I sat up in the darkness of the cellar bin; my eyes wide open but not seeing anything. I could feel the padded material underneath me. I was afraid to move. I was afraid to breath. They often left many people in here at once. Was I alone?

I couldn't hear anything over the loudness of my beating heart. The silence seemed to go on forever, so I sat there.

My hands shook. I decided to move, so I dug my fingernails in to the padded floor. I ripped the stitches. Slowly, I tore away a large piece of the floor, revealing the smelly matted clumps of cotton underneath. I sat up on my knees so I could get more leverage, and I scooted back with each tug. Soon I had a large enough piece to use as a blanket and a cloth.

My eyes had somewhat adjusted to the dimness of the room, but I could only see shadows. My fingers were bleeding. I could feel the syrupy blood under my broken fingernails. I slipped each finger one by one into my mouth, and then wiped them on the cloth.

Just when I was sure I was alone, I felt a tug on the cloth. A small one, but I could feel it from behind me. I spun around in fear, breathing hard and pulling the cloth over my naked body. I curled up next to the padded wall.

"W-who's there!?" I stuttered. My eyes were wide open again trying to catch a glimpse of any moving shadows. Was my mind teasing me?

"Riddle me this~ what is true about a question and an answer?" a cool liquidly voice whispered.

I panted as quietly as I could in my fear.

"You can't have one without the other…" the voice came into my ear like mist. I turned around with a small scream.

"Even if the question should change, the answer will change with it," the voice continued.

"Who are you!" I whispered my eyes shut tight, and the cloth pulled over my head like a little child.

"Why…isn't that a riddle in itself…" The Riddler sat across from me. He combed his fingers through his red hair. It had grown out a little too much for his liking since he had been in the cellar. I can remember being there too. Being there…when they put him in here a month ago. Was it really that long ago?

"So…Catwoman…." The Riddler's small green mask some how glimmered in the little light that there was," What took you so long?"

"I'm not-" I tried to protest but his hand met my mouth. This small gesture brought back wonderful memories of the Joker and I when he had held me captive.

"Shhh…" he leaned over me and ran his fingers through my blond hair.

Of course I didn't fight him. From what my hands could feel he seemed to be a very sexy person. Plus I learned from past experience that sometimes, if you just go with the flow; good things happen.

He slowly ran his hand down the side of my face then letting it wonder down my neck and finally down my chest. It stopped at my side when his lips met mine. His body was completely over mine now, and he was a surprisingly good kisser. He bit my lower lip slightly, as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His spandex had fooled me a little in to thinking he was naked too, but apparently that suit of his has a zipper. I heard him slip it off in the darkness.

He had pushed me up against the padded wall. The cloth and his suit were both on the ground now, and I was in the air…well against the wall being held up. He looked so skinny on the T.V. when I turned on the news. I was surprised when he was able to hold me up to the wall, with my legs still wrapped around him. My hands curiously felt his body. The Riddler's arms were so flexed and felt so muscular. His chest was smooth and his hair smelt good despite he'd been in this cellar for a while.

After he had came in side me he abruptly but gently dropped me to the floor, he sat down too.

"You were pretty good," He said panting a little.

"Thank you." I replied quietly seeing as he might realize I wasn't Cat Woman from my voice.

"Do you have any means of escape, since you obviously don't have the key?" He asked a little annoyed.

"Um,…I could…claw my way out with my…cat claws?" I said scared since I new I couldn't do anything, and he would find out sooner or later when the guards came in to feed us.

"Look Deary, I know you're not Cat Woman…I'm not stupid…" He smirked with half smile.

I froze in embarrassment and fear. If he knew it was me, why hadn't he stopped or did he just realize?

"Ha ha, my eyes have somewhat gotten used to this dim lighting so I can see pretty well now. From what I can see you're not Cat Woman," he laughed amused

with my silence," Plus Cat Woman has a scar on her side in the shape of an 'x' from the last time she tussled with the Penguin. I'd say…." He pondered for a moment," you are…one of the psychiatric therapists here at Arkham."

"I-I'm sorry…" I whispered holding myself against the wall readying myself to run. Why run though…this is a box. He could easily kill me in here.

"Why, what for?" he leaned against the opposite wall his hand on his head. We were both still nude," last I saw you; you were very successful. I should be the one apologizing to you. Tell me, how in the world did you get locked in here, naked, with me?"

"…Joker…" His name rolled off my tongue softly.

"Ahh, I see now. You are in love with him?"

"Yes…" I was in a daze now. Joker was still in trouble!" Can you help me please! He's going to die if I don't help him!"

There was a silence. The Riddler scooted close to me.

"I'll help you," he held my face to his, gently lifting my chin with his hand," since Mrs. Cat is probably not going to show up."

"Thank you…" I spoke softly.