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I know Barter yelled at me, but I wasn't mental there anymore and even when the TV. screen turned black, I could still see his face-his absolute death sentence that lay before him. Robin-not Dick promised me something. When I came back from the Joker; which seems so long ago now-he promised he would prove me wrong.

Prove me wrong?

I told him there was no such thing as a hero, I remember the words coming directly from my mouth, pouring speechlessly-thinking they wouldn't even return to haunt me. And yet… they did. I couldn't let Robin do this to himself. No. Of course not, that wouldn't be right. He can't save me now. Barter would kill him.

And again, it would be my fault.

I always wondered-more when mom and my sister died, if it would be easier to end it myself. Like when the Joker took hold of me. Once again, it feels like everyone wants me dead. Well not Bruce. Or Dick. Maybe it would save them the troubles? No one would need to kill me, and Bruce and Robin wouldn't have to save me. Could it be possible to save myself? I flashed back to reality.

Barter was still yelling at me.

"Are you listing? Pick it up! Pick it up now!" His face was a lovely shade of red. I blinked him away twice before moving from the chair and onto the floor.

"Making messes." I heard him mutter. "So much trouble over nothing." I sneered him a rather dirty look from the floor. "Brat." He spat louder before turning to the dishes.

I smiled to myself. I was picking up the fallen pieces.

"Hey, Barter." I called. I watched him turn from the counter looking directly at me; water still running I guess I hadn't really talked to him much since I first got here, so this must have been a shocker.

"What is it?" He mumbled darkly turning back to the dishes.

"What's the point in having me here? Huh? What with all the kidnapping and threats-It's not me you want, is it?" I heard the water snap off, he shoes scuffing softly against the floor. Another moment and he turned once again staring at me and my broken mess.

"No." He moved to where I was currently sitting. "You were never really worth it anyways. I should have let you burn with-" Picking up a shard I thrust it into his knee. The monster screeched in pain, and I couldn't have felt more of a joy as I did then. Kicking him while he was down I looked at him withering in pain.

"Burn in hell."

Of course I knew that the door was locked, but didn't realize I had no clue were the key was at. I turned to the TV. Robins face came to me again.

"No. I was right. There are no hero's." I watched as Barter began to rise, and I did the only thing I could do. I turned to the stove and ignited the gas. It wined and hissed releasing its fumes. Barter began to limp over with his face torn in horror.

"What are you doing?!" I turned to the widow-I knew I could light the match after I was out of the window, but god knows how high the fall would be. I would die here. With him-with my biological father. I ransacked the kitchen drawers finding the fateful match box.

"You're going to kill us!" He turned to a locker cabinet punching in a code.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled. With the match in hand I watched as he opened the locked cabinet, he removed a dark envelope, a leather journal and slipped something in his hand. "What was that?!" I turned to the window blocking his path. He was going to die if I was.

"Nothing, son." He whispered. He threw the journal and envelope over to my feet.

"What is that?" I said looking cautiously at the things before me. He shrugged his shoulders and I slowly picked them up shoving both into the belt of my jeans. Looking back at him I half smiled. "I don't care what's in them, because I don't care about you."

I lit the match-watching as the room burst itself into an inferno.

Everything began to catch on fire, and I watched as he stood on the other side of the room. He looked like a puppy that had been caught doing something bad.

He shook his head and with his beaming eyes he looked up. One moment he was there-the next he was at my side pushing me through and out the window. Glass shattered recklessly as my back pierced the solid form. I was falling. I saw his face standing in the burning building a smile smudged against his face. He was going to die, and die alone.

My body made impact with the ground, and honestly I've had worse falls. I knew he would die, and as people fled around me-running from the apartments; he wasn't there.

As I heard the ambulance arrive I never felt their arms around me, never heard a word. I never felt anything until Bruce came. He found me unwilling to move on the ground. I turned to look at him as he embraced me delicately. Dick was at his side, smiling at me.

"I proved you wrong." He whispered. I felt myself brake crying openly. He was wrong.

"No. Just because he saved my life-doesn't make him a hero." I cried. I felt Bruce's hands under my chin forcing me to look up.

"It's not him we are talking about. You are my hero for being strong enough, for living as long as you have." I nodded pulling the envelope and journal from my pants. They would tell me everything that had happened and why.

I watched as the apartment fell in shambles.

I would always have Bruce, and my new family, but everything I had fell with it. Even him-my 'father.' Now I was the only thing remaining of my family. I was the only one that would carry their blood.

Bruce wrapped his arms around me, watching with dark orbs. "Let's go home."

I knew I was safe now, and everything else in my past, was untraceable.


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