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Full Summary: Sasuke is a rich playboy, who cares nothing for anything except his friends and getting laid. Sasuke sees Sakura the first day of school decides he wants to put his moves on the new girl, except there is one problem, Sakura hates him, and did I say that she was a martial arts expert with a high and mighty attitude. Can Sasuke and Sakura look past there differences; can love bloom?

Pairings for story: Sasuke x Sakura (main pairing), Hinata x Naruto, Tenten x Neji, Shikamaru x Ino or Temari (have not decided), or maybe even Ino x Sai (I'm not a real fan of this pairing, so most likely no)

Playboy Meet Your Match

Chapter 1:


First Part: Sasuke

Sasuke woke up in a cranky mood, like every other morning he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

"Mmmm…Sasuke we have to do that again," The girl next to him said, she didn't even try to cover her naked body.

This happens ever morning and this being like every other morning, Sasuke kicked the girl out the front door, not caring that she only had a thong and a see through bra on. Sasuke figured if the neighbors wanted his rejects, they could have them.

When he closed the door on her face, the girl started banging on the door and sobbing, making a seen.

"She is way too melodramatic," Sasuke murmured, "Next time I should avoid the girls from the theatre department; they are too loud."

Sasuke walked into his room being like any other day and got dressed telling the house cleaner the she needed to change the bed sheets, for the tenth time this week.

"Sasuke, you need to stick to one girlfriend and not have sex till marriage. In my day…" The house cleaner, a sixty-year-old woman, droned on and on and Sasuke ignored the maid, whom acted like his mother use too, before she became a famous actress, and left her two sons to fend for themselves.

Sasuke had decided just to live in their house in Japan. Sasuke's father lived in a luxury apartment somewhere in the business district of Japan and he did not associate himself with either Sasuke or Sasuke's brother Itachi. Sasuke's father owned the richest technology company in the world, thus being equally as rich as the company.

That's the reason Sasuke got a two million dollar allowance a week (a/n: I get a quarter a year, if I'm lucky.). Itachi, the eldest brother, lived in the hustle and bustle of upstate New York, not associating himself with the world outside; he was too obsessed in creating movies or starring in them.

Sasuke sighed, and walked out the front door before the maid had finished her speech, but of course, the maid was to busy caught up in her speech that she didn't notice Sasuke walk out on her like that.

When Sasuke exited the house gates aka mansion gates, his best friend, Naruto Uzumaki, met him there grinning like the dumb fool he was.

"Hey man, how could you do Clara," Naruto punished Sasuke's shoulder in a playful gesture.

"That's her name, why would I care?" Sasuke just remained as impassive as ever.

"You really are a cold hearted bast (I don't use bad words, hardly, so just finish it off, there will be more words like this, they're just abbreviated, for told reason)," Naruto yelled at Sasuke.

"At least I'm not a whiny brat," Sasuke countered.

Naruto just rolled his eyes, not wanting to lose control, and to show his immaturity.

"One day Sasuke, you will find a girl that doesn't like you and she will spit in your face, and the day that happens, that girl will finally make you realize your faults."

"Have you been studying the topic of destiny again," Sasuke retorted, "Plus all girls love me and of course they know I like to play."

"When that day comes I'll tell you I told you so," Naruto said, ignoring Sasuke's last comment.

"Enough talk," Sasuke said and got in his new black Jaguar. Naruto jumped in the front seat.

When they got to school, all of Sasuke's fan girls crowded around the car, all-trying to see if Sasuke could do them tonight.

Naruto could never stand Sasuke's player ways, well he did admit at one point he was a player too, but after he met Hinata, he never looked at another woman again.

"Hinata," Naruto literary purred while saying her name and jumping out of the front seat of the Jaguar. He ran over to Hinata hugged her and then kissed her cheek. Hinata blushed as usual, but Naruto thought it was cute when she blushed for him.

"Naruto," Hinata murmured and played with her fingers.

The rest of the group walked up to Naruto and Hinata.

There was Tenten, who had two buns atop her head; beside her was a longhaired boy with white eyes named Neji. Then came a boy who looked sort of like Sasuke except he was not a playboy at all, he was named Sai. Ino was the longhaired blond, who was laughing at some stupid joke Sai had cracked. Shikamaru, the laziest of the group, was walking next to Ino; he had brown haired pulled up at the back of his head and next to Shikamaru was another blond haired woman, who had her hair in complete disarray, almost, she was named Temari. Behind Temari walked a red haired boy named Gaara, and a spiky black haired kid named Kankuro, they were Temari's brothers.

After five minutes, Sasuke finally broke free of his group of fan girls and walked over to his group of friends.

"You know, you really need to stop with your player antics. I'm surprised the school hasn't thrown you out yet." Neji commented.

