Clothes Argument


Author Note: This was written for writingxonxwalls who requested a drabble with the prompt would you like to explain why all my clothes have been changed to the colour green on the HPFC Forum.

Hermione walked into her bedroom smiling she was happy today as it was the end of the week so she could spend some more time with Draco. The first real time they would be able to spend together since they had got married as work had took up the majority of their time. . Some other great news was she was pretty sure she was Pregnant but she had booked a appointment at the hospital to be sure. She went over to her closet and opened the door. she stared at her clothes in shock what the hell she thought to herself then she clicked "Draco" she shouted. Anger starting to take her over she was going to kill him.

Draco rushed into the room concern etched on his face "what's wrong" he asked worried. Hermione took a deep breath to calm herself before she spoke"Draco, would you like to explain to me why all of my clothes have been changed to the colour green" he relaxed, relief washed over him "oh that" he said "well you are a wife of a Slytherin now Mione" he said " I have a image to keep", she smiled at him sweetly trying and failing to keep a hold of her temper "A image to keep" she repeated then she exploded "A image to keep I will show you an image to keep you bloody bouncing ferret". She grabbed a pillow of the door and hit him with it hard " I am changing my clothes back to normal " she said . He flung the pillow back onto the bed "Mioneā€¦" he started but stopped when he saw that she was glaring at him "Ok" he said quickly as he edged closer to the bedroom door then turned and ran out of it seeking sanctuary in his office.

Hermione had not calmed down a bit. She was still furious with him. How could he do this to her just because he was a bloody Slytherin. She wanted to scream. She only had one more item of clothing to change back. Her favourite dress that her mum and dad had given her on her wedding day as a gift. If she had not known the spell to change everything back she would have killed him. Whether she loved him or not. She put the dress back on it's hanger and smiled satisfied that everything was back to normal. She closed the closet door then a wicked idea struck her and she laughed. She could not wait for tonight. This was going to be fun . She would have her revenge and she could not wait to see his face.