Marauders Motto

Disclaimer I do not own the HP Characters they belong to JK Rowling.

Author note: This is written for Gaby Black who requested a drabble with the prompt Carpe Diem on the drabble request forum on the HPFC Forum.

The gang lounged about under the Whomping Willow on this particular sunny day at Hogwarts. James was throwing his ball up and down catching it with particular ease. Sirius looked at him and grinned "at least look like your trying" he said shaking his head . James managed to do most things easily and without breaking much of a sweat so could he the majority of the time. He looked to his other side and saw Remus Lupin with his nose in a textbook. He shook his head and sighed "I'm bored" he said. Remus chose this moment to look him from his book "Study like your suppose to then" he said. Sirius looked at him shocked "Me study" he said "Never" he stated then he grinned. Remus rolled his eyes and started to read his textbook again. Sirius lounged back against the tree and stared up at the sky "You know what we need" he said after a few minutes.

Peter looked at Sirius awestruck like he always did "What" he asked him excitedly. Sirius looked at him just this minute noticing that he was there. James looked at Sirius curiosity plainly shown on his face "A motto" he said a grin sliding quickly back on to his face. Peter nodded excitedly but Sirius ignored his reaction and instead turn to James. James nodded "Yes" James said nodding "What motto do we chose though" he asked thinking as he did. Peter was the first to speak "Friends forever" he said fiercely. Sirius glared at him dismissing his suggestion instantly. He looked at James. James shrugged and picking up his ball, glove and started to play again. Sirius leaned back and thought and then it struck him the perfect motto for them. He stayed silent for another minute then spoke

"What about Carpe Diem" he said. James looked at him and nodded

"Sounds good" he said. Peter looked at him confused

"What does it mean" he asked. Sirius shrugged.

Remus then again looked up from his book "Carpe Diem is Latin" he stated "It means seize the day" he said.

Sirius nodded "That's our motto from now on then" he stated. Lily Evans walked by the gang and immediately caught James attention as usual. He jumped him and immediately started to run after her. Sirius watched him jump him and ran after her "Where are you going" he shouted. James turned and grinned at him "To seize the day" he shouted back wickedly. Sirius grinned back. He lounged back once more against the tree and smiled the Marauders now had a motto.