In Desperate Attempts

Tires fleeted to a stop as my shoes slammed into the pavement I ignored the car that almost slammed into my body, I fled into the crowded streets of the broken city. He was coming. Shadows danced into the distance, I know I can't run forever my body would give out long before that. I slid into a street; bright city lights invaded my thoughts. He is too close. I dodged into another ally discovering a new sidewalk, once again crowded with the night life, the smell of clubs, and alcohol reeked off of all of them. Tears of frustration broke from me. I would never find a way to get out of here. I knew I was going to be taken tonight that my chances had run out, but I wouldn't go without a fight. I would die trying. How he had managed to find me I will never know. Pain stuck in my left ankle I grunted I couldn't run anymore my mussels were burning and finally giving out. I was running past the crowd of blank faces that stared back probably wondering what the rush was.

They would find out soon enough.

The news was being placed on a high TV on one of the sky scrapers. "He was last seen on 25th Avenue, if you have seen him please report him to the police station immediately, he is a deadly threat, do not approach him." Suddenly the sidewalk broke apart giving me room to run; everybody obviously recognized the picture being displayed on the news, my picture-the face of a wanted man. I didn't pause, just kept running as I heard the sirens closing in. I groaned and grunted as I felt the pain radiating through out my whole body. I pushed myself into yet another ally where I gave up. My lungs burned wanting to burst from my chest. I slammed my fist into the wall breaking it instantaneously. I couldn't recognize the pain, I wasn't cautious of it any longer. I slumped to the ground smelling the dirt that lay beneath me. It was not fair. I couldn't go down this way, not so easily. He was nearing, I always had the same feeling when he was close.

Then before I could even think to blink, four police cars flew by. It didn't occur to me until I fell into the darkness of the ally that they had missed me. . . they missed me. I caught my breath gasping in disbelieving. If I was going to get out, now was the time more than any other. I sprang to my feet; I still needed to stay hidden. He was still close.

Suddenly, it didn't matter as I turned to run in a different direction I found the Batman staring me down. My heart fluttered an unreal beat. Tears of anger corroded my eyes. I clenched my teeth in a painful procedure. He wasn't going to stop me now, not so close to freedom. "James." His mono toned voice called my birth given name. Of course he knew it, why wouldn't he, he was Batman. The great knight of the dark, the "hero" in this city. Also, the biggest pain in my ass.

It was Gotham city and things had changed since he came, locking up every criminal that had the right and respect to earn the title, just a few off the bat would be The Riddler, Scarecrow, Two face, and surprisingly The Joker. I was along those lines myself, small timed of course-not as 'important' yet. Be one thing that made me better than the other criminals that roamed this city was. . . he had yet to catch me and keep me, not only that but they couldn't find any records of me. . . they knew nothing of me. However Batman seemed to know more than what he put out. I had been around just as long as the others, which lead to my 'public name' Untraceable, Trace for my little prison buddy's that always got out and called for my help. Of course Batman earned the title hero. . . and the rest of the criminals were titled villains. I was. . . a gray area. Like The Riddler, I have not killed anyone yet.

I liked my clean record. I know I have done things, maybe considered "illegal", but unlike the rest, I don't do it for fun. I do it for me. My concentration went back to the present, I still stared my fate in the eyes.

"Go away." I finally decided. I knew I couldn't out run him, and I couldn't get far with a broken wrist. Two large black leather gloves took me by the front of my dirty shirt. Batman's onyx eyes broke into my cold bitter ones.

"Don't look at me like that, and, get.Your.Hands.Off.Of.Me." I half yelled. Man handling was not something I really enjoyed. He took the liberty to smash me into the brick wall, hands still on me; I wrapped mine around his wrist trying to free myself from his overwhelming grip.

"I don't like you stealing from banks and jeopardizing people's lives." he countered. I strained myself to stay silent. His attention was lost when he grappled a look at my hands that were gripping his arms.

"You broke it?" he asked even though it didn't sound like a question. I huffed in his response to my broken wrist. One thing I forgot to mention was, I was years younger than any criminal and 'hero' in Gotham City. Most of them tended to treat me like a five year old much less than a 15 year old teen.

"Enjoy it, it's the last time you will have your hands on me."

"Yes, because you will be spending your time in Gotham Prison. They already have a cell for you. . . next to the Joker?" I know he could tell when the blood out of my face drained. I began shaking-feeling as if a chill bit my spine. His whole demeanor changed. I shook my head. Trying to rip myself free.

"That's not true! Take it back!" I screamed tears dripping on my chin. I hated The Joker; there is no fucking way I was going to be near him let alone next to his cell.

