This chappie is really short and it sucks. READ THE AN AT THE BOTTOM!

I was born when, or before, Gaia was born. I am not particularly a god, more of a symbol.

I had spent my life watching the earth grow, watching people develop. You have always intrigued me; your race is one of splendor. You think of the world in such a fascinating way. But then I met Jupiter.

Jupiter is the Roman god, equivalent to Zeus. I was in that room that we were just in, I was there when I first saw him. I fell in love with him, and he with me. I knew he could see past my disguise, he saw me for who I was. He loved me, Leah. He loved me.

He was as strong and powerful as Zeus, but nowhere near as stern. He was kind, and gentle, but he already had a wife. I know I should not have had you, but I am glad I did. He and I had a wonderful time, Leah, and he always smelled like lilacs, sweet and gentle. Many men would sy that is a thingfor women, but I love lilacs, and I assume you do too.

I gave birth to a set of twins, a boy and a girl. They are your half siblings. Zeus and Jupiter are enemies, and he was furious with what I had done. He banished me. But I came back.

Now, I may be older and wiser than Zeus, but I had pledged myself to serve under his command at the time of the Ancient War, so I must follow his commands. I gave birth to my children, and they were born on earth. Zeus, as I said, was furious. But he didn't punish me. He waited.

Then, a few years later, I became pregnant again- with you. Zeus punished me then, having Hera forbid her servant from granting me rest 'anyplace that I could find'. So I had you here- in the Darkness and the Light, in the Everywhere and the Nowhere. I had you taken down to earth, and I waited. Zeus was terribly angry, but what could he do? I had found a way through his punishment.

So I watched you, Leah, I watched you grow up. Your father died soon after you were born, unfortunately, but you were still alive. I sent word to Camp Half-blood when Luke Castellan found you. I watched as you struggled to grow up. And then I decided enough was enough.

I took you here, and I am explaining everything to you.

Amnious finished her story and looked back at me. I smiled faintly, my head reeling from the information crammed into it.

"What now?"

It was a reasonable question, I hope. I think that this was it. She had helped me all she could. She had given me the rope- now I had to start climbing.

"Now," she said, "You go back home."

No, I thought as we landed back on the beach, Not back home. To Camp- Half-Blood. There's a difference. Camp Half-Blood is where I was staying. Home is where you feel comfterable, and happy. Home is where no one cares what you do, because you're family. No, Camp Half-Blood is definetely not home. At least not yet.

Bu they, who knows?

OK, guys, I know this chappie sucked, but I dodn't care. This might be the end, might not. If it is, anyone who wants can make a sequal- about the twins, children of Amnious and Jupiter.

Just PM me and I can give you all the information you want on them. I really would liek someone to make a sequal, but if no one does I will probably make my own.

Oh, there might be another chappie coming. We'll see.