I love to play my favorite game; love. A Roy Mustang love story

Roy Mustang was out for a late walk one afternoon. The cool autumn air flew through the air, until it crashed into the colonel's face causing him the shutter for a moment. Mustang was rather flustered, as is why he went on this very walk; to try and calm down. Hughes had just recently attacked him with pictures of his 3 year old daughter and his wonderful wife. Also stating that Roy HIMSELF should be looking for a wife. Causing Roy to storm out in a huff. The truth was he actually longed for a wife and kid. So he went looking for one. The effect though, ended up him being the famous womanizer of Central. Sure it would get you dates. But who would want to marry a womanizer? Well, someone who wasn't either stupid or crazy.

He had entered a bakery. It was a so-so store. Owner seemed to make ends meet. It wasn't the best shop but, Mustang really didn't have anything better to do. He saw one of his past Dates looking at the menu. Mustang thought for a moment. He wasn't doing anything later, might as well do something with someone. We walked over to her, and of course using his charm…got a date. Really all he did was circle around her once or twice and use a pick up line. And if the girl was stubborn all he had to do was use his trademark smirk. He has yet to meet a girl who got pass his smirk. Truthfully…for once he wanted a challenge.

Que opening theme music: eh…make it whatever song you want it to be….

Roy was stuck in is office doing paper work…AGAIN. Riza had just threatened to put about 6 bullets in his head if he didn't get his paperwork done by 3:00 pm. And who was he to deny her wishes…of paper work… to put it simply, Riza Hawkeye scares the living out of him. He knew she would never actually shoot him, but takes a lot to not be afraid of someone shooting at you. It was 2:49 at that moment, and Roy was furiously signing the large stack of papers. He had about a stack left when Havoc entered the room. "Colonel…" "What?" "The Fuhrer had requested you." "huh?" "king Bradley has requested you." Havoc repeated. "You know why?" "no clue sir." Roy got up from his chair and started to walk down the hall that lead to the Fuhrer.

Roy knocked on the door and waited for him to be called in. When he entered the room he saluted Kind Bradley and remained standing. "Welcome, Mustang." "Good afternoon King Bradley. May I ask why you requested me?" "Yes. Well you may have heard there's a state alchemist serial killer on the loose here in Central." "Indeed I have sir." "well, just to be extra cautious, we have hired a body guard for you." "a body guard? But sir, I already have Hawkeye and-" "those are lower ranks. The one we have hired also is a rank of Colonel, is considered a prodigy with Alchemy, and not only is a trained body guard, but a well trained assassin. I think you'll be well safe from this serial killer. Don't you think?" "uh…of Course sir! Thank you hiring this body guard for me. When does he start?" "tomorrow. But you'll meet 'em today. You can come in now." Roy looked where the Fuhrer gestured. Out through the door, came a woman. That was the last thing Mustang had expected.

Roy looked dumbstruck. There was a woman. She was a little tall. She was eye level with his nose. She had the uniform on, the pants tucked into her boots, butt flap (thingy…) she didn't wear her upper layer uniform shirt. She just wore a black short sleeved tee-shirt. Her hair reached to her lower back, and was the most strangest color. It was ORANGE. Almost like the color of fire. She had a huge cowlick on the top of her head that curved around. It looked like there was a halo over her head. She had a rather bored expression on her face and her hands were hidden in her pockets. She slouched a little. And she was rather…busty. "so…this the guy?" she asked the Fuhrer, pointing to the colonel with her thumb. "yep. Colonel Roy Mustang, Meet Colonel Hazel 'Haze' Seishin. She will be your body guard until further notice. You two are dismissed." King Bradley saying, not even giving Mustang a chance to respond.

They were both rushed out of the room. They both just stood there for a moment. Haze couldn't go anywhere unless it was with Roy. Those were the orders, anyway. Haze actually hated those rules. But hey, the job paid good and she needed to eat so…yeah. "so…you're my body guard?" "Oh, it looks like Einstein is finally catching on. Yes I am. I was ordered to protect you from a man named Scar. So.. Let's see.." she looked like she was thinking but bored at the same time. "I'll need your daily schedule…eh…you need to inform me if you're going anywhere…and…let's see…damn, what was the third thing..? Ah, I need all your info. For example, your phone number, where you live, your enemies, people you know or come into contact with…eh I think that's it." "you sound more like a stalker…" Roy said teasingly. She looked rather annoyed. "hey, if you don't want to end up dead in a gutter you need to give me your info. You arrogant jackass." Roy was surprised. No one really ever said that to him. Except Fullmetal who called him 'Colonel bastard.' but, Fullmetal was practically a child. This was a full grown person talking to him. Someone he just recently meet by the way. Mustang was a about to respond but was cut off by Hughes who just popped up. "Haze? Is that you?" "Hughes? Maes Hughes? Oh my god! Hughes! It's been way too long! How's everything going? How's your wife? Oh! I heard you got new pictures of your daughter." Haze chirped.

"HA! You bet! This one she's wearing Gracia's pearl necklace. Isn't she just the most adorable thing ever?" "I have to agree with you there Hughes." Roy wasn't more confused in his whole life. "so I take it you know each other?" Mustang asked. Both of them quickly snapped back to reality. Haze's bored expression returned to her face. But she had somewhat of a smile on. "oh, Mustang. This is one of my life long friends, Hazel-" "hey, were friends, call me Haze." she said in a friendly tone. But quickly switched to an annoyed tone and glared at Mustang. She changed so quickly it was almost frightening. "You will address me as Ms. Seishin, or Colonel." Roy jumped a bit. "now if you two will excuse me, work for me will start tomorrow and I'm going to need some shut eye. You!" she pointed to Roy and yelled in an angered tone; "I need all your info by tomorrow morning." she returned to her soft tone. "See you later Hughes, Einstein." she walked off lazily waving her hand good bye. "did she just call me Einstein?" Hughes couldn't help but to laugh. "yep. And unfortunately you're stuck with that name until she give's you a new one."

"well, that was interesting." Colonel said is his normal tone. "wow. I can't believe Haze is here." Hughes said. "if she's your life long friend how come I've never heard of her?" Hughes laughed. "Because she's not your type, Roy." "what do you mean Hughes?" "well, she's not like the girls you date. Well, more like you're not the type of guy she'd date." "What's that supposed to mean?!" "Nothing! It's just- well, it's hard to explain. I guess you'll find out tomorrow." Roy was getting annoyed. "hey, Roy didn't you have to finish up some papers?" Mustang looked like the world just ended. "Hawkeye's going to kill me!" Roy hurried back to his office. Hughes had stayed behind. Not wanting to get caught in Riza's anger. Several minutes later gunshots could be heard. Hughes couldn't help but to laugh. He started to walk off to the cafeteria.

mean while back with King Bradley

His assistant stood next to him, who was none other than the homunculi Sloth asked him a simple question. "Sir, why did you hire a Body guard For Mustang?" "He's our human sacrifice right? We wouldn't want to loose him until then." Sloth nodded and walked over to her desk.