Author Note: This is written for Kore of Myth who requested a drabble with the prompt jumping on the drabble request thread on the HPFC Forum.

Remus looked at him like he had just grown two heads. "You want me to do what" Remus said shocked . Sirius looked at him "You heard me" he said

"Tie this rope around your feet and jump" Sirius said handing Remus the rope. Remus took the rope from his friend's outstretched hand "where have you seen this done" Remus asked him. Sirius shook his head "Haven't" Sirius said

"I read about it in a muggle book at James's place one summer". Remus looked down at the ground from where they were standing "I have wanted to try it since reading about it" Sirius said "So you use me as the guinea pig" Remus said.

He looked back down at the ground " I can't jump that" he said " I will die" Sirius shook his head as he looked down once more "No" he said " You will just break every bone in your body" then he started to laugh, Remus glared at him

" If I do this will it shut you up" Remus asked him. Sirius nodded and smiled . Remus sighed " Ok" he said as he bend down and tied the rope around his feet and threw the remainder of the rope to Sirius to hold for him. He took a deep breath and jumped. He could not believe he was doing this but as the adrenaline coursed through his body he found that he did not care. "Sirius" he shouted "I'm jumping". He somehow managed to catch a glimpse of Sirius's face and saw that he was smiling. For once in his life he had took a leap of faith and it felt amazing.