I know that everyone wants me to work on the Outed Sequel or They Went for It... but I couldn't help starting this one in the meantime... so here goes one more story!

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Background – Slightly Alt history with some modifications, Jason and Elizabeth are best friends and have been for 7 or 8 years. They have no romantic history. Liz is married to Lucky, they do not have any children (no Jake or Cam) and he never had a drug problem.

Jason is just friends with Carly but not best friends, Carly is married to Sonny and Sonny and Jason still work together. Everything else will be told as I go.

Chapter 1

Elizabeth stepped outside the main entrance of General Hospital and sucked in a deep breath. There was no hiding the smile on her face, she was glowing. Suddenly life seemed so clear to her. She could not remember the last time she was so happy and did not know what she did to deserve everything that she was blessed with.

The brutal cold of the winter was finally gone, giving way to sunny skies and a warm spring breeze. Elizabeth tied the sash on her thing jacket and decided to go for a walk in the park before driving home. As she walked she watched the happy couples, families, and children playing, every single one of them smiling and laughing. For the first time in a while she finally felt the same as them.

The past few months had been hard. Financially her and Lucky had hit a bad point, their bills had stacked up and the money problems had taken a toll on their relationship. Last week Lucky was promoted to detective and with it came a large raise. Elizabeth had been picking up extra shifts at the hospital and they were finally able to catch up on their bills and even stash a little away in their savings account. After months of arguing about bills and money they finally seemed to be starting over. They were even planning on a night out together to celebrate Lucky's promotion tonight. As Elizabeth sat on the bench near the entrance to the park the smile returned to her face when she thought about the latest news she planned to share with Lucky tonight.

"Elizabeth?" a voice called from behind her.

Elizabeth's head darted around and she spotted Jason walking toward the bench. "Hey you, what are you doing here?"

"I'm meeting Emily for lunch and it is such a nice…" Jason stopped when he noticed the large grin that was lighting up her face. "What?"

"What what?"

"Why are you grinning like… like a six year old on Christmas morning?"

Elizabeth shrugged and slid over slightly so he could sit beside her.

"Come on Webber, spill."

"Spencer" she corrected.

"Whatever, you know I will never get used to that. Even after two years." He said with a smirk.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "I'm just happy."

Jason nodded, "I see that and I am glad that I finally can see a smile on your face again." Jason angled his body so that he was facing her, "What has prompted the change?"

"Things are just going so well right now Jason… with Lucky… with work… with…" Elizabeth stopped herself. She knew that Lucky would be beyond angry if she told Jason before him. Lucky always had this jealous side when it came to Jason, no matter how much she told him that her and Jason were only friends and they have never been anything more… and never will.

Jason's mouth curved up in a genuine smile, "There is more, I know there is more. You know that you can never hide anything from me. I can see right through you Web-Spencer."

"Well maybe there is something else…" she smiled. "And FYI, I can read you like a book too."

Jason stood from the bench, "Well I am going to be late to meet Emily so out with it."

Elizabeth bit her lower lip to hide the grin that kept forming. She couldn't help it. "Ok, but no one knows yet, not even Lucky and… god… he is going to kill me if he is not the first one that I tell. But you are my best friend and I can't not tell you so… I'm pregnant."

"Seriously?" Jason asked. It wasn't really a question, just an impulsive reaction. He kneeled in front of her and took her hands in his, "Congratulations, I am really happy for you." Jason never hid the fact from Elizabeth that he did not like Lucky. Part of the reason was that they were at opposite ends of the law but the other part was that Jason felt that Elizabeth deserved better. Lucky never seemed to appreciate what a warm, genuine, caring person she was. He was constantly fighting with her over petty things and Lucky never hid his flirtatious side, often hitting on women right in front of Elizabeth.

"I guess you just found out?" Jason asked.

Elizabeth nodded, the smile still plastered on her face.

Jason reached up and kissed her cheek, "I'm happy for you and I am happy that you are happy." He stood completely up. "I have to meet Em before she gets angry at me for standing her up again. Call me later."

"I will." Elizabeth called to Jason as he walked away toward the hospital. Once again Elizabeth's thoughts drifted to Lucky and the perfect family that they were finally going to have.

Elizabeth had gone into work this morning and had not been feeling well. After running to the bathroom a few times and clearing her body of all fluids, Epiphany convinced her to lay down in the on call room. After a few minutes Emily came in and convinced her to take a pregnancy test. It wasn't that it wasn't possible for her to be pregnant but they weren't exactly trying to have a baby and at the same time they weren't taking any precautions either.

When Emily read her the results, Elizabeth almost fell over, luckily she was sitting down. Her cycle was never regular, especially when she was stressed out, and the last few months had definitely been stressful. Being late was nothing that really concerned her in the past and didn't this time either. After a few minutes of shock, Emily went and told Epiphany that it was a stomach flu, figuring that Elizabeth would need some time for the news to settle in before she started telling anyone. Epiphany told Elizabeth to take the rest of the day to get over the virus and once she thanked Emily for her help, Elizabeth made her way to the lobby of the hospital. By the time she walked out she could not contain her excitement and found herself overwhelmed with happiness.

Looking at her watch she knew that Lucky would not be home for a few more hours. She briefly debated stopping by the station to tell him the news but thought it would be better to tell him privately, when he got home. She finally stood from the bench and headed back in the direction of the hospital to pick up her car and drive back to their apartment.

A short time later she arrived home. As she climbed the two flights of steps to get to her apartment she wondered if it would be hard once she is further into her pregnancy. They were just getting back on their feet financially and hated to fall back into a financial hole by buying a house. She shrugged and figured that they had quite a few months before that would be a worry.

Elizabeth had been home for a few minutes when she noticed Lucky's wallet and badge sitting on the kitchen counter. She finally felt well enough to drink something and was fairly confident that she could keep it down so she had gone to get herself a tall glass of ice water. Their apartment was only two rooms and a bathroom so she walked out of the kitchen and across to the bathroom. The door was closed but when she pressed her ear against it she could hear the shower water running.

"Hey baby." Elizabeth said as she opened the bathroom door. "It looks like we both got done our shifts earlllll…" Elizabeth dropped her glass of water and it shattered on the tile of the bathroom floor. "Oh my god!" Elizabeth shrieked when she saw the silhouettes of two people through the frosted glass of the shower door.

Elizabeth could hear him calling after her as she ran out of the apartment.