"Hahahaha…you know very well that my parents fund this school and keep it as one of the top notch schools in Konoha, or did you forget, Neji." Sasuke couldn't help but retort he would not let Neji win a fight, ever.

Neji snorted and turned to Tenten who was happily talking with Ino who in turn was speaking with Sai.

"So as I was saying, Sai, I need a partner for the dance Friday." Ino asked him because she knew that he would never ask her.

"Fine, but no drinking; I don't want to have to carry you home again," Sai replied and turned to talk with Gaara.

"Sasuke, remember you have to attend the dance too, you lost the bet," Naruto laughed and everyone turned to look at Sasuke, amusement on there faces. Sasuke never lost and if he did, he would play again, doubling the odds. He would never loose twice.

"What bet," Sasuke asked clearly confused.

"You bet that Lee would not have a girl as a friend and what do you know, he's with a girl and she looks quite content with him." Naruto pointed to the center of campus where a girl was talking to Lee, a boy they called bushy brows for a reason.

Sasuke turned his head…


Second Part: Sakura


Darn that alarm clock…Sakura screamed inside her head and punched her alarm clock, knocking it to the ground with a loud thud.

"Mama," Sakura heard her daughter Kin say.

"Come here you," Sakura murmured and opened her lovely emerald eyes to find blue ones staring into hers. Sakura took her beloved daughter into a hug and made her lay down beside her mother.

"You have to go to school," Kin murmured to her mother.

"I know, quit reminding me," Sakura said and kissed the top of Kin's adorable head.

Kin was four years old, while Sakura was sixteen, meaning that Sakura had Kin when she was just twelve years old. Most thought it was heinous for a girl to have a child at that age, but Sakura just brushed that thought aside in her head as she watched her beautiful daughter.

Kin was tall for a four year old, with a bright smile, pearl white teeth while her hair was light red, sort of like a soft red, on the bridge of pink. Kin also had blue eyes, that glittered green if you watched closely, and she was exceptionally brilliant like her mother who would be late to school if she didn't decide to get up soon.

"Mama, you have to take me to kindergarten too, I want to go," Kin said whining and started to drag Sakura from the bed.

"Hold your horses love," Sakura laughed at her hyperactive daughter, who meant the world to her.

The two of them did all their morning routines and were out the door within fifteen minutes.

Sakura waited with her daughter at the curb, the bus was supposed to arrive within the next five minutes.

"I can't wait," Kin, giggled trying to get rid of her nervousness.

Just then, the bus arrived and Sakura kissed her daughter's cheek and hugged her.

"Behave Kin, I'll be waiting to know about every detail of your first day of kindergarten," Sakura smiled warmly.

"Always," Kin replied and got onto the bus with other kids her age.

"Make lots of new friends," Sakura called out before the doors to the bus closed completely.

Sakura saw Kin smile sweetly, and she waved to her as the bus drove away.

Ugh, now I have to go to school. Sakura thought. At least everyone here will not know my past…I can keep it hidden and no one will question me and even if they do find out something, I can lie.

The last school she attended was horrid; kids laughed and made fun of her and she had, had no true real friends, except for her infant child, Kin.

It had been rough…but every moment was worth it…I have Kin…who's filled my whole life with love and happiness, what else could I possibly every want? Ever need?

Little did she know what the future had in store for her…

Sakura ran back into the house, knowing that she needed to grab her backpack and make it to school early so that she could pick up her schedule, and maybe even find someone to help her locate all her classrooms, the lunch room, and of course the bathrooms.

Sakura could not afford to buy a car, so she biked, or walked almost everywhere she went and deciding that walking would take to much time today, she pulled her bike out of the garage. She buckled her helmet on and then took off.

Konoha High School, home of the leaves, was about a miles trek from her house and she was fairly sure it would take her little to no time at all, to get there. She wound through the streets at a steady speed, so she would not tire her muscles, getting the right amount of exercise at the same time.

The one-mile trek took her about seven minutes on bike because of traffic and stoplights, and once at the school she found the bike racks.

"Hello beautiful flower," a boy said as he looked up at her from chaining his bike.

He's…there's no words to describe the boy who was next to his bike. He wore a very unstylish green jumpsuit, with a bright orange belt, and his eyebrows were thicker then the caterpillars in her backyard, and to top it off he had a bowl shaped haircut.

"Hello, I'm new. My name is Sakura," Sakura said and got off her bike, putting her hand out for him to shake, but instead he took her hand and kissed it. She almost choked on the air that she was breathing.

"My name's Lee, if you need help with anything let me know," Lee responded in a happy kind of way.

"Um…actually I need a tour guide, do you think you could show me around the campus?" Sakura asked, taking off her helmet and securing both it and her bike with chain and lock.

