Lost Boy Found

By Claudia Silva

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they are owned by Warner Bros. This is my take at Lost Boys: The Tribe, which is the sequel to The Lost Boys. I was reading the plot for the sequel and after that I had a dream about it and I had to write it down.

Here are my assumptions for this story:

Nicole and Chris Emerson are the children of Star and Michael Emerson (they are not dead).

Michael's mom is Lucy and his brother Sam.

Star's brother is Laddie Thompson.

Chapter 1

Chris Emerson woke up the last Sunday before school began for his last year of High School. He was still seventeen, but he was now counting the days for his eighteenth birthday in October. The alarm clock didn't buzz, though it would need to on Monday, because it was near 10 o'clock in the morning and he still couldn't drag himself out of bed.

He had heard his mother and sister chatting downstairs, and he could hear his dad working on his motorcycle in the garage, right below his room. But all that noise hadn't been able to really wake him up.

Sighing, Chris rubbed his eyes and sat down on his bed, looking around. His bedroom was messy, but he didn't care. He was glad his parents rarely told him what to do in his own room. But he had earned that by getting good grades and being one of the few kids in school that actually seemed to care about going to school.

Yes, he was different, but nothing bothered him more than the way he looked. He was almost eighteen years old and he still looked like a freshman. What senior looked like a freshman? None in his High School, he knew that. Even his sister Nicole looked older than he did and she was only thirteen.

When he looked in the mirror, he couldn't take his mind off the idea that he didn't seem to grow old at all. If he was, then it was too slow for his taste. He didn't understand why, his dad was well built and looked his own age, which wasn't really old, considering he had gotten his mom pregnant at seventeen.

Imagine that, it was like becoming a father right now, still in High School. Well, not that he was worried about that ever happening; he didn't even have a girlfriend. He had never had one nor had he come near a bed with a girl. Not even one kiss...

He wondered if he was even good-looking. Nicole was beautiful; she had long brown wavy hair that fell almost to her waist. Her face was slender and she had even begun looking like a woman at thirteen. His mother was also very beautiful. Maybe he had gotten all the bad genes. He couldn't really understand why he looked like he did if he had been born to a family like his.

Well, there was nothing he could do now, the deed was done. He had been born, his parents had married and life had moved on. It was time to rejoin the world.

To be continued…