"Mommy, when is daddy getting home?" asked little Minato as he played with his leaf shinobi action figure. He made a swoosh sound with his mouth as he made the toy

shinobi kick a hidden cloud village toy shinobi in the chest. Minato's mother looked up from folding the clothes that she had dried in the laundry machine.

"He'll be home pretty soon darling." she replied as she continued folding the clothes.

Minato continued playing with his toys and finally made the leaf shinobi do an "ultimate" jutsu on the apposing shinobi, which was really just him yelling "Boom!" and

flicking the figure over. The orange headed youngling decided that he was bored playing ninja and wanted to do something else. He put his toys in his toy chest but opened

the chest again to take the leaf ninja figure out. He decided that the house needed a guardian until his father came back. Minato posed the figure in a "ready" stance upon

the chest. Looking to make sure that the figure wouldn't tip over he nodded his head in satisfaction and turned to look at his mother. He watched as she folded one of his

fathers black shirts nice and neat.

"What was daddy like when he was younger?" he asked.

His mother looked at him with the same two bright emerald eyes that he had inherited from her. She smiled at him and stopped folding the clothes.

"What do you want to know sweetie?" she told him in that sweet motherly tone she had.

"What was he like when he was a kid?"

His pink haired mother made her way towards the family couch and fixed her scarlet kimono before sitting down.

"Come over here Minato." his mother motioned towards herself . Obediently Minato headed towards his mother in quick fashion. She picked him up gently and placed him

on her lap . Minato snuggled in his mothers bosom as he felt her warmth heat up his body.

"Your father" she began "was basically a really big idiot."

The words hit Minato bluntly.

"Daddy was an idiot mommy?" he asked with bewilderment in his voice. His mother giggled as she heard the confusion in her offspring's voice.

"Well ,yeah but he had and still has the biggest heart that I've ever known anybody to have."

He chuckled as she ruffled his blazing orange hair with a delicate hand. She looked at her four year olds face and couldn't help but notice how much he looked like his father.
Those same confident eyes, that tan skin, and the most of all that big stupid grin that she had fallen in love with. Minato looked into his mothers eyes and asked her what

she meant by biggest heart.

"He always put others lives before his own. He's always been willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of others, not caring if he got injured or killed. Your father is a hero to

the whole village." she said as she continued to gently rub the top of his head.

"What about you and daddy? What were you two like?" he asked softly as he began to nod off to sleep. His mother smiled at the question. "Ah, I remember those days. He

was always trying to impress me with a new jutsu and always pulling stupid pranks on people. Back in the academy he would always show up late to class and get in


Minato giggled at the thought of his father getting in trouble. "For all the pranks and antics he would do, he was really just looking for people to notice him. He was really


"Daddy was lonely?" Minato asked worriedly. He looked at his mothers face and found that she was frowning. She was remembering those days when she would leave the

academy with the other girls and look upon that solemn figure sitting by himself on the swing set under the tree. She remembered that every time she looked towards him

he would try to hide his face behind one of the swings ropes. She returned to her story with a smile "But he wasn't for long. Your father met his best friend back then."

"You mean uncle Sasuke?" Minato asked.

"Mhhm… those two were the best of friends. They would always have a rivalry over everything they competed in. They looked out for each other and cared for each other.

They treated each other as if they were blood brothers."

She finished her statement with a smile that slowly turned into a frown. "Then one day uncle Sasuke left and it devastated your father and I. We both looked for him

everywhere and couldn't find him. I felt like we would never find him but your father promised to bring him back. He went away for two years to get stronger to bring our

teammate, his brother, back." She paused to wipe away a tear that began to roll down her face. Minato was saddened at his mother crying. "Your father came back and

continued his search through and through. We traveled far and wide. I learned so much about him that I had never known before. He had gotten so handsome and his

confidence and courage grew so much that he became virtually fearless. I began to fall in love with him over the time we spent together meeting new challenges and new

friends. I remember when your uncle Sai and him first met. He really riled up your father!" she chuckled as she remembered the event. "We came so close to your uncle so
many times until we finally found him." Her mood darkened.

