Ace: OK. Listen you all have exactly three seconds to start running before-


Ace: Oh dear God…

Gotc: Well, allow me to introduce mehself and the rest of my disclaimer crew! I am the almighty authoress: Gotc! Bow to me mortals!

Ace: Great…you should have ran while you still had the chance…

Gotc: My sunny dispositioned friend next to me here is Ace. He has been in just about every story I have ever written, and this one shall be no different! Call him a security blanket of man-pretty if you will. Now for the adorable Shamu chibi who keeps my rear out of prison….Squeaky the Whale!

Squeaky: Squeak! (Hi there everybody! I'll be your guide though the tangle of disclaimers that is this fic!)


Gotc: You're just jealous. Now hush. Ok, so this is my first attempt at a Harry Potter fic…and it's going to be an X-over with Yu-gi-oh. What can I say? The two go together. And for all of you fangirls out there, this fic shall feature the following Hikaris and their Yamis….and Kaiba: Yugi! Bakura! And Malik! And like I said earlier, Ace shall be in this as well!

Ace: hoo-fricken-ray…

Gotc: Be nice. I'm going to do a few things I haven't seen yet in any of the Harry Potter fics I've read, and something I haven't seen yet in any YGO fics! So brace yourselves and let's dive in! Squeaky!

Squeaky: Squeak! (Gotc owns not HP or YGO, although Ace is hers and reminds him on a daily basis!)

Gotc: That I do….NOW! ON TO THE FIC!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Rising Dragon

CHAPTER 0: Prologue

Wizards. Muggles. The two groups living in relative peace, while the latter has no idea the other even exists. It has been this way for centuries, neither wanting to disrupt the delicate balance that keeps their two existences apart. …

But it was not always this way…. In times long since lost to the memories of wizard and muggle alike, the two fought along side each other, both striving to accomplish a common goal. Magic, and might. It took both to bring down the one threat that could have destroyed the entire world. It took both to return their enemy back to the shadows from whence it came….

Despite this…wizards and muggles grew apart, all the while maintaining the delicate balance that not only kept them apart, but also bound the two together… And with the slow passage of time, their once mighty alliance was forgotten….

Now, something stirs in the darkness once more…Waiting, and biding its time to once more taste the free air that it so desperately desires. It's foe has become divided, but so long as both exist, there is always the chance their alliance will be forged anew. Where there are wizards, there are muggles. Where there is Darkness, there shall be Light….

Gotc: Yes, I know it was short, but it's just laying the ground work. I promise this will get good and fast! And hopefully I'll get to introduce you to my little plot devices veeeeerrrrryyyy soon… Please R&R and let me know what you think!