It had been so long since Specter had attempted to rule over the world

It had been so long since Specter had attempted to rule over the world. So many failed attempts left him full of doubt. Specter Land has been his home for years now and for those passed years he was growing bored. At the end of the amusement park stood Specter's castle, the lower levels proved to be a trap to get rid of Spike in his earlier years while the upper levels were transformed into a more livable atmosphere. The home portion was decorated like royalty; the blues, purples, and golden colors filled the plain stonewalls and the furniture matched the same decal.

Still at the base of the castle lay Specter's oversized throne. Inside the room the small mechanical buzz from an RC car echoed off the walls with a dulling sound. A small form was slumped in the throne, LCD lights blinking in patterns on it's helmet. It's red eyes glowed softly as it followed the toy race around on the floor. A monkey stood beside the throne watching the movement as well, seemingly as there was nothing else to pay his attention to in the room. The sudden change of noise as the RC stopped moving and a remote control dropped on the carpet covered stone ground made the standing monkey jumped. Turning his head to the throne, the form that was sitting there moved it's legs out and stepped on the ground, fixing the shawl around his shoulders.

Specter looked down at the toy before looking over at the servant that stood next to him. The servant monkey straightened up before bowing his head respectfully to whom he considered his king. Specter let out a soft sigh as he stepped over the toy and turned to head upstairs to his roomier sections. He walked through the hallways, heading to the farthest room in the back of his castle. Golden painted doors stood proudly against the walls that lead to Specter's bedroom. Two guard monkeys stood on either side of the door and as Specter walked up to them they also bowed their heads down slightly before grasping the door handles and opening it for the greater of them.

Deep rich purples colored the carpet. Specter walked across the room, the dim light from above set a soft yellow glow on white fur. The doors shut behind him with a soft click that even made him turn around and look. He turned back and looked at the balcony doors that lay straight across from his oversized bed. He moved over to the doors and opened them outward onto the balcony and stepped foreword, the sky was cloudy and the moon was dulled. His hands grasped the cold steel of the balcony railing and gracefully Specter pulled himself up to sit on the edge. He may have been more intelligent, more humanlike, but he still had the grace of movement that only monkeys could show.

Everything was soft outside. No noise was too loud or stood out over anything else. Everything blended together in a drone like music.

There was no excitement.

Specter had been having these fits of depression after some time of hiding away. The first few years he spent inside his castle were full of anger, rage, and hate. He wanted to crawl back under the human population's skin and rule them once again. But he lacked resources. He lacked a proper army. Deep in thought the monkey would break something. Throw a piece of furniture on the ground, a picture frame, a mirror. Maids and servants would come and pick up the mess left behind as their king would storm off into another room where he would sit and dwell and create another mess.

Now after the years of rage he tired and grew weary, grew bored. He sulked around the castle; he didn't make any other messes for his maids. He didn't speak much, or if at all in a given day. He always gave a thought to just giving up, returning to his actual home and taking off his helmet. After twisting his mind around about the idea a sudden twang of disappointment and hate raised up from the back of his heart and he disposed of the thought for a week or two. He just wanted to be happy.

What else made him happy? Specter had no clue. He never explored his choices after gaining his new intelligence. Maybe that was a mistake on his part.

He sighed again and looked around his creation sadly, a cold chill blowing through his fur from the air above. Looking up the clouds were darkening, it was summer, sudden storms were always expected a few times. It was no sooner than later did the rain start pouring down on the young monkey. Specter sat in the rain for a little bit, his eyes closed. He wasn't really thinking, he was just, tired. Tired of staying in this dreaded castle he built for himself, tired of doing the same activities everyday, tired of just being so damn unhappy all the time.

The first flash of lighting and the following crack of thunder made Specter's eyes pop open. He looked back up at the sky, squinting his eyes a little bit from the falling water. He turned and got down from the railing, walking back into his room. Specter closed the balcony doors and walked into the bathroom to get himself a towel to dry his fur off. A crash made Specter turn and look into the room, the one balcony door was not closed shut tightly and the winds from outside simply caught under the space and blew it back open forcefully. He kept the damp towel over his head as he moved back into the bedroom and reached outside to grab the door.

The wind was still forcefully keeping the door open; it was a struggle to close because of his small size. He gripped onto the handle with both of his and pulled with all his might. As he stepped back against the wind to close this door lightning flashed again. Specter jerked his head and looked at the sky in sudden surprise. He saw the lightning streak across the sky in a bright yellow and white. What he didn't see was in that split second a stray ray of electricity struck the balcony door that he was holding onto. The voltage pulsed through the door and through his own body looking for ground.

Specter's body tensed up, his mouth open in what was a silent, painful scream. As the electricity passed through him and hit ground, the monkey's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell limply to the floor, nerves in his body still twitching from the aftermath.

The wind blew the door back open forcefully against its hinges and the rain continued to pour. Thunder echoed through the dark sky but it didn't return. Neither did the lightning.

Specter lay on his side in the pouring rain.

He was still breathing.