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Chapter 16:

Living in a Dream

(The Grand Finale)

All things come to an end, except time, and all of us have somehow learned to accept or deny this.

-Quote by me

Part 1: Sasuke

Sasuke couldn't sleep.

He was glad to know that Sakura was coming home. He was glad to know that she was safe. When she hadn't called him for those three days he thought something bad had happened to her. He had thought the worst, because she had promised him she would call and he had believed her every word. Why would she break her promise? If Sasuke had made that promise he would have tried calling her no matter what situation he was in. She had said that she had not had a phone, but somehow doubt had webbed his way into his mind. He loved her, but had she lied to him?

After two hours of contemplation (deep thought-definition for those who didn't know)

It was now eight o'clock in the morning, so he got up, took a shower and headed downstairs for breakfast as he would usually do. He wasn't going to stop his routine today! His maid made the best breakfasts and he just wanted to eat and contemplate more about having Sakura once again in his arms later today.

That would make him happy, really happy.

As he came down the stairs though, and turned into the kitchen he saw a scene he never thought he would ever see.

His mother was with Kin and Itachi and all three of them were making breakfast. What stunned him most was not the fact that his mother was making breakfast with Itachi and Kin, but she was making breakfast and laughing at Kin as she accidentally snorted some of the flour needed for the pancakes they were making up her nose. His mom looked totally carefree and out of character. He had never seen her like this before, and it sort of made him happy.

His mom and dad had been with him for three days now. The first day was really awkward, but thanks to his brother, it was becoming less tense around his parents. They were accepting him a little more than they used to, but they were truly accepting Kin the most. Kin had wound herself into and around their hearts and because of that his parents were glad that Sasuke had taken in such a kind smart child. They wanted to meet Sakura, especially his mom who was hoping Sakura would be like a daughter to her like Kin was a granddaughter.

His mother, everyday took on the form of a grandma for Kin. She helped the little girl ride a bike, make cookies, and she would watch movies with her. It was cute to say the least but yet…

Sasuke felt jealous.

He had never gotten any of these things from his mother or father when he was younger. He had gotten a slap on the wrist but he had never gotten a smile. He had been deprived of too many things during his childhood, but now he was reliving them through Kin. And to say the least, Sasuke was smiling, but he knew he couldn't truly be happy until Sakura was safe and laughing and hugging and kissing him. Kin was a miracle though, Sasuke knew that.

Even his father, who now just entered the kitchen, wandered his way over to Kin and pecked her on the top of the head. "Good morning everyone," he said in a happy tone, a tone that he had never used around the house when Sasuke and Itachi were small.

Sasuke was stunned, he had never seen his family act…act…normal…He wasn't use to it, but he liked it. He liked the feeling of being part of this family who was now working as a crazy unit. It made him awestruck. The only thing that could make this all better was the arrival of Sakura.

He wanted her to be part of this family; he wanted her to stay in his life. Forever if possible…

Part 2: Sakura

Sakura smiled at the two people who were standing beside her at the airport. She had never ever thought it possible…I mean she had never truly believed that they had truly left her but now, here they were.

Her parents smiled at her. The wrinkles around her dad's eyes deepened as he squeezed her hand. Her mother's eyes softened with love and kindness as she too wrapped her hand over her daughters'. Sakura's eyes twinkled as the three of them boarded the flight together, leaving behind there once home, which was now just a house…

The necklace lay safely around her neck…but then again there was so much that needed to be explained…

Flashback…Three days ago…

Sakura arrived at her old home with a suitcase in one hand and an umbrella in her other. The rain was pouring around her as she lifted her hand to swing the knocker. The knocker hit the door and thudded several times. She would have wrung the doorbell but as she remembered from staying with her grandmother, there wasn't one. Her grandmother hated the sounds of a doorbell so refused to have one installed.

The house that she had sounded the knocker at was indeed her grandmothers'. It was a large dull white colored house with shutters swinging from their hinges and wind chimes whistling with the wind.

As the knocker swung for its final time, the door opened and Sakura was staring into deep emerald eyes.

With that, she fainted and almost hit the wet cement if string arms hadn't caught her.

