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Chapter 23

"Oh I'm so sorry for everything, Dear. Please you take care there."

Fugaku looked up from his book when Mikoto entered their bedroom. She was talking on her cell phone and her voice was full of concern.

"Of course, my dear, feel free to call me anytime." He heard her wife said. His eyebrows lifted slightly as he was wondering who Mikoto was talking to. Fugaku watched his wife curiously but waited patiently until she finished before finally asking his wife.

"What's wrong? Who was it?"

Mikoto put down her cell phone on the bedside table and climbed on the bed, placing herself next to him before answering. "It's Ino chan." She sighed. "She's in London now. She got on the plane yesterday and she said she apologized for not telling me that she left the country."

"I see."

"That poor girl, she must be very heartbroken that she chose to return to England." She paused for a second and added, "If only things went well with Sasuke. It's too bad really, I like Ino chan so much. She's pretty, well-mannered, and very well-educated too. She's really perfect for my Sasuke."

Fugaku closed his book and put it on the bedside table, "But obviously, our son doesn't think so." He said calmly.

"Yes. He's so in love with that wife of his." Mikoto sighed in annoyance. "Honestly, since he was a kid, Sasuke's always very obedient. He always listened to what we told him, but ever since he met Sakura, he doesn't listen to us anymore."

"He's happy with Sakura."

Mikoto scoffed, "He's always happy too before!"

Fugaku shook his head, "I'm disappointed at you, Mikoto. I thought as his mother you would have realized it by now."

"W-what do you mean?"

Fugaku took a deep, calming breath before he answered, "We have made a mistake, Mikoto dear. We're not good parents for Sasuke."


"Do you know why I changed my mind about marrying him and Ino chan?" He asked his wife.

"You never told me the exact reason." Mikoto answered, "All I know is you talked to Sasuke and he succeeded in convincing you to cancel the wedding."

Fugaku nodded, "Yes, I talked to Sasuke, or more likely listened to him since he's the one who did all the talking."

"What exactly did he say, Dear?"

"He opened my eyes." Fugaku said softly. He then proceeded to tell Mikoto everything Sasuke had told him that night. "Until that time Sasuke pointed it out to me, I never knew how selfish I was. Then I realized that ever since Sasuke was a child, I never really looked at him. I was too proud of my Itachi that I barely acknowledged him. Then, when Itachi died, I only saw him as Itachi's replacement.

"You know, Sasuke was a bright kid. But he's not as bright as his brother. It wasn't enough for me so I forced him to study hard and made him to be like Itachi, equal on every level with Itachi." He sighed, "I forced upon him all my decision without asking what he really wanted. I was too obsessed that I failed to notice that he has his own feelings. That he's Sasuke and not Itachi…

"I realized I'm not a good father for him and I want to change that fact." He gave a weak smile to Mikoto who had started sobbing and took his wife's hand in his. "You see, Dear," He continued again. "I saw him talking on the phone to his wife one time. I couldn't catch their conversation but Sasuke was smiling, a genuine, free smile that he never shows us. He never smiles like that when he's with us, his own parents. And I found myself got jealous. I felt myself like a failure to see my own son feels more content when he's with someone else. I want to see him smiles like that to me too. Don't you, Dear?"

Mikoto buried her face on Fugaku's chest, "I'm such a terrible mother." She mumbled. Her voice full of remorse as her husband's words sunk in. "I always thought that all my decisions I made for him is for his own happiness without really asking him whether he likes the decision or not; whether he is happy with them or not, just like in Ino chan's case. I'm a very selfish mother myself."

Fugaku held his wife tightly, "So, now you understand?"

Mikoto nodded. She looked at her husband, "Do you think Sasuke will give us a second chance?"

"I think he always does."

"And Sakura?"

Fugaku paused for a second, "I will be honest that I still don't like her but I think we should give her a chance too."

"You're right, Dear. She looks like a good woman, despite her background and all. Maybe if we try to get to know her more, we will see what Sasuke sees in her."

Fugaku nodded and kissed Mikoto's temple, "It's late now. We better sleep."

"Goodnight, Dear…"


Sasuke was riding his care home when he saw Ten Ten stood in front of one of the grocery stores with shopping bags in both of her hands. He assumed Ten Ten must have finished grocery shopping and now was waiting for a taxi to take her home. Sasuke thought it was a good idea to offer her a ride instead so he immediately pulled over. He stepped out of his car and approached Ten Ten.

"Ten Ten san!"

Ten Ten was pulled out of her daydreaming at the voice and her face lit up when she saw it was Sasuke who called her. "Sasuke san!"

"Are you going home?"

Ten Ten nodded.

"Come on then, I'll give you a ride."

Ten Ten smiled at that, "Ah thank you for the offer, Sasuke san. But I actually am waiting for someone now."

