it."

Kumiko smiled gently and placed a comforting hand on his arm. "You'll be ok," she said. "And when you're not, find me and I'll treat you to ice cream and hopefully, You'll feel a little better."

Yuki returned her smile. "Thank you, Kumiko."


After re-reading this story, I can't help but cringe despite the warmth in my heart. Though I can see many (and I mean MANY) things wrong with the writing, I remember how intense and happy I was during the two months I wrote this and I miss the feeling. I doubt I will ever have the time and energy to do something like this again, but it was fun while it lasted and I do hope to continue writing little things.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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