An hour or so later she woke up to find two people who so closely resembled her parents looking at her with worried expressions.

The man with his brown, red streaked hair looked like he was about to cry. His emerald colored eyes were full to the brim with salty water, and Sakura knew that her real father could get emotional at times, but how could the man before her be her father?

Next to him was a woman with long red hair and aqua colored eyes that matched her green and blue stripped shirt. The woman was already tearing up as a slow smile spread across her face. Mother?

Sakura wasn't delusional; it was them, her parents. Her parents weren't dead, or she was too. But how could all of this be happening? Her parents had died the same day kin was born!

"Mommy? Daddy?" Sakura squeaked out as the two people moved to squeeze her to death all at once.


"Sakura!" Both parents cried out and hugged her, enveloping her, nearly killing her, depraving her of oxygen.

"I thought you were dead," the tears sprang forth in Sakura's eyes. "I thought you had died."

"No, honey; it was all a lie." Her father whispered into her ear as both her parent's pulled back, touching her face, making sure it was all real.

Sakura couldn't believe it, her daddy and mama were still alive, but how?


"Honey," it was her mother who spoke this time and hugged her and then sat back, giving her more space. Her father did the same.

They both looked at Sakura as her mother began to speak, "That man, the same one that had raped you, was after us. He wanted to finish the business and hurt you even more to get to us. We couldn't let that happen, so your father and I agreed to work with the secret police. They said the only true way for them to catch the man was to put you in the open or to have us disappear. The police knew that whoever the person was, wanted us out of the picture. From there we decided that we needed to protect you, and also your unborn child."

Her father took over speaking now, "It was the only way. We needed you safe, in order to let ourselves live in peace. In order for that to happen, we needed you to think that we were dead and never coming back for you. It was the only safe way to go about finding the guy who had brutally raped you. We needed to keep you safe. Last year they finally caught the guy who had raped you and hurt you, but your mother and I still needed to keep our cover for a little while longer just to make sure it was safe. We were also trying to locate you this entire time. And it seems that you have found us!"

"Speaking of which, how is our granddaughter?" Her mother's eyes sparkled and she smiled staring at her beautiful daughter.

"Kin is wonderful," Sakura said and the tears streamed down her face. She was happy and could not conceal that fact.

"Where is she? You didn't bring her with you?" Her father looked concerned for her daughter.

Through Sakura's tears she laughed lightly, "She's with my boyfriend, who she considers a father."

"You have a boyfriend!!!" Her father said astounded. It wasn't a question either. His face was red with anger.

With that both Sakura's mother and Sakura burst out into laughter, there tears dissipating.

A couple of hours later…

Sakura had retold everything that's happened to her over the years to her parents. They laughed at some parts, looked concerned in others, but they were her parents.

"Sakura why did you come here anyway?"

"I came to get back the locket grandma stole from me." Sakura replied to her father.

Her mother pulled a chain from around her neck, "You mean this one?"

"How did you get that," Sakura said stunned.

"I found it and wondered why you had left it behind…"

And more stories that had never been told were told.

Return to the present…boarding the plane…

Sakura and her parents boarded the plane and were off to Konoha. They were going to be part of her life forever. Sakura was going to make sure that her parent's would never have to disappear again or she would disappear with them too.

She just had the future to look forward to now. A future where she could have the love of her life, great friends, a daughter, her mother and father, and one great huge family.

Sakura smiled at that.

Part 3: Sasuke

It was almost 2pm and Sasuke was getting antsy.

Sakura would get off her plane any minute now. His parents, all his friends, and Sakura all waited outside the airport for her to arrive into their loving arms. His parents were going to finally meet Kin's mom and he knew that they would love Sakura, but never as much as he loved her.

Pink hair coming towards him caught his eye.

Coming towards him was Sakura…but a man and a woman who resembled Sakura too.

Sakura smiled her resistible smile at him and yelled, "Kin!!!"

"Mama," Kin yelled and ran towards Sakura, breaking from Sasuke's hand.

Sakura caught Kin and spun her around. Then she passed Kin off to the two people standing beside her and cooed and awed at the child that was giggling with laughter up at them.

