The Bug – A Superman Returns FanFic

By Claudia Silva

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to Superman.

Note: I love reveals and I had this idea about Lois bugging Clark to spy on him and she hears a conversation she shouldn't have. The thing is I don't know anything about surveillance or how it works, so if you are going to enjoy this story just accept what you're reading (use your imagination) and enjoy. I had a lot of fun with this one because I wanted so much to write about Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent together.


Chapter 1 – New Enemy

"I'm telling you, Lane," Perry White looked out his window through the half-closed blinds, "the rate he's going, he'll probably win the next Pulitzer."

Lois rested her head on her closed fists as she heard her boss rant about Clark Kent. She rolled her eyes and stood up to confront him, her hands now on the table before her. "Oh, come on, Perry." She said, "It's Clark! Do you honestly believe he's the best you've got?"

Perry turned around, a smile painted on his face. "I'm telling you kiddo, he's turned in more articles about this New Krypton issue than anyone on the Planet. And it's only been a week since Superman threw that thing into space." He then took a copy of the evening edition of the Daily Planet in front of Lois. "Three front cover stories in a week, Lois, now that's what I call a good reporter."

Lois shrugged it off, "Yeah, but have you read the articles?" She asked him.

"Have you?" He returned her question. "I don't know how the guy does it. He's been gone for five years and, when he comes back; all his sources seem to be intact. Like they have been waiting for him to come back."

"What sources?" Lois turned around; the new glass that now surrounded Perry white was so clear she almost forgot it was there. She looked at Clark's desk, which was currently empty. You bastard, she thought to herself, assuming her ex-partner was out fishing for the next Pulitzer, like Perry had suggested.

"Beats me," Perry said, "I really don't care as long as he keeps writing this great stuff… and about Superman to boot! It's almost like he knows what he's thinking!"

Lois didn't look happy about that last remark. If there was someone who should know what Superman was thinking, it had to be Lois Lane, right? But no, after The Man of Steel had visited Jason a week ago, she hadn't really seen much of him. She was wondering if it had been a mistake to spill the beans about Jason's true parentage.

She sighed, not knowing how to win the battle and she hated not being able to win the battle. "I have to go pick up Jason."

"It's not yet two o'clock." Perry stated.

Lois knew Jason wouldn't be released for school for another hour, just like her boss did. "Yeah." She said absentmindedly, "I've got some errands to run."

She had only stopped for her purse before heading to the elevator. Without even a glance at Richard, Lois pushed the button and waited. There was only one thing to be done and she would do it. She would use the last resource.

The elevator opened to the parking lot under the Daily Planet's building. Lois walked straight to the car she co-owned with Richard White and pressed the button for the trunk to open. While it seemed like she was looking to find the spare tire, she instead produced a small leather bag from the inside of the trunk.

"Still here." She muttered to herself.

Hesitating, she took the bag and locked herself inside the car. Once inside, she opened the bag. From it, something that looked like a tiny, thin cell phone and an earpiece appeared.

She examined them for a while, wondering… hoping the thing still worked. The image of her old boyfriend, the one that had built the thing while still in college, the one from whom she had stolen it, came to mind. But she dismissed the image quickly; there was no time for that.

If the thing worked and she managed to successfully bug Clark Kent, then she was sure she would be able to find his sources and steal them from him. There was no way a farm boy from Kansas would continue to still her thunder much longer.

There was only one minor flaw with her plan, of course. It was illegal… and unethical… and unprofessional… and… She shrugged off the thought. It was necessary, Clark Kent had made her take drastic action, hadn't he? And hadn't she uncovered the truth behind the pharmaceutical money laundry scheme thanks to it when she first started her career as a journalist?

It had helped her gain the credibility she had today and there wasn't any possible way that Clark Kent would steal that from her, too. Besides, what could Clark do to her if he found out? He wouldn't even find out, she was smarter than he was.

All she had to do was place the tiny phone in his jacket's pocket and then retrieve it in maybe two or three days. She was certain she would learn what she wanted quickly. It was settled, then. Clark would carry her bug and after a few days, when he ran to the restroom or to lunch or wherever he disappeared to every now and then, leaving his jacket behind, she would take the bug right back. No one would even know.

Right? It was easy, right?

"Here goes nothing." She said to herself, packing the tiny device in her purse and exiting the car.

To be continued...