"When we found your uncle, he had been corrupted by a man in an orange mask. Your father defeated the man in the orange mask to get to your uncle.. The man though

had turned your uncle evil and your father pleaded with him to turn away from that path. He refused to turn. Your uncle and father fought for hours and their fight shook

the very earth beneath my feet. Finally your uncle fell before your father. I remember as he said to the both of us that he was sorry for everything that had happened. I

remember as he told me too take care of your dad before he passed away. I remember also what he said to your father. He told your father that he wanted him to become

Hokage and to always protect the village. Your father swore to him that he would. We both held your uncles hand until he finally passed away. Your father had finally

brought him back to the light." she finished her statement with a few tears rolling down her face. "He still visits his grave to tell your uncle how everything's been." She

coughed once and wiped the tears from her eyes and began to smile warmly. "Your father took on the title of Hokage to protect the village and the ones he loves from any

danger that might try to harm them. He's put his life on the line so many times that a lesser man would have been broken under the pressure already." "I love your father

so much because of the dedication, courage, commitment, and heart that he has." "And he's really - eh?" she looked down and noticed that little Minato had fallen asleep.

She smiled as she heard him mumble "I… wanna…be…Hokage" in his sleep. "Wow you have the same attention span too. Like father like son." she said as she picked him

up and took him to his room and lay him to rest.

She made her way back to the living room. The living room lights were off but she didn't remember turning them off before she left. She felt arms go around her chest and

squeeze her bosom. She yelped in surprise and immediately responded by back fisting her assailant in the face. The mystery man flew across the room and hit one of the

dinning room chairs. She darted toward the light switch and flicked it on. In one expert movement she drew a Kunai from its holster. She held the kunai clenched in her

hands ready to attack once more. She looked at her assailant who was sprawled out on the broken chair.

"Geez Sakura-Chan!" the blonde haired Hokage said as he got up and brushed himself off. "NARUTO!" Sakura yelled out but quickly quieted herself down as she

remembered that little Minato was asleep. "Your such an idiot!" she hissed. "Well sorry dang!" he responded as he folded his arms and turned his head away. He turned to

look at her and gave her one of his biggest and dumbest grins and said "Well its been a hell of a day and daddy wants his sugar." Sakura stared at Naruto blankly for a

second until she burst out laughing and leapt into his arms. He caught her with a grand hug and they both twirled around kissing each other with passion and love. " I love

you, you idiot." she said softly in his ear. "And I love you too my flower." She blushed as he told her this. "How's Minato doing?" he asked his bride.

"He's fine. He's in bed right now. I think he wants to be Hokage one day." Naruto smiled and blurted "Well of course he does! He's got my genes!" Sakura blinked twice and

replied "Yes he does because he has the same attention span that you have." He stuck his tongue out at her. She smiled and stuck her tongue out to touch his. The two

laughed at what they just did.

"So" she purred "you want that sugar now or later." Naruto looked into his loves eyes and noticed that she moved her eyebrows suggestively and that her eyes darted

from him to their bedroom. "Na I'm beat! Besides I wanted to eat some leftover ramen and stay up all night doing paper work!" Naruto said bluntly. Sakura's eyebrow

twitched. Her face had that let down look on it. Naruto started laughing out loud. "You think" he snorted as he kept laughing "that I even do my paper work? Ahahahaha!"

Sakura gave him an angry stare. The blonde haired ninja stopped laughing cold in his tracks.


"Naruto." she said blankly "you're a dumb ass."

At this the two looked at each other and smiled. The love between them flowed like the mighty rivers of the cascades and was greater than the grand statues at the Valley

of the End nigh the whole world. She leaned her head forward ,closed her eyes and puckered her lips gently. Naruto smiled and did the same. He leaned in and gave her a

passionate kiss that would light anything on fire. Both their hearts beet like the war drums of battle. The two simultaneously broke off the kiss and looked at each other

grandly. Fire and intimacy and love was in both their eyes. Naruto, in a quick flash, swept Sakura off her feet and into her arms so that she was horizontal off the ground.

She giggled cutely as he did this. She wrapped her arms around his built neck and gave him another passionate kiss. He smiled at her as she did too him. Then with a big

grin he ran to the bedroom with her in his arms. She squealed in happiness as they entered the room. He laid her down on the bed gently and began to kiss her neck

passionately. She closed her eyes and moaned in delight. She wrapped her arms around his back and gripped his Hokage jacket. She pulled him closer and lifted his chin

with her hand.

"I love you Naruto. Forever."

He looked at the two emeralds that looked into his own eyes. He smiled warmly and said "I love you too Sakura-Chan. Forever." With this the husband and wife enjoyed

their night together as only a man and a woman deeply in love should.

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