Chapter 3

That night, after going to bed, Chris stomach began to hurt. He figured the strawberry smoothie he had drank for dinner had been made with rotten yogurt or something. He ran to his toilet and threw it all up.

So now he was hungry, nauseous and his teeth hurt. He didn't need to go to school the next morning, he needed to go to a hospital. What were his parent's thinking? They wanted him to die? He needed help, it was obvious. Didn't they care about him at all?

He quietly opened the door to his room and stepped out into the hall and down the stairs, trying not to wake his sister.

Just as he neared his parent's room he heard them whispering.

"… what if the dentist finds something he can't explain?" His mom was asking.

"Star, you said it yourself, we have been living here a long time. Chris is almost eighteen and so far he's been normal."

Normal? So having toothache wasn't normal?

"Yes, but what if…" She started.

His father sighed. "I don't know. I don't know what would happen and I don't know what we'll do but…"

"Maybe we should tell him. What if there's something else going on that he's not telling us? Just look at him, he could pass for a twelve year old and he's almost eighteen, what if that's because…"

She stopped, he could feel his father worried look, Chris knew him well enough. There was something wrong with him, and from the sound of it, it wasn't anything normal.

"I don't know what to tell you, Star." His dad said now, "If there is something wrong with him, I don't think he can be cured like we were."

Sobbing, it was from his mom. "What are we going to do?"

His parents were quiet for a minute. "We can start by taking him to the dentist. See what's bothering him. Maybe it's just a cavity and we're jumping to conclusions." His dad suggested, "Beside his physical appearance, he's been a normal boy for eighteen years. Maybe whatever was in our blood didn't cross over."

What? There was something in their blood when I was conceived? His heart beat accelerated; he turned around and ran up the stairs, locking himself in his room. For the first time since elementary school, Chris Emerson cried.

To be continued…