We don't own CSI, but girls can dream, can't we? If we had our way, no one would be leaving...or would have left.

This is AU ending to Season 5 and Grave Danger. Music throughout the story will be the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, and then Outside Chance by the Turtles.

Sara Sidle drove to her crime scene in the department issued Denali, listening to her favorite musical of all time. "Next Day far from home the brothers planned their repulsive crime. Let us grab him now do him in while we have the time." Sara drove singing to Poor, Poor Joseph of Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. "This they did and made most of it, tore his coat and flung him in a pit. Let us leave him here all alone and his bound to die. When some Ishmaelites a hairy crew came riding by." Sara sang, getting into the music as she pulled up to her crime scene. Sighing and turning off the Denali, she grabbed her kit and camera and got out of the Denali.

Sara walked up to the crime scene and greeted the officer on the scene. "Hello, so what's going on?" She asked the officer.

"Well, got a call from dispatch saying an anonymous caller reported body parts here. I rolled in and found this." He said shining his flashlight on the image of intestines.

Sara sat down her kit and took a few photos of the intestines, and then bent down, pulled out a marker and took a few more shots.

"So do you know how long this will take?" The officer asked looking green.

"Well, I can't leave or move the body until the coroner releases the scene. There's a big case going on, so it will take awhile." Sara said taking a few more shots.

"Um, do you mind if I stepped back at bit?" The officer asked.

"Huh?" Sara asked looking at him.

"I need to get some fresher air," He explained sheepishly.

Sara smiled, "No problem. I understand." He smiled gratefully and ran away as he began to get sick by his car. Sara just grinned and started humming the rest of the song she was singing. She picked up more of the markers and stood up to take a look around. "In a flash the brothers changed their plans. We need cash let's sell him if we can." Sara sang walking forward spotting some cigarette buds on the ground, marking it and then taking some more shots. She looked behind her as the officer was sick again. Poor kid must be first trash run. Sara thought, then spotted something on the ground…setting her camera down she began to walk over to the object. Kneeling down and looking over her shoulder at now the far away cop and his car, she picked up a butcher knife that was already in a bag. "Oookay this is awkward." She said looking at the bagged butcher knife.

When a figured appeared behind her.


Catherine and Gil were talking about their case when they heard that a CSI had gone missing. Their first thoughts were of Sara.

When they pulled up to the scene, Brass was grilling the officer who had supposed to be watching Sara.

"Think. Did you see anybody else in the area?"

"I didn't see anybody. I only took my eyes off of her for a second."

"Well, you're not supposed to take your eyes off even for a second." Brass said as he walked off, disgusted.

"She's been gone maybe about 30 minutes." He said as he approached Gil and Catherine.

They walked up and started following her markers. They came to her vest, folded and laid on the ground. Catherine put on gloves as Gil walked off to continue looking for evidence. Catherine thought to herself, "Sara, what happened, honey?"

"I found some white fibers on her vest that smell like alcohol." She continued to examine the vest. She walked over to Gil who had picked up the bag containing the butcher knife. "Who bagged that?"

"I didn't. That is our evidence tape, but Sara hasn't initialed it. So, I am not sure if she got interrupted or what…"

"I don't think it's Sara's evidence. I just have a funny feeling about this, Gil. Something is not right."

"You're right. It's not. I think it's a message aimed directly at Sara."