Sasuke's eyebrows lifted, "Oh…"

"Ten Ten san!" Just in time, another voice called out her name. Sasuke turned to see this someone she was waiting for and couldn't hide his surprise.


Indeed, there he was Hyuuga Neji. "Sorry, I'm late Ten Ten san." He looked at Sasuke, "And hello to you, Uchiha!"

"Hn, hello." Sasuke replied.

Neji smirked in amusement at the shocked look on his rival/business partner's face but he managed to hold himself not to make a snide comment about that. Instead he just asked, "Are you grocery shopping too, Uchiha?"

"Oh, no. I was on my way home when I saw Ten Ten san here and thought I'm going to give her a ride." He shrugged, "I didn't know that she already has her driver." Sasuke smirked back and looked at the two knowingly.

"Well then now you know." Neji smiled, looking at Ten Ten softly, making Ten Ten blushed.

"Right," Sasuke nodded. "Well, I think I'm just going home now."

Neji and Ten Ten both nodded, "Say hello to Sakura from us and tell her that I'm meeting her for lunch and hospital tomorrow."

"Sure." And with that, Sasuke left. An amazed smirk still plastered on his face as he drove his car again. Hyuuga and Ten Ten san? He clearly wasn't expected this.


"Sakura, I'm home!" Sasuke yelled as he entered the living room.

"Welcome home, Sasuke kun!" His wife gave him a lingering peck on his lips. A big radiant smile was on her face as she pulled away.

"You look very happy."

Sakura's smile grew wider at his comment. "Indeed I am!" She exclaimed. The pink-haired then dragged his husband to a couch nearby, "You're not gonna believe this, Sasuke kun!"

"What is it?"

"It's Okaa sama!"

Sasuke instantly stiffened as he heard his mother being mentioned, "Okaa san? What does she want this time? She didn't… do anything, did she?" His voice was full of concerns. "But wait, you look so happy so that isn't the case." He frowned.

"No, of course not, Sasuke kun."

"Then what?"

Sakura smiled again, "Okaa sama called me and she invited us to have dinner tomorrow with her and Otou sama."


"Yes, and not only that, she offered me to help her in her boutique too! Isn't that great, Sasuke kun?"

Sasuke's mind wandered to the image of his mother and father. Never once before, since he married Sakura, they invited him and his wife to have a dinner with them. They talked to him often but never once they acknowledged Sakura or mentioned her in their conversation, much to his disappointment. And now they invited him and Sakura to have a dinner with them? Even more so, her mother offered Sakura to work with her in her precious boutique? Did this mean that they finally gave his wife a chance?

A soft smile formed on his face. Yes, they must do.

Sakura somehow could understand what he must be thinking. She mirrored his smile on her pretty face and squeezed his hands gently. "Things work out in the end, right?"

"Yes." Sasuke breathed. He leaned in, brushing his lips on hers and soon they kissed passionately. They pulled away after awhile and they smiled at each other. That's when Sakura spoke, "Come on, dinner's ready. You must be hungry, Sasuke kun."

"Right," Sasuke made a move to stand up but then he remembered his encounter with ten Ten. "Oh yeah, Sakura, I met Ten Ten san on my way home today." He said. "And guess what, he's with Hyuuga."


Sasuke frowned, "Aren't you surprised that they are going out now? It's so sudden and unexpected, don't you think?"

"Nah, I'm not surprised. Ten Ten actually had a crush on Neji kun back when we were high school. I'm happy they find each other now. And correction, Sasuke kun, they are not going out. That's what Ten Ten told me."

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "They are not going out… yet. I think they're attracted at each other."

Sakura laughed, "Yeah, yet." She said. "It's just a matter of time, I think. No matter what, I'm happy that they find each other."

"Right. Ten Ten san is a wonderful woman and I think I'm glad she's the one who's being our child's surrogate mother."

"I know. I'm so lucky to have a best friend like her too." Sakura smiled and kissed Sasuke's cheek. "Now come on, the food's getting cold. We better have a dinner now."


7 months later

Konoha Hospital

Sasuke, Sakura, Fumiko, and Neji were waiting outside a room in the maternity ward of Konoha Hospital.

Earlier this morning, Ten Ten's water broke and she's immediately taken to the hospital. It had been almost six hours since then when finally the doctor said that Ten Ten was ready to give birth. And now Ten Ten had been in the room for about half an hour, but still there's no sign of the baby was born.

Sakura bit her lips nervously, "Oh my God…" She muttered for maybe the hundredth time that day. "What take them so long? How'sTen Ten now?"

Sasuke shook his head at her wife, "Sakura, calm down. I'm sure Ten Ten san will be fine and we'll see the baby soon."

