The Date

Star: Today is Sasuhina's date. Yay!!

Sasuke&Hinata: -blushing-

Star: Hey sasuke I made a video called Sasuhina Paper Heart by All-American Rejects

Sasuke: They suck, Disturbed is better

Star: Disturbed act like they are high and they had some boring songs like Conflict and Inside the fire

Hinata: Note to Self never like Star and Sasuke talk about music

Star: And linkin Park rocks!

Sasuke: The Flobots are better then them

Star: They song Handlebars are okay ,but not like BLEED IT OUTTT!!

Hinata: Please read!

Sasuke was at home getting ready to go on his date with Hinata. He got in a shower, then got out his outfit for the date. It was a grey skull shirt with a black

jacket, black cargo pants with grey sneakers. He got dressed and head to Hinata's house which was not Neji's apartment but her own apartment about close to

Naruto's house. He got a his black 06' mustang and zoomed off (star: show off. Sasuke: Don't hate baka). When he got to the address Neji give him he thought the
was dreaming. The house was a three story house with five windows on each floor. It had a large front yard with two Sakura (cherry blossoms) on each side, a

pond with goldfish, catfish , and exotic fish with yellow and black scales. The house was painted light blue and it was frickin' huge! Like it was one of those

mansions (lol). Sasuke saw three cars. One was a red firebird with a black roof top. The other was a Dark Blue hummer with a white hood and white strips. Another

and the last was a black Jeep with no hood and it had red strips on the doors. The cars like nice Sasuke thought. When he knocked on the door a girl with green

hair and wearing a maid outfit came to the door. "Umm.. I'm here for Hinata, I'm Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke Stated. "oh, lady Hinata is in her room right now Uchiha-

sama but you may come in and sit in the living area." said the maid. Sasuke followed the maid down a long hallway with white walls. When they reached the living

room it was painted black with white chairs, a red flat screen TV, a black couch, one red fan over the flat screen TV, and one black chair next to a white desk with a

laptop, stacks of paper, and folders. "Hinata love red, blue, black, and white huh?" thought Sasuke. Another maid came with brown hair said "Lady Hinata will like to
come to her quarters, Uchiha-sama." So Sasuke followed this maid through the first floor. They had a kitchen that was white with a brown long dining room table

with five chairs on each side. The office had red rooms with a large red couch and blue chairs. The family room had a theater screen with fourteen chairs and black

curtains. The second floor was all rooms. They had about 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. They all was painted differently. One bedroom was white, another is

brown, another is blue, another was black, another was green, another was dark pink and the last one was the bedroom of Hinata hyuga. When sasuke stepped

through it was purple with black and white butterflies around it. It had one large queen-master bed with light purple sheets and white pillows. It had a fire place, a

dresser, a 72 inch black flat screen, a white couch with a coffee table that was brown, and a area with all her music instruments. Guitars, keyboards, a drum, and a

piano which was black. "Whoa her room is cool I wonder what would it be like to sleep in her in her bed?" thought Sasuke

(Star: Sasu-hentai! Sasuke: What did I do baka?). When sasuke was walking to the couch he could see Hinata's large closet. It had everything lined up. Sasuke was about to sit down when he saw………………


Star: Sasu-hentai, anyway Insanity is fun! Hehehe!

Sasuke: Baka

Star: -hits sasuke with a axe-

Sasuke: -hit's the floor hard- Motherfker!

Star & Hinata: Whoa Sasuke's a wimp -start laughing- Please Read and Review!!