Summery: As an ordinary girl with ordinary looks and talents, Sakura had always believed that she would have an ordinary life. All that changed when she gets mistaken as a boy due to a make-over and gets recruited in the hottest new boy band. Now, getting her crush, Ryusaki Akira, to notice that she's a girl is harder than ever and the least of her worries. Because now, she has to be a boy.


Chapter 1: Ordinary Morning

A blush of dawn across the now brightening sky brought forth morning chirps from the sleepy birds perched around the trees. The singing of the crickets slowly receded into a light, low hum as day quickly stole over night.

In the second story of a mediocre yellow house, an alarm sounded, ringing loudly the call of morning. A pale slender hand slid out from under the covers and reached toward the noisy clock. Lean, delicate fingers lightly danced around the top of the alarm clock, trying to find the snooze button.

"Sakura! Time for breakfast," came the usual call from her father.

Unable to find the button to stop the ringing, Sakura grabbed the alarm clock and tossed it onto the floor. The ringing abruptly died away. Pushing down pink linen sheets, a burst of light flashed across her startling green eyes. Rubbing them gently, she stifled a yawn. Sitting up, she raised her arms above her head, stretching them out.



The head of her brother poked inside her bedroom. A smile swam across his face as he said, "Oh, the monster finally awakens from her badly needed beauty sleep."

Grabbing a nearby pillow, Sakura tosses it over at him. Ducking out of the way, her target lets out a soft snicker. Soft wooden moans creaked lightly, announcing her brother's steps down the stairs.

Pushing aside her messy blankets, Sakura slipped out of bed. Stifling yet another yawn, she grabbed her towel and sluggishly dragged herself to the bathroom. After a quick fresh shower, Sakura brushed her teeth and washed her face.

Now fully awake, she could smell the delicious aroma of steamed rice, omelets, miso soup, and grilled fish rising from the kitchen. Rushing to her room, she quickly slips on her undergarments, the fresh white shirt of the school uniform, and the black skirt. Picking up the black tie that matched the uniform skirt, Sakura deftly fastened around her neck with expertise. Walking over to the sunlight window, she opened it wide, letting the cool breeze drift in. Sticking her arm out through the open window, Sakura felt the warm sun rest its rays upon her milk-white hand.

A smile appeared on her face. "It's such a beautiful warm day!" Strolling over to her bed, she picked up the light blue jacket. Sakura wrinkled her brows in thought. "Maa, since it's warm out, I'll leave the jacket behind."

Having decided, Sakura draped the jacket on the chair near her desk. Running down the stairs toward the kitchen, Sakura hurriedly rubbed her silky auburn hair dry.

"Ohayou, Otou-san," Sakura said in greeting to her father.

Her father, carrying two bowls of miso soup, placed it with the other. Looking up at his daughter, a happy smile rolled across his face. "Ohayou gozaimasu."

Walking up to a pictured frame of her mother, Sakura puts her hand together and gave a slight bow. "Ohayou, Okaa-san."

"Ohayou gozaimasu," greeted her brother as he walks into the kitchen. Sauntering toward the counter, he grabbed the rest of the side dishes and placed them on the oak table. Pulling back one of the four long, graceful chairs, he sat down. "So, the kaijuu has finally decided to join the table like a civilized person," came the curt reply when he finally noticed Sakura.

"Touya!" An angry pout instantly set into Sakura's face, an unconscious reaction to the customary teasing from her brother. "I am not a kaijuu!"

"Ehhhh?" Touya scratched his chin lightly. "I heard this huge monster thrashing about upstairs in the bathroom and I was sure you were taking a shower in there. Wasn't that you?"

Stomping over to the where he sat, Sakura rammed her foot against his shins. A satisfied look spread over her face as he bit his lip and clutched his shins in pain. "Hmph! I told you that I'm not a monster." Sakura strolled over to her seat and sat comfortably down.

"You two get along well in the morning. Let's eat our breakfast."

"Hai, Otou-san!" Looking down at the food, water instantly filled her mouth. Her father, Fujitaka, was a great cook, even though he's a college archaeology professor. "Ah! It looks delicious! Itadakimasu!"

Sakura frowned at her brother. "By the way, what are you doing here? You have your own house and everything. And don't you have to get to the studio?"

Touya placed his foot back down and looked up over at her. "Just came to get a music sheet I left and some other things from my room. Otou-san asked me to stay for breakfast. Since I still have some time before they expect me at the studio, I might as well stay."

Taking a seat, Fujitaka smiled and asked, "How's everything going with the music industry?"

"Everything's good. That reminds me, my concert his going to be held here at the Tomoeda Penguin Park for the children's fundraising. Come, if you have the time."

"Of course."

"I'll definitely go, too!" Sakura beamed. She loved hearing Touya play the piano. It was he who taught her how to play as well, since their mother, who had taught him, died when she was three.

Touya looked over at the clock hung on the wall and a slight frown creased his forehead.

Noticing the frown, Sakura asked, "What's wrong?"

Touya shrugged his shoulders in disinterest. "Maa, if you're late for school, it won't matter much to me."

Whipping her head in the direction of the clock, it read 7:50. Sakura let out a loud yell. "EHHHHHHH!" Grabbing the side dishes, Sakura dumped them into her bowl of rice and swallowed them down. Placing her hands together, Sakura announced the end of her meal. "Gochisousama!"

Picking up the empty dishes, Sakura ran them over to the sink. Dashing over to the door, she pulled out her skates and strapped then on. "Ittekimasu!" she yelled to them in farewell, and rushed out.

"Itte irasshai!" two distant voices called behind her.

Author's Note: Well, that's the end of chapter 1! Chapter 2 should be up shortly, because I KNOW that the first chapter is a little on the boring side. Hopefully, the updates for this one will be quick. Anyway, below are clarifications on the Japanese words/phrases if they are a mystery to you.

Hai - means "yes" in Japanese

miso soup - soy bean paste soup, a very common Japanese dish

Maa - means "well…" (as in expressing thought or introducing a remark)

"Ohayou, Otou-san." - means "Good morning, father" with the suffix '-san' for respect

"Ohayou gozaimasu." - means "Good Morning"

"Ohayou, Okaa-san." means "Good morning, mother" with the suffiz '-san' for respect

kaijuu - means "monster"

"Itadakimasu!" - similar meaning to saying 'I'm going to have some' or 'I'm digging in' and said before eating a meal

"Gochisousama!" - similar meaning to saying 'thanks for the food, it was good' and said after eating a meal

"Ittekimasu!" - meaning 'I'll be back soon' and said when leaving, usually when leaving a home

"Itte irasshai!" - meaning 'go and come back' and said when someone is leaving, usually in reply to "Ittekimasu" or something similar