Fumiko squeezed Sakura's hand, "Your husband's right, Sakura chan. The delivering process may take time, but I'm sure Ten Ten will be fine."

Neji didn't say anything since inwardly he's as worried as Sakura. These few months spent with Ten Ten had grown a very special feeling for the said woman in his heart. He just wished she'd be alright.

The three waited for about twenty minutes longer before the door to the room was opened. Dr. Tani walked out, greeting them with a big smile on his face.

"Congratulation!" He said cheerily. "Ten Ten san is fine, though she's exhausted. She has given birth to a two healthy baby boys." He shook Sasuke's hand.

Sakura hugged Fumiko while Neji and Sasuke heaved a very long breath in relief.

"Congratulation, Uchiha san." He shook Sasuke's hand who muttered the words 'thank you' to the doctor. "You can see Ten Ten san and the babies in a few minutes. The nurse will call you." He added again before excused himself and left.

"Thank God…" Sakura turned to her husband who then pecked her lips softly.

A few minutes later the nurse called them and the three of them walked into the room excitedly. There, she saw Ten Ten, wearing a blue hospital gown, lied on the bed and smiling at them tiredly. The brunette motioned to the two little bundles next to her, wrapped in a blue blanket. "Meet your sons, Sakura."

Sakura smiled and scooped one of the babies into her arms. A happy tear escaped her cheeks as she looked at the baby's face. She turned to her husband who had come to stand next to her. The other baby was in his arms.

"I can't believe it, we have sons." Sakura whispered.

"Yeah," Sasuke smiled.

"The one in your arms is the younger brother, Sakura." Ten Ten said. She smiled at Neji who had moved to her side and kissed her forehead softly.

Sakura handed Fumiko the baby as she hugged her best friend tightly, "Thank you so much, Ten Ten. Thank you so much. You make my and Sasuke kun's dreams come true. We owe you forever."

"Don't be silly." Ten Ten replied. "It's me who should thank you both."

Sakura laughed and kissed Ten Ten's cheek, "You're welcome, then."

"They are very handsome, Sakura, Sasuke san." Fumiko said. "What would you name them?"

The two Uchihas exchanged glances and smiled. "We've decided to let my father and mother who name them." Sasuke said and Sakura nodded in approval.

"I think they will be happy."


Sasuke shivered as he felt cold seeped into his bare chest. He reached out his hand, seeking out the warmth of his wife's body but found that the bed was empty. He frowned and opened his eyes. Indeed, his wife wasn't on the bed. Sasuke rubbed his eyes sleepily and glance at the clock on the bedside table. It's 2 in the morning. Where was she going?

Slowly, the raven haired man dragged himself off of the bed. He put on his pajama pants and T-shirt before he walked out of the room and headed toward the certain room he was sure where his wife was right now. The blue-painted door was slightly ajar when he got there. And there she was, Sakura, standing in front of the two cribs of their babies, humming a lullaby softly.

He couldn't help but smiled at the sight. Slowly, he approached her, who was still singing, and snaked his arms to her waists from behind. "I knew you'd be here." He mumbled, kissing the nape of her neck.

Sakura shivered involuntarily at his touch, "I'm sorry, did I wake you, Sasuke kun?" She whispered.

"No, but you know I'd wake up anyway if you're not on the bed with me." He kissed her cheek now. "What are you doing here? Are Hiro and Kyo crying again?" Sasuke asked mentioning their babies.

Sakura shook her head, "Oh no. They're surprisingly calm tonight. I actually just planned to go to the toilet when I woke up but then I couldn't stop myself to check on them."

"Hn, good. Then we'd better get back to bed. Tomorrow is the engagement party of Ten Ten and Hyuuga. I think they won't like it if we show up with bags and dark circles under our eyes."

Sakura giggled, "You're right. But I think the party is today, Sasuke kun. It's new day already." She moved to kiss his sons'. "Is Okaa-sama still available to take care of them while we're going to the party, Sasuke kun?"

Sasuke nodded, "Yeah, Okaa san called and confirmed that she would take care of Hiro and Kyo for us."

"That's good. I hope Otou sama won't mind though."

Sasuke snorted, "That's nonsense, Sakura. I'm sure he won't mind even the slightest bit. The way he spoils our sons prove it all . He bought them cars for their one year birthday last week, remember? For God's sake, that old man has lost his mind. Imagine what he would give our sons on their 17th birthday!"

Sakura laughed, "He just loves his grandsons so much."

"He never treated me like that back when I was a child. I think maybe it's his way to make up for that."

Sakura smiled at her husband softly, "Otou sama is a great man. And Okaa sama is a wonderful woman too."

Sasuke smiled back at him as he nodded. He cupped Sakura's cheeks and then kissed him softly.

"I love you, Sakura."

"I love you too, Sasuke kun."

You're the only one I love, forever…



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