Author's Note:

I know this isn't something you expect when you first open a story to read it, but I wanted to say several things before you begin on this journey.

1) When this story is updated, I put the soundtrack at the very end, so if you get alerts, you will be alerted only that the soundtrack chapter was updated. Ignore this. Just backtrack one chapter to the last chapter of the actually story, and there ya go.

2) As I have stated, there is a soundtrack. If you'd like to listen to this soundtrack while you read, go to my profile now and open up the youtube link. It will take you directly to the playlist for the whole story—or at least to the amount I've written so far. I will update the playlist when I update the chapters.

3) Enjoy yourself. Ultimately, this story is for you. If you don't enjoy yourself, I'm not doing my job as a writer. Of course, I cannot help it if you have certain biases like not liking BellaxFelix. Just to let you know ahead of time, there will be many Bellix moments. If you do not wish to read the story, that is fine.

4) I enjoy constructive criticism and, of course, praise. So, if you like my story, review, favorite it or put it on your alerts. Any of them make me feel good, but the only way to constructively criticize me or give me ideas (which I am open to) is to review.