"I'm so sorry, I should have thought of that sooner my beautiful cherry blossom," Lee responded.

"I'll take you to the office first so you can get you schedule?" Lee asked her making sure she hadn't picked it up yet.

"Yes, please guide me," Sakura smiled. Lee's energy was rubbing off on her.

Lee took her hand and walked at a brisk pace, one that she could easily match and keep up with.

"Oh look! It's bushy brows and what's this, a girl with him?" A boy with raven-haired said and smirked.

"What's it to you? I'm Lee's friend do you have a problem with that, chicken hair?" Sakura said getting in his face; she hated it when the popular kids picked on the lower class. She could see that he was popular because of all the girls fainting and drooling at the sight of him.

A boy with blonde hair and mischievous eyes started to laugh. The rest of his group of friends, or at least she thought it was his group of friends smirked and laughed too.

Maybe this isn't the best way to make friends Sakura…she silently cursed herself out.

"Sakura, let's go," Lee tugged her hand but she wouldn't budge.

"What's the matter, Bushy; scared for your friend. What do you think I'll do to her? Huh?" The raven-haired boy sneered and smirked at Sakura.

"Lee I can protect myself, I bet he couldn't even beat my in a fight?" Sakura sneered back at the boy.

Lee gaped at her…

"Sasuke, leave her alone," Lee spoke up.

Hmm…so his name was Sasuke…I should remember that.

"How…" Sasuke couldn't finish his sentence because Sakura's fist had hit him straight- square in the jaw and her leg made contact with his crotch.

"Let's go, Lee. I still need that tour," Sakura turned and smiled at Lee, who was as astonished as everyone else who had just witnessed this remarkable seen.

"Sure," Lee stuttered and dragged her toward the office to pick up her schedule.

Many of Sasuke's fan girls tried following Sakura to punish her, but most were afraid that she might punch them too.

"Whoa, that was like absolutely amazing what you did to the Uchiha back there." Lee said after seeing that Sakura was concentrating hard on something.

"My punch was off, it hit the side his nose by half an inch, it should have hit him full on…" Sakura trailed off, she absolutely seethed with fury when she knew she had made a mistake especially at martial arts, something that she was a natural at. Something she did with great zest.

Sakura was a black belt at karate and had just recently started to train at judo because she had decided that she needed to try something harder, something sinister.

Sakura was now also taking an archery course, which she found fun, and so did Kin.

(A/N: Archery rocks, if you ever have a chance to try it you should because it is totally worth trying.)

"What are you an expert or something," said Lee with sarcasm.

"Hmm…yeah…so totally," Sakura responded thinking he was really asking, "I'm a black belt at karate."

"That's so cool," Lee smiled at her.

They had reached the office and now Sakura walked in with Lee to retrieve her schedule.

"Ummm…excuse me, where may I pick up my schedule.

The receptionist looked up into Sakura's emerald eyes and smiled brightly. "You must be the new girl, Sakura Haruno, right?"

"Yeah that's me." Sakura responded in a pleasant manner.

"Here you go," The receptionist handed her a slip of paper, which read:

Period 1: Math Analysis- Kakashi

Period 2: Yearbook- Iruka

Period 3: PE- Gai

Period 4: AP Biology- Tsunade


Period 5: Free Period

Period 6: English 5-6- Asuma

"Oh look, I only have PE with you," Lee looked sad at the thought of it. He wouldn't get to see the girl as often as would like too.

"It's alright; I can sit with you at lunch right?" Sakura asked. She hated to see people become sad.

"That would be cool," Lee said walking out of the front office's entrance. "Just be careful of Sasuke, he'll be after you. So stay far away from him."

"I'll heed your warning but I can look out for myself." Sakura wasn't watching where she was going and ran into a girl she had seen earlier. The girl had short dark blue hair. Her eyes were pure white.

"I'm so sorry," Sakura said and picked up the girl's books that had splattered from the girl's hands.

"It…it's…a…a….al…right," The girl stuttered.

"I'm Sakura," Sakura said. "If I offended you earlier by hitting that Sasuke dude, I didn't mean too."

The girl blushed. "I'm….Hinata. N…o…o…ffe…n…se…"

"I hope we can be friends then. There's no need to stutter either." Sakura smiled at the girl and shook her hand.

"Ahh…Sakura I have to leave," Lee spoke, "I forgot I had to help Gai sensei out. So see you third period. Hinata can you please give her a tour of the school?"

Hinata nodded. Sakura followed Hinata around the campus, and she easily found where all her classrooms were, even if they were far apart from one another. Sakura also found that Hinata had the same schedule as her except she was taking art instead of yearbook.

It was funny, Sakura thought; she hadn't run into any other of Sasuke's friends…

End of chapter 1

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