In a flash he had me at his side pulling me by my bicep. We were heading into the streets.

"No! What fuck are doing Bat freak let go of me!" He ignored me as we headed into what I imagined as his 'batmobile' is that what they called it? Stupid name, I bet he came up with it himself. He threw me in and activated the doors to stay locked while he got into the drivers seat. I looked around I had been in the car before, twice actually but Batman had the need to knock me unconscious. Of course I would come around before we got to prison and make my escape, but now seeing everything all lit up, buttons and switches gizmos and glitches, it was rather interesting. I knew I was in for a long ride.

He started the car and it echoed into a shushed purr into the dim night. The car lunged forward and we were into the crowed streets yet again. Would he really take me to prison? No, he would know I would get loose right? I took a quick glance at him, but he caught it and I slumped into the leather bond seat.

"What is it?" His rash voice vocalized. I didn't answer and I felt him looking at me.

"What?" I snapped.

"Why were you staring at me?"

"I was not." I felt him grumble from deep inside his chest.

"You are bad lire." He finally commented.

"Well you don't exactly see the public calling me The Lire. Do you?"

"If they did they would not be the smartest people around."

"Like they are now." I mumbled. "So where's Bat Wonder Boy?"

I hit a nerve.

I watched closely as Batman's jaw clenched. Every one knew what The Joker did to him, he sliced him up nearly killed him. He even cut Robins face. That's one thing about the Joker that I can't handle. Robin's looks so young, he is too innocent despite what other's think.

"Gone." His lips moved, he was staring out at the road and I felt my stomach drop. When I didn't say anything he looked at me.

"What. . . what do you mean gone?" My voice cracked on the last word. He still looked at me half driving half looking. . . confused.

"No. He is not dead if that is what you are thinking; he is no longer going to be my partner." I sat silent trying to understand and I watched him look at me and give me side glances four or five times. Finally I took a deep breath.

"Where are we going?"

"I'm going to get you help." What?! Like hell he will!

"I'm not going on my free will!"

"Yes you are." No. No I am not. I will not.

"Who do you think you are!" I sat stunned. "I'm not going anywhere."

"Yes you are do you understand me." No.

"What is there to understand you dim witted bat!" He ignored me again. I watched as the car moved up toward a high way, he was at still at a slower speed. Now was my time to get out. I read some of the buttons and then before B-man could even think to stop me I pressed everything I could.

Suddenly my door broke off and I jumped out, once again breaking a ton of bones in the process. You see there really aren't a lot of ways to jump out of a car and not break something, however there are ways to do it without killing yourself.

I got up from the ground watching the traffic on the high way flashing by. I wobbled watching the batmoible pull itself together, it wouldn't be long until he came back to get me. I began to run filling the broken bones push and pull against my body. I pulled my right arm around my ribs, which I was sure I broke at least four. There was a semi chance I was going to get out of this of course I knew my chances were more along the lines of me getting caught again. I didn't care I would not go down with out a fight. I was feeling frustrated again running past the cars. It wasn't fair for the fucking bat to play me like that, like I was going in free willed. Suddenly I heard the purr of the engine cut off behind me and the door slam shut, his feet coming after my too slow ones. I was getting close to an empty lot on the other side; I would just have to jump over the cement barrier. I heard his breath at my side not turning to look I leaped into the air and fell past the cement block, falling a little farther then what I thought. Hearing another crunch when I landed I felt my bones jag against my skin, this time I howled in pain as my shin broke through my skin. Batman wasn't far behind. He landed next to me without a sound.

I heard his voice next to me, unsure of what he was saying, I couldn't consecrate I could only hear my screams. I looked down at the black pavement puddle in my own blood; the next thing I recognized was the lights of an ambulance and several police cars. People swarmed me and touching my broken shin and other bones, they torn off my shirt, and began to stick needles anywhere imaginable, five faces looking at me shining lights asking questions that sounded mashed like gibberish. I began coughing uncomfortably feeling warmth drool from my lips. I went to wipe it away finding my fingers sticky I examined it and in a grunt I discover it was blood on my figures.

I watched the faces around me show the concern I was feeling on the inside. There movements became faster and more strained, the lightness in my head swayed me numbness and tingling came from my fingers and toes. I think I called for Batman as he showed up next to me, his face stoned. I flicked my eyes shut and I felt leather gloves grab my face with two hands one on both sides.

"Keep your eyes open." He commanded. "You need to stay awake." I heard his voice presser into my ears. I opened my eyes to see my old enemy staring me down, his hands still on my face. I nodded my head yes, yet my body disagreed. I never felt my eyes close, only watched as darkness closed around me.

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