Both of them burst through the door. "COLONEL! EDWARD!" "what is it?" Haze shouted; "Edward are you aware that there's a serial killer out on the loose?" "uh, yah, mustang just told me." Al and Haze both did anime crashes. They both got up. "Edward you're not safe. You either have to go hide somewhere or get a body guard for yourself." "why don't you be my body guard?" "Because I have to look after Roy. I have to watch him 24/7. I was going to call in a friend of mine so she can do night shifts. The only way I can look after all of you is if we all stayed in the same house. And the only way that's going to happen, is if King Bradley himself told me I had to." "Haze you have to take Fullmetal and his brother under your wing as well." King Bradley, himself said. "what? But- fine. But we have to find somewhere to all stay at." "why not your house?" "What?! B-B-B-B-BUT! Fine!" Haze saluted and walked out flustered. The next thing Haze knew it was time to go home. Everyone was gathering their things up. They all walked over to Hazes car. Haze got in and slammed the door. Everyone else was reluctant to get in. Roy got shotgun and Al and Ed sat in the back. It wasn't very spacious. "Al, can you move over a little?" "sorry brother." a meow was heard. Everyone turned and looked at Al. "Alphonse…" Ed said bitterly. "I had to save it brother. It was outside and all alone." "AL!" the two brothers bickered loudly. Roy had turned around to yell and shout for them to be quiet. That lead to insults and more shouting. Hazes face grew and grew with more annoyance. Until she finally snapped. "EVERYONE JUST SHUT THE UP BEFORE I DRIVE THIS THING OFF A ING CLIFF!" everyone swore they saw fire in her eyes. They remained quiet for the rest of the ride.

The car stopped in front of Haze's house. Haze got out and slammed the car door. Everyone else got out too. They stood in front of the building for a second. "so this is where you live?" Roy asked. "Yes." "huh. I expected something different." "what the hell do you mean by that?!" "I dunno. Something bigger. Maybe?" "Lay off! I live by myself! Well I used to anyways." Roy smirked. "what's eating you?" "What's eating me?! I'll tell you what's eating me! I work with you for one day and now I have to watch over an Einstein, a shrimp and Alphonse!" Edward and Al just stood a few feet away, watching Roy tease Haze and Haze getting aggravated. Edward wanted to shout about how he wasn't short, but Haze would probably just ignore him and shout at Mustang. Ed tore away from his thoughts when he heard haze shout; "Your sleeping on the Damn couch you bastard!" Roy argued against the idea. Ed started laugh hysterically. "what is it brother?" "they sound like a married couple!! Ha! Ha!!" Alphonse looked around. There was a crowd of people staring at all of them. There was a person in a huge suit of armor, a short blonde boy laughing his head off, and two full grown people fighting over whether or not someone was sleeping on a couch. "uh, maybe we should go inside." Alphonse said. Haze looked at him. "you're right Al." She turned to Mustang. "and You're completely wrong! Bastard!" Haze opened the front door. Everyone soon followed. Haze dumped all her stuff on the table and sighed. "let's see. Damn it." "what is it?" Al asked. "nothing I'm just trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements." Haze sounded annoyed. She looked over at Al. "Hey Al. what happened to that kitten you mentioned earlier?" "oh, I still have it." Al opened up his chest plate. Inside a small, multicolored cat. It was brown, black, and sandy colored. Haze's eye twitched. She was a sucker for anything cute.

Edward, Alphonse and Haze just looked at the kitten. Roy went to look around the place, right after Haze shouted at him, to not touch anything. Haze crossed her arms, thinking. "it looks Hungry." Alphonse said. "well, it's not like I have anything to take care of a cat." Haze said. "why, don't we just give it some milk?" "don't have any." Ed perked up. "why not?" "I don't like milk. It taste horrid." Ed looked like the heavens had just dropped out of the sky. "what's up with him?" Haze asked. "Edward doesn't like to drink milk." "oh, huh…I'll have to remember that." Haze looked up at her clock. "huh…" "What. Well, nothing. I have to make a call. You guys make yourself at home." Haze walked off, her face full of thought. Ed and Al looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Roy wandered around for a bit, taking in the new house. He turned a corner and saw Haze sitting on a chair, and talking into a phone. Her back was turned to him so she didn't see him. She sounded annoyed. "I know it's short notice….I don't really care….no, you better bring him too….I have to go out and do something. The least you can do is watch them for me…..fine see you in a half hour." She hung up and sighed. "something the matter?" Roy asked. Haze swiftly turned around. "not at all." She quickly got up and walked past him. When she did she was mumbling something to herself. Roy decided to follow her.

Haze headed for the kitchen and sat down at a small table. She sighed and rested her forehead on her hand, then rested on her cheek, her fingers covering her eyes. She was quietly thinking out loud. "ok, so they're going to be here in a half hour, everyone needs to eat. What the hell am I going to make?" she looked through her fingers and at the clock. She got up and went to the fridge. There wasn't much inside. She sighed again. "looks like it'll be take out for tonight." "not very prepared are you?" Roy asked. "shaddup. The last thing I need right now is you telling me how much I fail at life." "I never said that." "you didn't have to." Roy was somewhat confused. The second he'd known her she was either yelling or laughing. Now she seemed depressed. "you looked stressed." he said. "yah, well, I am." "want to talk about it." she sighed. "no I don't." "ok, but if you want to, I'm right here." "yah. Thanks." Hazes eyes widen and practically recoiled from the chair. "I-I have to order the food…" Haze quickly walked off. Leaving a confused Mustang." Haze found the phone and looked at it. "don't get attached Haze." She said to herself. "don't get attached…" she picked up the phone and ordered the food.