Sasuke also swore he her heard his mother whisper, "That was the same girl I had thought was my make up artist when we were at the airport last time."

"Sasuke, everyone," Sakura addressed the group as she kissed Kin's precious head, "I would like you to meet my mother and father."

Everyone seemed stunned, including his parents which took him for a shock.

His mother was the first to recover as she inclined her head at the couple, his father doing the same. "Mr. and Mrs. Haruno it is indeed a pleasure to see you again."

Sakura's mother ran and hugged Mikoto, "Mikoto it has been too long we have a lot of catching up to do."

"I thought you were dead," said Sakura's mother stunned while everyone else was greeting Sakura and hugging her.

Sasuke was the last to envelope Sakura into a hug and he kissed her cheek. "I've missed you so much." He squeezed her tighter.

"You'll be the death of me Sasuke," and she hugged him with enough power to leave a bruise on his back. "I'm so sorry to call you, but I've been spending all my time catching up with my parents. I am so sorry I lied to you, but I really didn't have a phone at my grandma's house."

Sakura took Sasuke's hand and led him up to her parents her were currently chatting to Mr. and Mrs. Uchiha.

"Mom, dad, this is Sasuke," She said biting her lip at the corner.

"I can see that," bother her parents said. "He's an Uchiha so we already approve of your relationship with him."

"Mom!" Sakura moaned and rolled her eyes.

"Mom, dad, this is Sakura," Sasuke said as his mother sucked Sakura into a hug and kissed both of her cheeks.

"Don't I know you for somewhere?" Sakura questioned and then pondered that idea.

His mother gulped and Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

Sakura's eyes got wide as she looked dumbstruck and then suddenly hit with an epiphany.

"You're the women who confused me with your makeup girl!" Sakura accused and the whole group laughed and decided to go to Sasuke's house.

The Final Act: Sasuke and Sakura!!!!!!

(I had written this part before I wrote the first chapter, so I hope you like it. It was the reason I wrote this story! I love to write the ending of the story before the beginning of a story…)

Sasuke had gotten his wish: a beautiful woman, the love of his life, and a family.

While his parent's were still somewhat cold and conceited they were slowly opening up to him and he liked it. His parent's were now slowly getting over that first born syndrome and seeing what was in front of them. And to top this all off he had Sakura in his arms where she would stay forever. He WOULD make sure of that. There was no way that he would ever allow her to leave him. No way in Hades.

Right now, Sakura was sitting on his lap, her hands wrapped around his neck and she was giggling.

Sasuke and Sakura's parents had taken Kin out to the zoo, giving the two love birds some alone time together. Sakura had tried to say that she wanted to go too, but they just shook their heads and told her that it was their turn to have Kin to themselves for a day. Sakura had laughed at their antics and smiled. She had pecked Kin on the forehead before the whole family except her and Sasuke walked out the door and got into the car heading towards the zoo.

Sakura smiled at Sasuke playfully. One of Sasuke's eyebrows went up as he was trying to figure out what she was trying t pull over him.

"Playboy meet your match," Sakura said abruptly and crushed her lush-ish lips onto the beautiful man's lips in front of her.

Sasuke groaned lightly at her words and resisted the urge to fully French kiss Sakura, but he promised himself that he would go slowly for her sake; he wouldn't hurt her, nor did he want to.

Sakura lightly giggled at Sasuke as she made him groan into the kiss again.

"You sure you have never had a boyfriend or any experience with kissing before me?" Sasuke said breathing heavier then he would after a kissing session with someone else. Not like he ever thought of all those kisses he had before Sakura. Those had all been in the good old days before he had decided to finally commit.

"Mmmmhmmm…," Sakura all but sounded out as she looked into Sasuke's dark blue eyes which at the present moment held hers bound.

"You're right Sakura," Sasuke whispered against her lips before his lips descended on hers, "this playboy did meet his match. No, this playboy did meet his perfect match!"

And for the most part their lives were now completely and irrevocably intertwined like the four elements...destined to spend the rest of forever together entwined in each other's loving embrace…

The End!

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