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Chapter 1: It's just the beginning

"I am pregnant, Sasuke kun…"


Sasuke looked at his wife incredulously as he let the words sank into his mind. He gave Sakura an are-you-serious-look which quickly answered by the ascertained nod.

It didn't take any time after that when the raven haired man finally smiled. A genuine smiled which he was really shown to others. He hugged her tightly.

"I am happy… I am so happy…" he whispered softly in her ear, "Thank God, thank you, sakura… I love you…"

Sakura smiled. A response she could come up to was a simple genuine 'I love you too', she too, of course, as happy as her husband.

The young couple embraced for a while, savoring each second passed of the beginning of their happiness.

"I never thought I will be pregnant so soon…" Sakura let out a small chuckle, "I mean we've been married for just four months!"

"Hn, that's because of our hard work every night, ne?" Sasuke said earning a deep blush on Sakura's face. He watched in amusement. Sakura was always so cute when she was blushing. Perhaps that's why he loved teasing her so much. He slightly chuckled but soon stopped as he saw Sakura expression turned serious.

"D-do you think Otou sama and Okaa sama will accept and love the baby if we tell them, Sasuke kun?" She looked at him. Her emerald eyes held a hint of sadness and nervousness, "It's just… I-I am afraid they will reject the baby just like they reject me…" her voice was barely audible as she said that.

Sasuke sighed. He fully understood what his beloved wife felt at the moment. His parents never agreed with him marrying Sakura on the first place. Being the only heir to the one of the wealthiest families in Japan, they thought a poor orphan Sakura didn't deserve him. She wasn't in the same level they said and 

always refused to acknowledge her; even until now, after he decided went against his parents and married her four months ago. They still couldn't accept the fact that Sakura was their daughter in law now.

Therefore, Sasuke was so determined to show them that his choice wasn't wrong. Sakura was a very nice, caring, determined, and smart (the qualifications he didn't find in those spoiled jetsetters girls his dad offered him). He would prove to his parents that they couldn't judge someone based on only their wealth or social class, but their hearts. He really wished someday, his parents would accept her in their open arms. Now that Sakura was pregnant, Sasuke could only pray that the child would melt their freezing heart since he knew his parents expected a grandchild so much.

"Sasuke kun?"

Snapped out of his own reverie, Sasuke smiled softly at his wife. He once again, stretched his arms to engulf her in a comforting embrace. He gently kissed her forehead and softly whispered, "Don't worry, they'll be happy…"


"What do you want?" A firm cold voice of Uchiha Fugaku broke the silence at the luxurious living room. His eyes were boring into the younger couple before him.

Sakura gripped Sasuke's hand tightly. She was so nervous so she didn't even dare to look up to meet the sharp looks both of her parents in law. She felt like the old day when sasuke first took her to them after their simple wedding ceremony. Those eyes of them… were still full of fury and disapproval.

Meanwhile, Sasuke calmly looked back at his parents. He held Sakura's hand back, brushing his thumb slightly to make her relax. "Otou san and Okaa san, we come here to tell you that Sakura is now a month pregnant."

Silence once again filled the room. Sasuke could feel Sakura became more nervous as she tightened her grip on his hand. His eyes fixed at his parents, scrutinizing their expression.

Deep inside his heart Sasuke wished his parents would smile, congratulate him or whatever to show that they indeed were very grateful and excited to hear the news but as the seconds ticked by they just sat there, not letting out even a word and kept their cold expression showed for him and Sakura which disappointed Sasuke the most.

Sasuke sighed. If they didn't want to accept the baby either, then fine, he's not going to force them. "We just want to tell you that. Now, we're going home." He turned to his wife and motioned her to just leave which she sadly accepted. The young Uchiha couple slowly rose up from their seat and headed to the door when suddenly Fugaku spoke.

"You both have to make sure to take care of the baby."

Sasuke and Sakura's eyes widened slightly. They exchanged glances in surprised. Did he just…

"Now what are you two doing there?!" Fugaku snapped, "Leave now! Stop wasting my time!"

Sasuke finally smiled in understanding. Though his parents didn't openly show it but he knew that they did feel content. He soon led Sakura into their car. A grin plastered on his face as he delicately caressed her cheek, "See? They're happy."

Sakura smiled too as she planted a soft kiss on his lips, "I am glad…"


It had been five months since their visit to their parents. Sakura was really really happy and excited; not only because she would be able to see her and Sasuke's first child in three months, but also Fugaku and Mikoto had warmed up to her since then; though they still literally cold but at least they now talked to her.

She too couldn't help but smiled everytime she saw her husband. It's so wonderful to see his used-to-be stoic face was now always plastered with genuine smiles and laughed which adorned his handsome features more. The excitement and happiness were clearly radiating from his body and she liked it so much. It somehow made her warm. Hope it would last forever…

However, unfortunately, sometimes in our life, we couldn't always get all what we wanted. There were times when our life didn't turn out as we expected. When everything seemed to be going so perfect and smooth for Sakura and Sasuke, the accident happened.


Sasuke stood stiffly beside the white bed which holding a very pale and unconscious Sakura. No matter how hard he tried to keep his calm composure, worry still clearly visible on his face. "So, how's she, Doctor?" His voice a bit trembled as he asked.

The sighed doctor looked at him and sighed, "I am very sorry, Uchiha san…" he began, "We can't save your baby…" he paused a second before continued again, "and she might not be capable to be pregnant again."

Sasuke looked at the doctor in shock, "You mean we won't be able to have a child again?"

"It's not completely impossible for that." The doctor said again, "She still has the chance for pregnancy though it's only less than 5 percent. However, it would be so risky for her if that happens. Her ovum was blighted badly because of the accident. It's highly recommended for her not to be pregnant again or it will endanger her own life."

Sasuke clenched his fists. He felt so upset, sad, worried, afraid, and other feelings mixed up in him right now. He was really thankful that Sakura was survived but he also couldn't deny his disappointment for losing his first child and felt even more grief as he will never have his own children from now on.

'What should I do? What should I tell Otou san and Okaa san about this?' He asked himself. Surely they wouldn't accept the fact easily. Sasuke heavily sighed. No matter what, he must be strong, for Sakura's sake. Whatever his parents' reaction later, he promised to himself would be always by her side…

"Hope everything will be better for both of us…" he silently prayed as he kissed Sakura's forehead softly.

But really, Sasuke was obviously oblivious that this was just the beginning…



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